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Yin Heng looked at Bai Xinyan who obviously had expectation and excitement. He hesitated for a while.

Some demons would mind being known by others about their original shape, but Bai Xinyan had already revealed his ears just now. He was very curious about what kind of demon Yin Heng was to look so beautiful, so he deliberately stated that his original shape first, hoping the other party could tell him the original shape if he didn’t mind.

Yin Heng really didn’t mind this, but he was worried that other problems would arise after he said it. After all, Bai Xinyan would definitely not like his original shape, and even felt scared. Now Bai Xinyan didn’t seem to be afraid of him at all, but once he knew his original shape, he might hide far away. Although he didn’t necessarily have to be very familiar with Bai Xinyan in close contact, but otherwise, the subsequent behaviours that wanted to take care of him in Xinghuan would become more or less troublesome.

Besides, Bai Xinyan was very polite. He didn’t directly ask him what his original shape was, but just hinted a little. If Yin Heng did not answer, he would probably not continue to ask questions. The two of them could still get along normally and then gradually get acquainted with each other.

However, Yin Heng was just ready to deal with the past like this, but when he looked at Bai Xinyan’s round and clear eyes with a clear look of expectation, he suddenly couldn’t bear to do so.

Yin Heng hesitated for a moment and finally said truthfully: “I am Yin Heng, my original shape is… a snake.”

He hesitated for a while before uttering the last word. He stared at Bai Xinyan, worried that he would have a negative reaction and was ready to step away at any time.

Sure enough, his eyes widened and showed an obvious look of surprise when Bai Xinyan heard the last word that Yin Heng uttered softly.

Yin Heng’s heart sank slightly when he saw this and immediately prepared to step back, leaving a safe distance for Bai Xinyan. However, to his surprise, Bai Xinyan’s reaction at the next moment was not fear or disgust, but rather looked at Yin Heng with curiosity.

Looking at Yin Heng again, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but sigh, “I didn’t expect you to be a snake demon. I thought you would be that kind of bird with gorgeous feathers. But I do hear that in human legends, snakes demons are generally very good-looking like fox demons.” Bai Xinyan quickly analyzed the rationality of this answer after a moment of surprise, “In this way, your demon power is really cool. It really is a snake.” Then he couldn’t help but stare at Yin Heng with eyes that seemed to be filled with stars and said, “The name of Yin Heng is also very nice. Which “Heng” character is it? In other words, your transformation is so beautiful. You must be a very beautiful snake, right? Is it the colourful one?”

“……” Yin Heng felt that he was completely defeated by Bai Xinyan’s reaction. None of the imaginary fear, rejection, and hiding occurred, but the other party seemed to be more interested in him. The focus was still a little strange though.

Being stared at by Bai Xinyan’s shining eyes, Yin Heng almost couldn’t help but want to touch his face—is this face really that special that making Bai Xinyan forget that he was actually his natural enemy, so he put all his attention on his shape? Was Bai Xinyan too courageous or is he paying too much attention to appearance?

Yin Heng didn’t realize that the latter actually had the problem of his own appearance being too high. After thinking about it, he wrote the transparent two words “Yin Heng (殷烆)” in the air using magic techniques.

“It’s the word ‘lonely’ (烆),” Yin Heng explained and then the ray of demon power dispersed, cruised through the air twice and landed on Bai Xinyan’s hands.

“I added a detection spell on it to remind you when there are other non-ordinary people around.” Yin Heng explained. As for the question of whether his body looked good or not, he chose to ignore it in this way.

Bai Xinyan was stunned when he heard the words. He felt a cool breath wrapped around his left wrist and couldn’t help looking down. That ray of demon power was well hidden, not only couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, but Bai Xinyan couldn’t even feel the demon power. Had it not been for the cold touch on his wrist, he would have thought that Yin Heng was teasing him.

It seemed that Yin Heng also used the same method, this trace of demon power, to disguise himself, so that Bai Xinyan couldn’t feel it either.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but marvel at Yin Heng’s ability.

He could separate out the demon power and attach special functions, could hold it for a long time and in a long distance. These were not something that a demon could do. Although Bai Xinyan was a bad-cultivation demon, he had an extraordinary vision. He clearly knew that Yin Heng’s understated action must be controlled by his own magical power and mastery of the principles of magic, so he could easily do it.

Although Bai Xinyan subconsciously felt that the other party must be very powerful after knowing that Yin Heng was not an ordinary person, this was the first time he directly confirmed it. Bai Xinyan guessed that Yin Heng estimated that he was at least the Great Demon of the Yuan Ying Period and was the highest level of the demon world. Maybe even at the level of his parents.

Bai Xinyan suddenly felt a short depression when he thought of this. After all, this new friend seemed much better than him. As a demon, Yin Heng was at the top meanwhile his cultivation level was about zero. As a human being, Yin Heng was already the big boss of Xinghuan and he was still trying to enter the other party’s company as an artist.

Not only was there a huge gap in achievement, but the other party looked better than himself!

Deeply aware of the gap between the two, Bai Xinyan felt a little unsure for the first time: so it seemed that he (BXY) had nothing to do with him, is it possible that Yin Heng would dislike him?

As soon as Bai Xinyan’s sentimentality got up, Yin Heng’s voice pulled his thoughts back.

“I have already handled it. Normally, I can’t use this trace of demon power to probe your affairs. Only when it is in a dangerous situation will it trigger and notify me. Of course, if you mind, you don’t have to accept it.” Yin Heng stood in front of Bai Xinyan, pointing a few centimetres on the other party’s wrist and said it.

The demon power greeted him on its own initiative. It accepted a little modification made by Yin Heng then returned to Bai Xinyan’s wrist, rubbing him affectionately.

It was Yin Heng’s demon power after all and was naturally related to him. Bai Xinyan carried this ray of demon power. If Yin Heng wanted to know Bai Xinyan’s location and even “see” his surroundings through demon power, there was a way to do it. But with their current level of familiarity and trust, it was obviously not suitable for such a thing. Therefore, Yin Heng dealt with it deliberately to ensure that Bai Xinyan’s privacy would not be infringed.

However, even so, for the two people who had just met, attaching one’s own demon power to each other seemed a bit too much. But perhaps because Bai Xinyan was too eager and defenceless towards him, Yin Heng couldn’t help but do so. Of course, after doing it, he regretted it a little bit, so he quickly said that, thinking maybe Bai Xinyan disagreed with it.

Bai Xinyan realized this problem after listening to Yin Heng’s words. Before he had time to think about it, he felt the demon power entwined around his wrist gently roaming as if it were a small snake that was not very lively. It moved slowly, with a calm and steady appearance, but with an unusual sense of presence, he couldn’t help but think of Yin Heng’s original shape.

Inexplicably, he had the illusion that he was wearing Yin Heng on his wrist. Bai Xinyan blushed again and replied without thinking, “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

Unexpectedly, Bai Xinyan not only accepted it, but he also was so resolute. Yin Heng couldn’t help but feel a little surprised after he was taken aback. However, he had always looked indifferent to everything, so nothing showed on his face, but the whole body’s breath became much milder.

After Bai Xinyan reacted to what he had said and thought, his face suddenly turned red. Fortunately, Yin Heng didn’t pay attention and soon changed the subject.

“Did you… have any uncomfortable feelings just now?” Yin Heng asked.

Bai Xinyan was startled, thinking for a while and said, “Um, it’s nothing. It’s just that I suddenly feel a little strange. It will be alright soon. It should be a small problem.”

Yin Heng frowned slightly when he heard the words. He originally thought that Bai Xinyan’s attitude towards him was not repulsive, so he wanted to know the specific situation of the other party just now, so as to help him solve the problem as soon as possible and not to encounter any danger and trouble in the future. However, looking at Bai Xinyan’s reaction, it seemed that he didn’t want to say more. Yin Heng was puzzled, but he didn’t ask any more questions wisely.

In fact, the reason why Bai Xinyan acted indifferent to Yin Heng was that he felt that the cause of the matter was probably related to Yin Heng. Although the other party asked him out of concern, it would be embarrassing if Yin Heng found himself suspecting him as the “culprit” if he said too much. Moreover, Bai Xinyan said that he had a special physique and his parents had told him not to disclose some of his physical problems to other people. Even if Yin Heng treated him very well, but after all, he just got to know him. This kind of principled issue couldn’t be easily touched.

Therefore, Yin Heng didn’t ask further, Bai Xinyan was relieved and felt a little guilty.

There was no way to talk about the unstable transformation, so Yin Heng simply asked Bai Xinyan about some plans for becoming an actor in the future. Yin Heng was not talkative and he didn’t even like to talk much, but in the face of Bai Xinyan, his patience had been much better than usual. Whether he listened or spook actively, he didn’t feel impatient. Bai Xinyan himself was not a shy and restrained character. Although his heart rate hadn’t slowed down in front of Yin Heng, once he talked, he was more comfortable.

Apart from the messy reactions and reveries, Bai Xinyan felt very good to the new friend Yin Heng just from the cooperation during the chat. Although there was a big gap in their strength, the other party did not mean to be condescending. He treated him very equally. The concepts of the two were not far apart and they could reach a consensus on many things. In addition, Yin Heng was very considerate of him, not only helped him but also gave him useful gifts. Although he had only met for a short time, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but put him in the position of a trustworthy friend.

For some reason, Bai Xinyan had never been in contact with any outsiders since he was a child. He only knew those demons who lived on a mountain. Yin Heng was the first demon he encountered after going down the mountain (Zhuo Xuan:???). He was also the first friend he made by himself. Bai Xinyan always felt that there was an extraordinary meaning in it.

Plus Yin Heng still looked so beautiful!

Bai Xinyan, who didn’t realize that he was judging by appearances, silently gave Yin Heng a “good demon card” in his heart. He happily exchanged contact information with the other party and made an appointment to go to the police station together for the transcript of the car accident this morning.

When the two of them finally finished speaking, Zhuo Xuan, who was watching the whole process and pretending that he did not exist again, silently stepped forward. “Sir, President Zhao has asked you twice whether you need to see the recent project report.” And Bai Xinyan stayed for a long time on the top floor that other people would think something in their minds completely…

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