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“I’ve got an assistant for you. I will come to Xinghuan tomorrow. Let’s see what do you think about them.” Yin Heng said to Bai Xinyan after a somewhat undercurrent lunch.

Bai Xinyan was startled, “Do I need an assistant before I debut?” And aren’t all the assistants assigned by the company? It didn’t seem very good for Yin Heng to arrange for him directly?

Yin Heng stretched out his hand and touched Bai Xinyan’s head, stroking it twice along the unrevealed plush ears without a trace, and said, “It’s necessary to match. The one I arranged for you is also a demon. It will be more convenient in the future.”

The artist assistant was basically accompanied throughout the whole process. If it was of the same kind, it would be much more convenient than ordinary people. Bai Xinyan didn’t really want to refuse Yin Heng’s care for him, so he nodded in response.

“I heard that the two people involved in the car accident that day are already out of danger and sober. The public relations department is going to make a statement today.” Yin Heng said again.

Bai Xinyan only then remembered that the online turmoil about him seemed to have not been completely dealt with. Listening to what Yin Heng said, it was almost over now.

Bai Xinyan had recently given most of his thoughts to Yin Heng except for training class. After having a solution plan, he basically never thought about it again. Bai Xinyan knew that they, the couple in the car accident, would be saved, so he didn’t pay attention to it. Now both of them were awake, the public opinion on the Internet was almost fermented. It was indeed suitable for the official to perform the last step at this time.

Sure enough, Fang Xia contacted him in the afternoon and talked about the official account to make a statement. In addition, she asked Bai Xinyan if he wanted to take the opportunity to authenticate his Weibo, which happened to gather a first wave of fans.

However, Bai Xinyan refused without much consideration. He had no debut and no works now. It felt meaningless to rely on the Internet to expose in advance. Fang Xia had completely regarded Bai Xinyan as a great Buddha. When she saw that he was unwilling, she didn’t persuade him much.

Bai Xinyan talked to the other party about He Wenhong’s change of shifts and Yin Heng’s arrangement of an assistant for him. Even if Fang Xia was used to Bai Xinyan’s special status, she couldn’t help be surprised and being silent for a while when she heard the news.

It was okay for the chairman to arrange an assistant, but let He Wenhong teach him alone, which was only the treatment of the top artist in Xinghuan. Moreover, He Wenhong had always only brought potential artists he fancy. Unless Bai Xinyan was really a genius in acting, Fang Xia could only feel that this was the handwriting of the chairman who opened the back door to others. He Wenhong didn’t reject backdoor people with backgrounds as she did, but to get a big cow who had high requirements on students’ acting skills to agree to bring Bai Xinyan, a pure newcomer, the people behind it must have done a lot of work.

Fang Xia also thought about whether Bai Xinyan was really talented. However, when she thought of the blank and contentless resume, and Bai Xinyan looked soft and tender, he didn’t seem to be able to perform at all. With the appearance of being shocked, she shook her head and ruled out this conjecture.

But anyway, even if it depended on his background, Bai Xinyan now had He Wenhong to teach him. His acting skills in the future would definitely be enough to be a little fresh meat actor. In addition, it was also very advantageous in appearance and had already gained popularity on the Internet before he debuted. With the backing of Chairman Xinghuan, there would be no shortage of resources. It was estimated that it would be easy to become popular.

Fang Xia sighed in her heart, but she didn’t know that most of her guesses were wrong. Yin Heng did open the back door for Bai Xinyan in this matter, but he just made He Wenhong into the teacher of the newcomer Class A without any trace. Although Pres Zhao also told He Wenhong to take care of Bai Xinyan as much as possible, He Wenhong directly promoted Bai Xinyan to the level of guidance (对辅导的层次), which Pres Zhao never mentioned. After all, He Wenhong was very picky about such students who were completely self-carrying. If Bai Xinyan’s performance was not satisfactory enough, it was hard to guarantee that He Wenhong would also have a situation like Fang Xia. Moreover, it was too obvious to do so. A newcomer had the treatment of the film emperor directly, which was easy for Bai Xinyan to find that something was wrong.

In short, although He Wenhong did agree to take care of Bai Xinyan a little bit in the acting class, he directly drew the person into his own student, which was entirely based on Bai Xinyan’s strength and talent that had nothing to do with his background. But He Wenhong was still a little bit lucky. If the other party hadn’t asked him to teach the newcomer class, he might not have discovered such a good seed for a while.

Fang Xia was silent for a while. She became more aware of the profound background of Bai Xinyan. Naturally, she expressed no objection. She responded to all his words and became more cautious.

Bai Xinyan didn’t notice it through the phone. Seeing that he was just idle, he went online to check the situation.

Since the Gossip analysis released a batch of dry goods, the wind direction on the Internet had slowly begun to unify. Of course, this was not only the guidance of a big V, but the handwriting of Xinghuan’s large-scale public relations. In addition to the Gossip, there were also various media channels that had carried out related forwarding and pushing. Along with the heat came together, some self-media that had nothing to do with Xinghuan also take the initiative to participate in rubbing the heat, and the spread quickly increased in a large area. In addition, during the process, the people arranged by Xinghuan had been secretly controlling the direction. After two or three days, the desired result was obtained without a trace.

Now Bai Xinyan’s image was very positive. It was easy for people to like young people who were happy to help others and had an outstanding appearance. The contrast between the relatively thin body and the strange power was extremely eye-catching. After this pass, many people had entered Bai Xinyan’s pit and even enthusiastically sold Amway with a few fuzzy video screenshots.

If Bai Xinyan opened Weibo plus authentication at this time, fans were expected to rise to six figures in no time.

After only two or three days, the cause and effect of this matter had been clear and the heat had begun to gradually decline. It was at this time that Xinghuan’s official Weibo account issued a statement, which suddenly attracted another wave of attention.

【Statement on recent online rumours regarding our company’s artist Bai Xinyan】 

Although Xinghuan was an entertainment company, its official blog image had always been quite high and cold. The posts were all related to business matters and never gagging with netizens. The tone of this statement also appeared to be business-like, but the defence of Bai Xinyan was also very obvious. First, it explained the whole incident and then said that they would seriously pursue the actions of some big Vs and netizens against Bai Xinyan and Chairman Xinghuan for spreading rumours, discrediting, and infringing on their reputation, and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of artists. In the end, they explained the news that the two injured people in the car accident were out of danger and sober, and then proudly praised Bai Xinyan and the chairman who cherished talents.

Xinghuan’s public relations were in place. Not long after the statement was issued, the official Weibo of the S City traffic police followed up to express their opinion. Once again, it confirmed the authenticity of Bai Xinyan’s rescue and also praised Bai Xinyan. Incidentally, they also praised Zhuo Xuan, assistant of the chairman of Xinghuan, who also helped the injured. At the same time, they criticized some people for slandering good people without verification.

Two official statements said that Bai Xinyan was an artist from Xinghuan and Bai Xinyan’s saving lives were completely certain, but at this time few people scold Bai Xinyan for deliberately hyping. On the contrary, many people were happy about Bai Xinyan’s artist status, so that they could have his news, photos, and even works of him in the future.

【Ahhhhhhhhh! I have been worried about whether Little Cutie’s interview with Xinghuan failed, but fortunately not! Dad Xinghuan, asks for more resources and more food for Little Cutie! I have watched those silly videos so I can recite them_(:з」∠)_】

【As expected of Xinghuan, the boss is V587. The rumours that the chairman of Xinghuan is really in the brain, these marketing accounts that take money to do personnel should really be treated. Support Xinghuan to sue them!】  (V587 = 我抱歉, I’m sorry, this comment said sorry to Yin Heng)

【Emmmm, I feel that this Bai Xinyan is highly valued by Xinghuan, the official blog has never boasted so much before】

【This is a person whom the Chairman admires very much. Dare the official blog not to boast him? Don’t want the year-end bonus [Funny]】

【I feel that the Chairman of Xinghuan has the feeling of being a courteous and virtuous corporal. He appreciates Little Cutie who is happy to help others. He also asked his assistant to save people. His character is quite good. No wonder they say that Xinghuan has a good atmosphere.】

【That… actually… uh… this CP fan wants to sell Amway, what do you know?】

【What are you selling? We don’t know anything about the chairman and can’t dig out even the least bit of news. How do you knock?】

【There is a sugar at the moment and I am drunk now. Judging by the figure, our chairman must be a handsome man _(:з」∠)_】

【Get out, don’t eat】

【By the way, isn’t the person who dug out Bai Xinyan’s rumours is the one who participated in the Xinghuan interview with him? Why is it not mentioned in the statement?】

Xinghuan’s official statement did not mention the culprit, Sun Zhi. The main reason was that although everyone knew that this was a good thing he did, the method of finding evidence was not so open and honest, so it was not suitable for combining legal means. Moreover, even if the defendant slandered and violated his reputation, it was mostly a matter of apologizing and paying some money, which was not a great punishment, and it gave Sun Zhi extra attention.

Black and red are also red, but Xinghuan is not going to give Sun Zhi a chance to be black and red.

The marketing accounts that spread rumours about Bai Xinyan and Yin Xuan were sued by Xinghuan. Sun Zhi was frightened at first, but found that Xinghuan seemed to have nothing to do with him, so he slowly let go of his heart and regretted his guilty conscience. The state of panic and fear was all forgotten. However, just when Sun Zhi almost didn’t take this point seriously, he discovered a problem. His career began to run into obstacles everywhere.

No brokerage company was willing to sign him, including Xinghuan’s rival, Yuexiang. He couldn’t get involved at all he could receive in even some small announcements before. Sometimes the person in charge who might have let go changed his attitude and mocked him after knowing who he was. After such a period of time, Sun Zhi not only lost his hope of signing a contract to become a big star but also began to embarrass his life.

At this time, Sun Zhi realized that Xinghuan did not let him go, but wanted to kill him.

Unable to get a job but unwilling to quit the circle, Sun Zhi could only occasionally accept some non-golden group performances to maintain. When he could only get one hundred and eighty yuan in a hard day, Sun Zhi still couldn’t help but think of what it was like for Bai Xinyan to make him such a person now, and his hatred became deeper. But the gap got bigger later and slowly he couldn’t even lift up the strength of hate.

* * *

Bai Xinyan, who “invited people to hate”, didn’t take Sun Zhi to heart from beginning to end, and even completely forgot after the matter was completely over. Now he was preparing to take the first acting class after He Wenhong asked him to skip a grade. The other party informed him of the time and place, saying that there was another artist he brought in this class.

Bai Xinyan didn’t mind going to class with others, but when he walked to the room where he was going to knock on the door, he paused in surprise.

Bai Xinyan’s wrist seemed to be the demon force that had been hibernating and basically immobile. It suddenly woke up and flung its “tail” on Bai Xinyan a few times to convey some information to him. And Bai Xinyan’s own intuitive alarm was also beeping to remind him of special circumstances.

Bai Xinyan paused for a moment. After digesting this information, his expression was a bit complicated.

Are there so many demons in Xinghuan? It didn’t mean that there were very few demons now. He only came to Xinghuan for a few days and then he ran into one again. And the inside seemed to be a fox… which could eat rabbits?

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