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“It’s really beyond imagination!” He Wenhong was amazed. Watching Bai Xinyan, who soon returned to his behaved daily state after the performance, he said, “You are not from a professional class? You must have studied for a long time, right? The performance has a very academic style and is impressive.”

Bai Xinyan nodded and said, “I’ve studied for three years.”

“It’s very good to be able to reach this level in three years and many people can’t get the hang of acting even after ten years. You are still so young, and your future development is unlimited.” He Wenhong finally returned to the classroom content after heartfelt praise, “I won’t comment for the time being. Let’s talk about what we can see from Bai Xinyan’s performance just now. Skills, thoughts, details, everything can be said.”

The other people looked at each other. After a while, someone spoke first, “Uh, I think his lines are very good. They are very emotional and they create an atmosphere all at once.”

He Wenhong nodded, “Well, is there any more?”

“His expression control ability is also very powerful. They are all in place and very real. The subtle muscle movements are also shown.” Someone started and other shocked people couldn’t help but talk.

“The rhythm is well grasped. The emotional transition points are really well mastered.”

“There are also details like putting your hands on the table, squeezing, relaxing, and tapping, have you noticed?”

“I feel that this performance is particularly contagious. It can fully mobilize people’s emotions. I can’t help but substituting it in. Now I think it’s scary…”

A group of people talked a lot. Finally, He Wenhong nodded and said, “You are right about these points, but how can we achieve this effect? ​​How to grasp the lines, expressions, details, do you see anything?”

Everyone looked at each other again, and then couldn’t help but glanced at Bai Xinyan secretly, thinking: if I knew how to do it, wouldn’t it be me who is being praised now?

Only Zhou Han, who hadn’t made a sound before, took the initiative to say, “Practice more.”

Zhou Han probably did not have a good reputation. When other people heard his answer, they all showed disapproval and even laughed. They felt that He Wenhong asked this question because he wanted to ask Bai Xinyan’s methods and techniques. Zhou Han answered “practice more”, which was simply wrong.

These people waited for Zhou Han to be slapped in the face by the teacher, but what they didn’t expect was that He Wenhong nodded to Zhou Han with satisfaction.

“That’s right. You really need to practice more!” He Wenhong glanced at other people who were surprised and said in a deep voice, “Bai Xinyan’s performance is a very traditional academic performance, that is to say, to apply the most basic theories to the actual performance. If you want to analyze the methods and techniques, you have learned the basic theories from the beginning. The difference in the final results is simply because of the difference in the proficiency of the basic methods. Performance does require talent, but the most basic way of acting does not require too much talent. As long as you can practice well, you can reach the top.”

After spending some time for the students to pour a pot of diligent chicken soup, He Wenhong began to comment on Bai Xinyan’s performance just now. He spared no effort to exaggerate Bai Xinyan from all angles and his appreciation was overwhelming. Finally, he said to Bai Xinyan with a little regret, “Unfortunately, your skills are already very proficient and mellow, but you can see that your soul still didn’t enter the play. If you can’t really enter the play, after all, the emotional transmission is still a little bit worse.”

Bai Xinyan was not surprised when he heard the words. Instead, he nodded and said, “My acting teacher also said the same.”

Out of the pursuit of ultimate acting skills, He Wenhong could not help but shook his head when he thought of Bai Xinyan’s shortcomings. It was a pity. However, he soon thought of Bai Xinyan’s special situation and encouraged him. “But it’s normal. How old are you? You haven’t acted in many dramas or experienced many things. It’s weird to be able to enter the play at once. At least, your basic acting skills are now the best in the professional class. There are still many opportunities for improvement in the future.”

He Wenhong frowned slightly as he spoke and said in a slightly puzzled tone, “Also, although you haven’t really entered the scene, as someone said just now, the performance is particularly infectious. I think it’s better than those who entered the scene. The prowess of the play is not too much. I don’t think I can analyze the reason for this for a while, but if you have such an effect no matter what you perform, then maybe you can directly take the film emperor.”

When He Wenhong said this, everyone was in an uproar. Bai Xinyan is a newcomer who hasn’t made his debut yet. He hasn’t acted before, so he will take the film emperor directly? Even if He Wenhong, who had taught several film emperors and empresses, said this, it couldn’t be convincing.

They couldn’t help looking at Bai Xinyan, who was so highly praised, and could hardly restrain their jealous expressions.

However, Bai Xinyan, who was praised, was a little guilty at this time.

Bai Xinyan didn’t pay attention to the infectious power problem mentioned by He Wenhong at first. At this time, he reacted and guessed that it was probably the reason for his special physique. Because of this special physique, he was very sensitive to other people’s emotions. At the same time, when someone was close to him, he generally felt more comfortable and energetic, so people who were kind to him were more likely to have a good impression of him.

However, the gleam of vitality overflowing from him would also encourage the people who felt it to show their true inner thoughts. In other words, if the other party was malicious towards him from the beginning, this was a debuff, which would also stimulate the other party to resent him.

Bai Xinyan only knew that his physique had such side effects. He realized that after He Wenhong’s reminder, this physique could also enhance his emotional appeal to other people.

This… Although it should be a desirable ability for actors, it always felt like cheating…

Bai Xinyan, with a guilty conscience, didn’t answer He Wenhong’s words. Fortunately, the other party didn’t think he knew the reason. He took this topic and started to summarize today’s lesson.

“I have a basic understanding of your true level now. I have to say that many people have not yet reached my minimum requirements. The assessment time is one month later. If you fail to improve your ability this month, then next month, be ready to transfer to Class B. Do you understand?”

Finally, he beat these young people. He Wenhong announced the end of class but stopped Bai Xinyan.

“Well, Bai Xinyan, wait a moment. Are you free now? I have something to talk to you about.”

He Wenhong’s words made others couldn’t help but cast eyes of envy, jealousy and hatred on Bai Xinyan again. Some people wanted to linger and eavesdrop on what they were about to talk about. However, after Bai Xinyan agreed, He Wenhong took the person directly to his office. Naturally, he didn’t let other people overhear anything.

“That’s the case. I definitely won’t be able to take the newcomer class for long. Your level is not suitable for the newcomer class. It is a bit inferior to put in the professional class. It is best to choose deeper and more targeted teaching. I only bring one artist now. I have plenty of time, so I want to take you one more. What do you think?” He Wenhong asked Bai Xinyan to sit down. He poured him a glass of water and couldn’t help saying that.

Bai Xinyan was very surprised when he heard the words. He didn’t expect that when he first entered the newcomer class, he would be able to skip to the one-on-one teaching class of the special teacher for the film emperor. But this was obviously a good thing for him. He believed in his acting level and didn’t feel that he couldn’t afford it. In addition, he felt that He Wenhong was a good person. Bai Xinyan naturally agreed after a moment of surprise.

When he found a talented and potential student, He Wenhong seemed very happy. He took Bai Xinyan and wanted to invite him to dinner, to continue discussing Bai Xinyan’s performance just now. However, Bai Xinyan, who was almost accustomed to eating with Yin Heng when he was in Xinghuan, hesitated for a while, he followed his own heart and said to He Wenhong that he had made an appointment with someone.

He Wenhong was a little sorry, but he happily said goodbye to Bai Xinyan and told him that the time of class would be notified at any time and don’t miss the news.

* * *

Bai Xinyan, who became “meal pal” (饭友) with Yin Heng, had become accustomed to sharing their life with each other every day. Naturally, he told Yin Heng that he was transferred to the one-on-one teaching class by He Wenhong.

Yin Heng was taken aback for a moment and soon praised him naturally, “This shows that your acting skills are very good and you deserve it. He Wenhong, I have also heard of him. It is said that he has a very strong vision and cherishes talents for artists with good acting skills, so it is not surprising that he will look after you.” In fact, Yin Heng didn’t know who He Wenhong was before. He only got to know him for the purpose of arranging Bai Xinyan’s acting teacher.

Although Bai Xinyan basically felt that his acting skills were praised for granted, it was different to be praised by people suspected of liking. Especially the meaning of Yin Heng’s words was obvious that he believed in his ability from the beginning. Bai Xinyan blushed immediately upon hearing this.

However, he was also used to it. Anyway, when he was with Yin Heng, blushing and rapid heartbeat were already common things. At this moment, he would not be embarrassed by blushing. What might be better if the blushing could enlighten Yin Heng in a certain way? Bai Xinyan thought.

It was good to observe and confirm whether he liked Yin Heng and whether the other party was suitable to develop into a lover. As a result, Bai Xinyan hadn’t considered this at all in the past few days. Instead, he wholeheartedly explored whether Yin Heng meant that to him. In short, he didn’t know why. It seemed that Bai Xinyan directly acquiesced that the answers to the previous two questions were both yes, so the matter jumped directly to the stage of considering whether to pursue confession.

Bai Xinyan was stuck now. Although Yin Heng was absolutely kind to him, what he did and said, Bai Xinyan moved to the emotion forum, and the replies felt impure. However, Yin Heng seemed to have deliberately avoided creating an ambiguous atmosphere with Bai Xinyan. For example, now, after Bai Xinyan blushed, Yin Heng hesitated for a while and immediately stopped looking at Bai Xinyan, rather stiffly turning into a state of staring straight.

Bai Xinyan, who had just sweetened his heart, suddenly became a little unhappy. The corners of his eyebrows and eyes drooped.

Yin Heng said that he didn’t squint, but he couldn’t help but secretly look at Bai Xinyan with his spiritual sense. He felt as if he had a pair of ears on top of his head drooping along with it, pouting slightly. His angry looked cute and delicate. The bulging cheeks made people want to pinch.

So Yin Heng, who was clearly thinking about avoiding suspicion, still fed Bai Xinyan a piece of carrot cake very honestly and voluntarily gave in.

The carrot cake was exactly a heart shape, Bai Xinyan looked at this beautiful heart and the little temper suddenly disappeared again.

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