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In the beginning, Yin Heng didn’t realize that there was something wrong with what he took out until he saw Bai Xinyan’s eyes flashed and his cheeks were flushed again, he later realized that giving the ring had a special meaning.

The moment Yin Heng realized it, his brain suddenly buzzed and almost retracted his hand. Fortunately, with his usual calm, he restrained himself and did not make the atmosphere even more embarrassing.

“This is a magic tool that can lock the demon power. After wearing it, there will be no problem of poor control and revealing the original shape.” Yin Heng, who saw that Bai Xinyan seemed to have misunderstood, was embarrassed and a little guilty. It was embarrassing that he took it. This ring didn’t have that meaning at all. He just wanted to give a meeting gift as an elder and because Bai Xinyan could also use it. However, since he had some unusual fluctuations in his mood because of the other party, although he quickly cut it off with the identity as his elder, but the traces were left behind, even quite deep. It was naturally a bit awkward to make this happen at this time. Fortunately, Bai Xinyan didn’t know his true thoughts. The other party’s misunderstanding and embarrassment was a good explanation.

Yin Heng deliberately maintained a steady and objective tone, continuing to explain the situation to Bai Xinyan: “It can also help you cover up the evil spirit. Unless you have cultivated the power of divine consciousness at or above the Nascent Soul Stage, they will not see your identity. In addition, there are some protective effects and the attacks at Golden Core Stage can also be resisted.”

This magic tool had a very high level and a very powerful effect, but it was not necessary at Yin Heng’s level. Moreover, there was a flaw in the design of this magic tool, it needed to lock the demon power if it was used to cover up the identity. As a monster, it was definitely not convenient to use magical power if they couldn’t use the demon power. It would also make the monster feel insecure. Even with the protection of magical weapons, it was hard to be at ease. Therefore, except for some special occasions where they must hide their identity, magic tools should not be used by monsters in general or they could only use their defence function. But it had to be said that this magic tool was just suitable for Bai Xinyan, so that Yin Heng deliberately turned it out from his useless collection and planned to give it to the other party.

Although it was still uncertain what the root problem of Bai Xinyan’s ears was, as long as it was locked in the demon power, his transformation would definitely not change anymore. Since Bai Xinyan wanted to be an actor and an artist, he would definitely be exposed to the camera and the public for a long time. If he was seen at some point or photographed with his ears coming out again, it would not be as simple as this time. Obviously, if Bai Xinyan wanted to be an actor, he must not accidentally expose his bunny ears. And this ring just happened to help him solve this problem.

In addition, Bai Xinyan should be easy to accept the inability to use demon power, which was a side effect that most monsters could not accept. After all, his demon power was no different from none and it usually didn’t work much. Yin Heng could see that Bai Xinyan’s demon power was very weak, but his physique was very good. In the previous car accident, he relied on strength instead of magic skills to save people. At the same time, there seemed to be a strong vitality in his body, which could guarantee his own self-protection ability. In other words, if the demon power was locked, it would basically not have any impact on Bai Xinyan’s life.

He just didn’t know if this magic tool could also lock the vitality leaked from Bai Xinyan’s body, Yin Heng thought. Although the sneaking away of his vitality was harmless to Bai Xinyan, it was safer to hide the vitality as much as possible, so as not to accidentally be targeted by some evil spirits.

But if that didn’t work, he could also find other magical weapons or equip Bai Xinyan with a few more defensive magical weapons. Now the entire metaphysical world, including demon and human cultivation, was still relatively peaceful and the danger was not too great.

Yin Heng considered Bai Xinyan carefully. Hearing what he said, Bai Xinyan was embarrassed to find that he was thinking too much. Others just gave a magic tool, he actually thought of a human proposal. He blamed the other party for being so good-looking, so his thoughts couldn’t help but drift in that direction.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Bai Xinyan tried to pretend that he didn’t think much—though the expression on his face had undoubtedly exposed him—“Are you going to give this magic tool to me? I’m sorry… Isn’t the magic tool that blocks the Golden Core Stage’s attack very precious?”

In fact, Bai Xinyan didn’t pay much attention to such a level of magic tools, but he also knew that they were very precious to most demons or monks. And he and Yin Heng had just met, and he didn’t even know the other party’s name. The other party was about to give him such a magic tool and Bai Xinyan naturally couldn’t accept it comfortably.

“It’s not precious and I can’t use it either.” Yin Heng explained to him the characteristics of this magic tool, “It had too many limitations. It has been useless for a long time. If you don’t want it, you can only continue to put it.”

Bai Xinyan was indeed a little moved after hearing what Yin Heng said. After all, the probability of popping ears out was very small according to common sense, but for Bai Xinyan, once it happened, it was big trouble, and it really needed to be prevented. The function of locking the demon power was quite partial and Bai Xinyan felt that it might not be found in his own warehouse. And indeed, as Yin Heng said, although this magic tool was of high level, it had a large limitation. Except for Bai Xinyan, this wonderful thing was mostly useless to hold it and the value was not that high. Looking at Yin Heng’s performance, it was obvious that this magic tool was nothing to him.

Bai Xinyan thought for a while and said, “Then I will give you a magic tool too. How about making friends and exchanging gifts?”

Yin Heng naturally didn’t want Bai Xinyan’s things, but he also knew that if he didn’t agree, the other party might not be willing to accept his gift, so he nodded and said, “Okay.” Then he motioned Bai Xinyan to take the ring.

“Ah, can I give you your gift next time? I didn’t bring anything with me today.” Bai Xinyan still took the ring with a little embarrassment. Although he knew he was thinking too much, he still couldn’t help feeling that it was weird to accept a gift like a ring.

Bai Xinyan wanted to pick up the ring first and go back to study it on his own, but Yin Heng took the initiative to explain the usage to him, so Bai Xinyan had to put on the ring and try it on the spot.

After trying, Bai Xinyan found that the problem of locking the demon power really had no negative effect on him. As for the effect, Yin Heng thought for a while and called Zhuo Xuan, who was low-key and shrunk aside.

“……” Bai Xinyan only then remembered that there was a third person in the office. He had just exposed his ears and the scene where Yin Heng gave him the ring, and he suddenly felt more embarrassed. What was even more embarrassing was that he could actually forget Zhuo Xuan who had brought him here! From a practical point of view, he had more contact with Zhuo Xuan, but after seeing Yin Heng, he forgot about people…

Bai Xinyan felt deeply sorry for Zhuo Xuan, but still secretly threw the pot to Yin Heng, blaming him for being too eye-catching. (Threw the pot is like throw the fault to another person = blame another person)

As a very insightful assistant, Zhuo Xuan had been trying his best to reduce his sense of existence just now, seeing that the boss didn’t need him to be an eye-obtrusive background. Now that the boss finally remembered him, he immediately reappeared and executed orders conscientiously. But of course, it was indispensable for employers to complain.

In accordance with Yin Heng’s request, Zhuo Xuan tried to detect Bai Xinyan’s demon power. His cultivation was just in the Golden Core Stage, the highest level that a magic tool could resist and then honestly reported, “Mr Bai’s demon power is indeed completely invisible on his body.” But to be honest, it was not like ordinary people because Bai Xinyan’s escaped vitality was not locked together, so it looked a bit like a piece of Tang Monk’s meat. It was regarded as a great tonic without the ability to resist.

Of course, the regular demons and ghosts managed by the Non-Human Administration Bureau must not eat people. So the attraction of a trace of vitality was not as great as Tang Monk’s meat, but it couldn’t be felt at a distance, so it was not particularly dangerous.

Yin Heng also knew this and then asked Zhuo Xuan to test the defence function of the ring. After confirming that it could basically block the Golden Core Stage’s maximum intensity attack, and could also block some spiritual skills, and the effect was also very good, Yin Heng nodded with satisfaction. With this protection, even if Bai Xinyan was targeted by someone because of his special physique, he wouldn’t suffer any loss. After all, its spiritual energy had been exhausted for so many years and now the Golden Core Stage was rare.

Moreover, Bai Xinyan’s father and mother must have made a lot of plans for Bai Xinyan’s safety. After all, he was just an outsider who had just met. It was not good to pay too much attention to it. It was easy to appear that he had ulterior motives.

The “ulterior motives” in Yin Heng’s opinion referred to the conspiracy of Bai Xinyan’s special physique or treasure of family background, but for Bai Xinyan, he felt that Yin Heng’s overly friendly words would obviously produce another understanding.

“This magic tool can be invisible and it won’t affect your future work and filming.” Yin Heng said at last, as the matter of giving the ring had been settled.

Bai Xinyan nodded when he heard the words, turned the ring into invisible as Yin Heng said, and raised his head to thank you, “Thank you, this is very useful for me. I will choose your gift as soon as possible.”

Bai Xinyan listened to his extremely fast heartbeat and looked at Yin Heng’s face with his brilliant eyes, “Well, we are friends now, right? I don’t know your name yet. My name is Bai Xinyan. I’m a… rabbit demon. Well, you should have seen it just now… What about you?”

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