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Yin Heng stayed in the hotel to rest that night. Of course, he didn’t directly share a room with Bai Xinyan, but he also chatted for a long time through the little snake. Bai Xinyan even gave the little snake a new name, Bai Jiahei (白加黑), taking his last name. Yin Heng didn’t notice his careful thought. He just thought it was for the sake of being appropriate and didn’t express any opinion. However, it had to be said that the little snake controlled by his divine essence could almost be regarded as his part (分身). Bai Xinyan called the little snake Bai Jiahei, which made Yin Heng feel like it was his nickname.

It still felt a little weird.

After Bai Xinyan fell asleep, Yin Heng had time to start thinking about what happened that day.

Knowing that Bai Xinyan might encounter a little trouble, he immediately went to find someone in person, and was a little too worried. He hadn’t felt so flustered for many years, and the last time he was in a similar state was when he was seriously injured and followed by forces.

Since he solved the enemy and cultivated to become fearless of anyone, his mood had been basically dull, calm but boring. However, after meeting Bai Xinyan, the emotions that had gradually drifted away from him seemed to be slowly returning. Maybe it was because he took the initiative to focus on the other party from the beginning, so he could find Bai Xinyan’s beauty and specialness, and then bit by bit, he was more and more affected by the other party’s emotions, so that this little guy seemed to have taken root in his heart now. Just a little bit of trouble could make him lose his calmness.

Yin Heng thought about his little interactions with Bai Xinyan, especially today. Bai Xinyan took the initiative to ask him to activate his demon power and didn’t mind that he might reveal his secrets and privacy at any time. The first one who jumped in his mind was a bunny-eared boy with fair skin and naked…

And he hadn’t resisted the temptation yet. At that moment, his first reaction was to press the boy into his arms, leaving a mark of possession every inch on his smooth and fair skin…

Even if he wanted to deceive himself again, after realizing this, what originally he thought about Bai Xinyan that he was an elder who cared for his younger generation was completely untenable. Not only was it untenable, but his true thoughts could also be said to be clearly revealed—

His own feeling for Bai Xinyan wasn’t a simple love, but a kind of pursuit with secret desire and lust.

In other words, the relationship he was really looking forward to with Bai Xinyan wasn’t the so-called elders and juniors, but more intimate lovers.

After Yin Heng thought about it all night, he had to admit this fact. At the same time, he had to admit that his self who promised to be a kind elder actually started thinking about the little guy who was a few generations younger than him… and strictly speaking, he still owed to the favour of Father Bai and Mother Bai. They still wanted to let themselves take care of Bai Xinyan…

Yin Heng silently tortured his conscience, and then confirmed that his mind couldn’t be changed. Yin Heng really didn’t want to give up to be with the only person he had put in his heart for so many years, and there was no way he could drive him out again.

If that was the case… then it was time to make a good plan for it.

Yin Heng clearly recognized his intentions and didn’t intend to change it. Naturally, he had to consider how to truly transform his relationship with Bai Xinyan into his ideal.

According to his memory, Yin Heng felt that Bai Xinyan had a favourable impression of him, but he wasn’t sure whether the favourable impression was based on the previous elders and juniors relationship. If this was the case, then he just pick up a rock and hit himself on the foot, and he had to grind it.

However, thinking that Bai Xinyan often blushed when facing him, Yin Heng’s confidence was a little bit stronger. But considering that Bai Xinyan hadn’t yet entered adulthood, he was technically still a minor, and he was probably not yet enlightened. Yin Heng, as the first one he met after going out, also provided him with a lot of help. If they pursued the other party in this situation, it meant taking advantage of others’ danger.

So after Yin Heng thought about it, he decided to wait until Bai Xinyan reached adulthood before officially pursued him. Of course, it was impossible for him to do nothing before this. It was already his most gentle’s choice to take him when he was an adult. Continuing to be particularly attentive and subtle was the most basic. More importantly, the two of them had to turn the position from the generation gap to a person who could fall in love with. (一定要把两人的定位从有代沟的隔辈扭转成可以谈恋爱的对象)

* * *

The next day the program continued to be recorded. This time, they followed the forest rangers to the surrounding villages and farms to carry out some publicity activities such as ecological protection, fire prevention, and disaster prevention. This was also the work of a forest ranger, but compared to patrolling up the mountain, it was physically easier. Instead of walking all day long, they could take transportation to go back and forth. Tang Yuying’s swollen foot wasn’t yet healed, but fortunately, there was no need to delay today’s shooting.

Still maintaining yesterday’s grouping, several guests got on the small three rounds provided by the program group and arrived at their destination in a hurry.

The work of publicity and education wasn’t difficult. After all, these villagers had heard the relevant content many times, and they already had the awareness of fire prevention and forest protection. Actually, Bai Xinyan and others only needed to do a routine. However, the program group said that the villagers would be asked to rate their performance, which was related to the final assessment score of this period. And after all, it was a reality show. It was possible to have more shots and highlights when they were serious and doing more things, so they could attract fans. Therefore, most of the guests worked very hard. In addition to publicity work, they also took the initiative to help the villagers do a lot of things.

However, there were also some jokes in the middle, such as not understanding the dialect, misunderstanding the meaning, being chased and bitten by the big white goose raised by the villagers, etc. Li Zhibai was also mistaken by the elderly as a girl.

Moreover, everyone found that Li Zhibai seemed to have no animal affinity. He not only attracted the hostility of dogs, but also wasn’t liked by cats. Chickens and ducks ran wild to avoid him. It could be said that he was a very annoying person. Contrary to him, Bai Xinyan, from tall cows to fluffy chicks, liked to lean against him. Even the big goose, which chased out strangers when it saw them, was unreasonably friendly to him.

Not only for animals, but also for people, Bai Xinyan was also the most likable one. In today’s assessment results, there was no doubt that Bai Xinyan took the first place, and he also harvested more local specialities than others.

Everyone was very relaxed that night, but the director smiled maliciously and deliberately intimidated them: “Today we will let you relax for a day, and tomorrow will be the most painful part.”

The next day, Bai Xinyan and the others knew what the director said was the most painful part. This day’s task was to patrol the mountain again, and it was a solo operation. This time there was no forest ranger to lead them. Of course, it was said that it was a single person, but there must be cameraman and staff accompanied them. However, the problem was that, in addition to the simple mountain tour, the director also gave them a test that tested their memory and eyesight. That was to ask them to find the local special species introduced by the forest rangers when they went up the mountain before and bring them back. Whoever found more species within the specified time would get a high score. At the same time, they would also be used here in the final ranking of the previous program. The first place could start first, and everyone behind them would be postponed for fifteen minutes in turn. In other words, Bai Xinyan started an hour later than Ai Qiao, who was in first place, but everyone had to come back before 5 p.m. in the end, and points would be deducted for those who were late.

When the director said the request, several people suddenly felt bitter. The forest ranger who went up the mountain the day before yesterday casually told them about some of the species, how many of them could they still remember now. If they knew, they should have taken pictures with their mobile phones!

“Tang Yuying was absent most of the day the day before yesterday, so the program group gave her a collection of local precious species that day, which is a bit cheaper than others, so her final score will be deducted a bit.” The director finally explained it, and officially started today’s mission.

In fact, the director felt that if Tang Yuying’s feet weren’t well, it would be better not to participate in today’s recording. Lest the audience would say that the program group’s arrangement was unfair and so on. Unexpectedly, she recovered quite quickly, so that was the only way to deal with it.

However, in the director’s opinion, even if Tang Yuying participated, even if she didn’t get injured and quit as soon as last time, she would definitely be at the bottom of the ranking. He heard the staff say that Tang Yuying didn’t know that it was related to the following tasks at the time, so she didn’t see it at all.

Ai Qiao set off first, followed by Gu Chenghao, Li Zhibai, then Lin Shao, who succeeded Jian Han, Bai Xinyan, and finally Tang Yuying. During the waiting time, several people were desperately recalling which species the forest ranger had introduced before, while Tang Yuying tried to ask the staff to take a look at the atlas, but she was undoubtedly rejected. She couldn’t help biting her lip and clearly worried.

Bai Xinyan was relatively relaxed. He had a good memory, but it was completely true. And although Li Zhibai was also a demon with strong innate conditions, he was a beautiful fool worth of the name. His mind was all focused on his appearance. At this time, the degree of blindness was better than Tang Yuying.

An hour later, Bai Xinyan was finally able to set off. Because he started late, he started at a very fast pace, but found that the cameraman and staff who followed him couldn’t keep up, so he had to slow down. But even so, his efficiency quickly shocked everyone else present. Bai Xinyan maintained a speed that was almost as fast as walking on the ground. At the same time, he didn’t miss any grass or trees around. Every time he got a target before anyone else found anything. Including those very hidden locations, none of them escaped Bai Xinyan’s search. The people who followed to filming almost thought that his eyes were actually scanners.

After only half of the time, Bai Xinyan found almost all the species pointed out by the forest ranger. There were a lot of leaves, mushrooms, and the like in his backpack. Seeing that the task was almost completed, Bai Xinyan slowed down and walked slowly in the forest. At the same time, he also used Bai Jiahei to chat with Yin Heng again without doing business.

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