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“This… is this assigned by the company?” It was said that the agent had a certain degree of autonomy in choosing artists. Bai Xinyan couldn’t understand why this agent who didn’t like him chose him. After a pause, he couldn’t help asking in doubt.

Fang Xia raised her brows slightly when she heard the words, but quickly returned to a stern look, and said, “No, I took the initiative to sign you. I think you have the potential to become popular.”

Bai Xinyan couldn’t feel whether Fang Xia’s words were against her heart for a moment, but he still felt very strange and frowned slightly.

Fang Xia smiled when she saw it, but there was no smile in her eyes, “What? You think it’s a waste of time for me to take you?” Fang Xia’s tone was not fierce, but the whole person itself had a hint of aggressiveness. It meant, “If you are worried that you will have no future with me, you don’t have to. No one in Xinghuan has ever questioned my professional ability. You can find someone to verify this at any time.”

The other party was obviously quite proud of her abilities, Bai Xinyan shook his head quickly, “No, I know at a glance that you are a very capable agent. I just…” Bai Xinyan hesitated for a moment and then said slightly euphemistically and said the truth, “It just feels like I don’t fit in with you in character. You may not be satisfied with me.”

Fang Xia was taken aback for a moment. Looking at Bai Xinyan’s tender and innocent appearance, she rarely felt embarrassed to be told about her heart and was pierced by such a tender newcomer. She couldn’t help but cough a little awkwardly.

“You think too much.” Although Bai Xinyan was right, Fang Xia quickly adjusted her state and directly denied Bai Xinyan’s words. “I said that I think you have the potential to become popular, which is absolutely sincere. In terms of character, we may indeed need to run in, but I guarantee that this will not affect your work and future.”

Bai Xinyan heard the words and did not speak for a while. In fact, he was still reluctant to partner with Fang Xia. After all, he was not a masochist. On the contrary, he had been spoiled by his family since he was a child. He had never encountered a few unpleasant things. How could he be willing to work with a person who hated himself and even listened to each other? 

But he could also see that Fang Xia should belong to the one with a strong ability and a high status among Xinghuan’s agents. The other party wanted to take him, this pure newcomer. In the eyes of others, he should have had good luck. Moreover, Fang Xia also said that it would not affect his future. In this case, Bai Xinyan would be very impolite if he insisted on changing to another agent. Not only it would offend people, but most of them would regard him as being too self-conscious. After all, Fang Xia is a powerful agent of Xinghuan and he is just a newcomer who has just passed the interview.

Unless he asked Yin Heng for help, a newcomer like him would never have the leeway to choose an agent on his own. However, it was obviously not appropriate to find Yin Heng to go through the back door for this matter. Bai Xinyan felt that since Yin Heng was the person he liked, then as the person he wanted to pursue, he couldn’t always rely on the person being pursued to solve problems for himself. In this case, how could you show your own strengths and abilities in the eyes of the other party?

Thinking of this, Bai Xinyan immediately passed the option to find Yin Heng for a broker and decided to solve this problem by himself. Fang Xia was dissatisfied with him. It didn’t matter as long as he didn’t work together because of emotional influence. When he became popular, he could naturally change one according to his own preferences. Or from another angle, although he didn’t know why Fang Xia disliked him, it might not be able to reverse it. Maybe it would improve after a while. Anyway, Bai Xinyan was quite confident about his character and professional ability.

Fang Xia saw that he was silent for a while. She tapped her finger on the table and said, “If you don’t have any comments, then it settles like this? Take the contract. If you don’t trust it, you can take it back and find someone to check it out before signing it.”

Bai Xinyan accepted the contract and tacitly accepted Fang Xia as his agent. Although he didn’t think that Xinghuan’s contract would cheat him, Bai Xinyan decided to take it back and show it to professionals.

Seeing Bai Xinyan’s acquiescence, Fang Xia’s previous embarrassment was completely dissipated. She resumed her serious and strong work state. Looking at Bai Xinyan, she said, “Although the contract has not been officially signed, you are now an artist of Xinghuan. As your agent, I hope you can tell me any necessary information about yourself. Any information that will affect your future development in this circle. This is so that I can better serve you and cooperate with your work. Is that all right?”

Bai Xinyan hesitated for a moment then nodded.

Fang Xia twitched the corners of her mouth, revealing a short, stylized smile, “Very well, so first of all, can you explain how you plan to operate the video that is going viral on the Internet?”

Bai Xinyan was stunned again, “What video? Does it have anything to do with me?”

Seeing Bai Xinyan’s dazed face, Fang Xia frowned, “It’s the video of the strangely powerful young man saving people that started to go viral yesterday. Isn’t the person in there you?” In addition to Bai Xinyan, Zhuo Xuan also appeared in the video. The clothes, time and so on are right. It’s not absolutely impossible.

“Artists do need proper hype topics, but you have not made your debut. Even if you have the Chairman, it is not appropriate to find a way to hype yourself. Without effective team operations, it is easy to make some false hype that is too hot to go wrong.” Fang Xia’s tone was a little harsh as if he was criticizing the student’s dean. “Now there have been a lot of negative comments on the Internet. I hope you can tell the original idea and process of the operation, try to make up for it, and solve the problem so as not to screw things up.”

“I… what should I say?” Bai Xinyan heard it with a confused expression. “What’s the matter with the Internet?” What kind of strange, powerful young man saved people, Bai Xinyan guessed that it was the video taken by others when he rescued people in a car accident, but what did Fang Xia mean by his own operation and speculation heat? He doesn’t know anything at all. What ideas and processes to say come out!

Bai Xinyan felt inexplicable, but Fang Xia frowned even more when she saw it.

“Isn’t that video that you deliberately made it hot?” Fang Xia stared at Bai Xinyan and asked, “Rescue people in a car accident, strange power, etc, do have a lot of attention. Celebrities also need to act and set characters, but the characters are also set. It shouldn’t be too outrageous. It’s a novelty to set people with contrasting powers, but how do you get back in the future? Even if the Chairman of the board supports you, all the programs can think of ways to fake it, but it’s possible to show up casually at ordinary times. Others will also focus on this point. If you are not careful, you will deceive the public and set the risk of collapse. I am your agent and I must find a way to stop the loss. While things are still not in the air, you should explain the specific situation as soon as possible so that I can communicate with the public relations department to solve it.”

This time, Bai Xinyan finally understood what Fang Xia meant. The other party believed that the online video was a hype of his self-directed and self-acting performance, and his strange power in the video was still faked. If this continued, he would definitely have to be hype, so she wanted him to quickly confess and remedy it leniently.

Bai Xinyan, who had come to understand, suddenly pursed his mouth and showed an obviously unhappy, angry expression for the first time. Looking at Fang Xia, he said, “Agent Fang, I haven’t designed any hype, let alone faked and deceived with saving people.”

Bai Xinyan looked soft and cute. His expression had always been good and clever. He looked like he didn’t have any temper, which made it hard to imagine him angry. Therefore, Fang Xia was shocked when she saw Bai Xinyan’s reaction and her stern expression turned into surprise.   

“It wasn’t you? How could it be revealed on the internet quickly that you are a newcomer interviewed by Xinghuan and that you have something to do with the Chairman?” Fang Xia was startled by Bai Xinyan’s sudden anger for a moment and she couldn’t help but questioning, “Besides, can you really push a real truck by yourself? Is not a model or something in the video?”

Now Bai Xinyan stared at Fang Xia even angrier. His cheeks were slightly puffed up like fried hair, but he still looked cute.

But what he did afterwards was not so cute.

Bai Xinyan stood up suddenly. He picked up the big solid wood chair he just sat on and threw it back to the ground with a “boom” in Fang Xia’s surprised sight.

With a loud noise, Fang Xia felt that the whole floor seemed to shake.


Looking at Fang Xia’s somewhat complicated gaze above, Bai Xinyan used the performance skills he learned and tried hard to speak like a provocative person in the movie. He stared at Fang Xia and said, “If you still don’t believe it, I can continue to prove it. Do you need it?”

“……” Bai Xinyan, who seemed to be very talkative, suddenly changed into a genuinely fierce look. Fang Xia glanced at the solid wood chair of at least tens of hundreds of kilograms that was thrown on the ground. Thinking of Bai Xinyan’s easy lifting with one hand and then smashing it down, she could almost think of whether the other party would smash the chair on herself next time.

Unexpectedly, she panicked. Fang Xia couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. She shook her head quickly and said, “No, no more…”

“Then do you still think I am a fraud?” Bai Xinyan continued to ask.

“No, I know your strength is real.” Fang Xia continued to shake her head.

“What about the hype? Or did I do it?”

“It’s not… I guessed wrong and wronged you.” Fang Xia also experienced a lot of things in the end. At this time, she slowly calmed down. Looking at the angry Bai Xinyan, her eyes were very complicated. After hesitating for a while, she still apologized, “I’m sorry, I doubted your character without understanding you before. It was my fault. I will reflect on this matter and there won’t be a second time.”

At this time, other people who heard the loud noise came knocking on the door and asked what was going on. Bai Xinyan saw that Fang Xia had apologized. When the others came in, he returned to his usual demeanour and proactively explained, “Nothing, it’s just that I was not careful. I knocked the chair down. I’m sorry to scare you, guys.”

As soon as he approached Bai Xinyan, the expression of the visitor suddenly eased. He no longer doubted that such a loud voice was completely different from what can be done by knocking down a chair. Instead, he kindly cared, “Are you a newcomer signed by Agent Fang? The chair fell down, didn’t anyone fall?”

Bai Xinyan shook his head, “It’s okay.”

After the visitor left, Fang Xia looked at Bai Xinyan. Her expression was no longer as strong and superior as before.

Unexpectedly, she had taken a look before and this newcomer was not actually well-behaved, obedient, and could be controlled easily like a little white rabbit.

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Small theatre:

Fang Xia: I was deceived by his appearance. This person is not a little white rabbit at all!!

Bai Xinyan: ? But I am really a little white rabbit…

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