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After showing weakness, Fang Xia was unable to regain her previous momentum. Her attitude towards Bai Xinyan became particularly restrained. She did not dare to be aggressive anymore.

Under the guidance of the other party, Bai Xinyan finally saw the so-called “Weird Boy Dismantling Cars to Rescue People” (怪力少年拆车救人) video and a certain scale of netizens’ debates and fights had erupted under related topics.

【Is this video true or fake? So a thin child can have so much strength?】

【I watched the Hercules Challenge program before and there were people who could lift big trucks. There are people with extraordinary talents in this world, okay?】

【I think it’s true. There’s no traces of editing in the video, and there is no need to pick the scene of the car accident. There are police are nearby】

【Who knows if a bunch of people cooperate with each other to act, the car is probably just a prop, right】 

【Look at the license plate. It’s in S City. I checked S City. Yesterday morning, in S city they did report about a major traffic accident involving a truck hitting a car. There was a man and a woman in the car. I don’t think it’s such a coincidence to say it was acting?】

【I said it looked a little familiar. This is indeed the outer ring road section of S City. They won’t shoot in the morning rush hour, right?】

【So it is really true? I have to say it’s amazing…】

【It’s true!! I saw it with my own eyes at the time! This boy is really weird! Moreover, he actively asked for help to save people. The traffic police did not believe that he had such great strength and didn’t agree. At that time, the ambulance hadn’t arrived and the doctor on the scene also took the initiative to help first aid. Everyone was cheering. The whole process was quite exciting.】

【It should be true. I found the video from other angles on the scene and there is indeed no trace of fraud. And I also found a video of this man carrying a motorcycle with one hand. It is basically certain that he has a lot of strength. However, I also dug up a little gossip. Several marketing accounts suddenly exploded the man’s black material. [Link] [Link] [Link]】

【? ? ? What’s the matter? Others are saving people on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if the marketing account is hot, is there something wrong with the black material of the people who do good deeds?】

【According to the directions, it is said that this strange boy is called Bai Xinyan. He is a newcomer who was interviewed by Xinghuan Entertainment. He also has an improper relationship with the Chairman of Xinghuan. There are videos and photos.】

【Xinghuan Entertainment? Damn, is it really acting hype? It is said that there is no trace of fraud?】

【I went to see the so-called black material. There is no evidence at all, neither can I see that the person is a newcomer to Xinghuan, nor can I see any improper relationship. He didn’t even have an intimate action, just got in a car with other people. This can also be considered black material?】

【It said he got in a car, please see how much that car is worth】

【It’s worth a lot of money, so what? Can it prove that the car is the Chairman of Xinghuan, or can it prove that the two people in the back seat of a car have an improper relationship? When you see someone sitting in a luxury car, you feel that there is a problem. If you hate the rich, then you hate the rich. Don’t think that you are just awe-inspiring, okay?】

【Wait, haven’t you noticed that the doctor who rescued people in the car accident video is the same person as the driver in the luxury car video? This… maybe the two people know each other, or the car is simply someone’s own?】

【I wanted to check if Maybach belonged to the Chairman of Xinghuan, but I found out that I couldn’t find the relevant information about that chairman at all??? After flipping for a long time, only one name was confirmed, and there was no news or photos! Does this man really run an entertainment company?】

【It seems that the black material evidence given by the marketing account is insufficient. It is very likely that the video of people getting on the luxury car will be made up. But if it is revealed later that he is an artist of Xinghuan, emmmmm I will feel a little subtle】

【How about the artist? As long as the car is dismantled to save people and there is no fraud, it is a real deal, can’t it? Artists are inferior to others?】

【Don’t guess, this person definitely did it deliberately. The video was so hot in a short period of time. Obviously, there is a promoter. Even if it’s not an artist, I guess he will come out as an Internet celebrity in the future. Believe it or not?】

【If this is the case, even if the strength and the video are real, it would be disgusting to get enthusiastic about other people’s car accidents. The rescued wounded might not be out of danger yet, so he thought about making himself red…】

【I also think… this male looks really good. He says that he is an artist with high credibility. To be honest, I wanted to put in a small wall when I saw it, but if he didn’t debut, he would use a car accident to hype it, which really makes people feel uncomfortable. You can turn red with your face, so why did you follow this crooked way in the first place?】

【? ? The popularity of this video is obviously normal, right? This kind of strange power beyond ordinary people is already very eye-catching. In addition, it is a good thing to save people. People are still good-looking and have contrasts, so where can we tell that there is a push hand operation? Obviously, those who suddenly turned black together were obviously ordered by someone?】

【The previous one is too naïve. Do you think that the news that attracts eyeballs gets hot because there is no pusher? This kind of explosive spread speed is not the case of a popular star bursting with a shocking scandal. No one deliberately pushed it live to eat the keyboard behind the scenes!】

【Anyway, I think it doesn’t matter if there is a pusher. As long as the video is not faked, the strength is real, and the rescuing is real, then it is not deceiving the public. It is not a problem with the character. I will pick him if he is a real newcomer.】

【pick+1, his face really hit my cute spot perfectly! Even such a silly video can’t cover up!!】

【Keke (科科), the entertainment industry will only get worse and worse if he was guarded the superficial star chasers like you】

【You’re sick, don’t you allow others to promote it if you do good deeds? As long as there is no fraud, why can’t you accept praise publicly? The black material is not tenable at all, so do you have to blame others for protecting it? Everyone just has the ability to judge, not as brainless as you, okay?】

* * *

Bai Xinyan quickly scanned the relevant netizens’ speeches and got a rough idea of ​​the direction of the matter. His video of saving people from a car accident was put on the internet. It was probably uploaded by the onlookers who filmed the video at that time. At the same time, some people were trying to discredit him and they secretly photographed something that was of little use, which also caused Yin Heng to be involved.

Netizens had basically recognized the authenticity of his rescue video. Regarding the black material released by several marketing accounts, except for a few conspiracy theories who had believed in and tried to lead in this direction, most people did not believe it because of a lack of evidence.

The most obvious conflict now was about whether he took the opportunity to hype. Netizens had their own opinions when it came to the victims of car accidents and their different attitudes towards promotion and marketing. However, in any case, ordinary artists’ publicity works were nothing, but when it came to using other aspects to make hype, whether it was personality, romance, or scandal. They were not very pleasant to hear and easy to be ridiculed.

Bai Xinyan hadn’t made his debut yet. He had no works and no fan base. It’s good to have popularity, but it’s not good to leave a negative impression on a large number of people in the first place. No wonder Fang Xia said that while he hadn’t made a stir, he must quickly find a way to deal with it, so as not to affect his future development.

However, even though Fang Xia before and a lot of people on the internet all vowed, Bai Xinyan really didn’t do anything at all. After experiencing Fang Xia’s questioning, Bai Xinyan only slightly frowned at the negative comments on the internet and asked, “Why do you think I did it?”

Fang Xia was stunned and explained, “Those marketing accounts were obviously instigated by someone. They put black materials, but they were totally untenable. Moreover, when it comes to the chairman of the board, most people don’t dare to post it casually. You haven’t made your debut and there is no opponent for the time being. The black material will not have any negative effects at all, but it will lead out your identity as a newcomer to Xinghuan. And you have a personal relationship with the Chairman. You may not be afraid of being settled by the autumn after posting this. So… I thought it was your self-directed and self-acted one. In order to suppress it first, you wanted to accumulate fans in advance.”

Bai Xinyan felt that there was some truth after hearing it, but… “Just to draw out that I am a newcomer to Xinghuan, is it necessary to associate myself with the unspoken rules?”

Fang Xia heard the words and looked at Bai Xinyan. After a moment of silence, she said, “First, let out a message that there is no evidence and then explain that you are just friends. Even if you are discovered by others in the future, as long as you don’t get any decisive evidence, even without explanation, it will be more convincing.” To be honest, this operation was actually quite clever. If it was really to smear black and white, it would be a fool to send out such black material. It was useless to give the other party a wedding dress (give another party some popularity). Therefore, Fang Xia, a smart person, had always believed that this was Bai Xinyan’s plan. It was just that she was clever this time but was mistaken by cleverness because the one who really did this was indeed a “fool”.

“No wonder you think I did it,” Bai Xinyan nodded when he heard the words. “Now you know it’s not me. I may not be as clear about the situation as you, what do you think should be handled next?”

Seeing that Bai Xinyan’s attitude was fairly good, Fang Xia was a little surprised. Fortunately, she still had some professional qualities. After thinking about it, she quickly said, “Since you don’t know then there must be someone else who instructed those marketing accounts to put black materials. Although you shouldn’t have the right person and do so will not harm you, but now it seems that the possibility of the other person having private grievances with you is indeed relatively high. Through those marketing accounts, photos, and videos were taken out by the other party, there should be a way to find this person.”

“Although the black material they posted will not affect much, netizens will feel that you are an artist deliberately making a show and hype, resulting in exclusion. It’s impossible for you not to make a debut. Push the pot of hype to others and give more positive guidance to reduce the negative opinions of netizens.” Fang Xia said, relaxed a little and smiled slightly, “This pot is naturally the most suitable for the person who wants to black you. Maybe you can take the opportunity to sell it and get a wave of fans.”

“So what we have to do now is to find out the person who blacked you. Second, contact some witnesses in the car accident and it’s better to have the police come forward to speak. Let them take the initiative to testify to you and give you a positive evaluation!” Fang Xia summed it up briefly and then asked, “Do you know who will be the one who has hatred against you and wants to black you?”

Although Fang Xia’s perception was average, what the other party said makes sense. She had much more experience in public relations than Bai Xinyan, a pure newcomer. Bai Xinyan still agreed with the other party’s analysis.

As for the last question, after thinking about it, there should be only one person who had conflicts with him except Fang Xia, who had temporarily reconciled.

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