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Li Zhibai looked panicked after being picked up. He was afraid that Bai Yin would suddenly turn back into a tiger and open his mouth wide to stuff himself in. Unexpectedly, Bai Yin just looked him up and down, and asked with a smile in his tone, “Why can’t you change back? Have you reached adulthood? Do you want me to teach you to transform?” He also shook the white fox.

Although Bai Yin’s smile was obviously meant to be a mockery and deliberately shook him, but Li Zhibai still felt a little bit of kindness and couldn’t help but stare at him blankly.

Bai Yin saw that the little fox in his hand stared at him with wide, clear, and beautiful eyes. He looked pitiful and stunned. When he thought of the human appearance of this little thing, he substituted it into his expression and couldn’t help laughing twice.

“Okay, if you can’t change back, let’s do it first.” Bai Yin put Li Zhibai down, put one hand on his chest, and said, “Let’s go out first.”

Li Zhibai still looked silly. He didn’t know if he was getting used to Bai Yin’s breath or if he was too frightened so he didn’t dare and let Bai Yin go out with him.

Seeing that the atmosphere between them was calm, Bai Xinyan was relieved. Although Bai Yin held his revenge, he wouldn’t remember it in his heart after his revenge was done. Seeing this, it was obvious that Li Zhibai had stopped poking Bai Yin’s terrifying point.

Bai Yin used a trick. The two of them left Xinghuan smoothly and went to a restaurant to have dinner with Yin Heng. Because of his poor cultivation, Li Zhibai stayed beside the tiger he was afraid of and couldn’t change back, so he was taken by Bai Yin all the time. Anyway, Yin Heng was also a demon, so it didn’t matter if they ate together.

During dinner, Li Zhibai finally got out of Bai Yin’s claws and slowly regained his courage. He felt that he could change back into a human form. But thinking of what happened before, Li Zhibai felt that it would be even more embarrassing to change back to a human on the spot, so he simply finished the meal in the form of a fox.

While eating, he also thought that the stimulation desensitization therapy proposed by Bai Yin might be really useful. At least he could eat at the same table with the tiger now and could even force himself to eat the food the tiger fed him… Li Zhibai swallowed a piece of beef that Bai Yin handed to his mouth with difficulty, constantly building himself up in his heart.

However, even though he comforted himself for a long time, when the dinner was over and Bai Yin said that he was going to take him back to his house, Li Zhibai’s mentality suddenly collapsed.

“No, no, no, I can change back. I can go back by myself.” Li Zhibai quickly jumped away from Bai Yin’s hand that was about to come and hold him, and said incoherently.

Bai Yin raised his eyebrows, “Oh? Then you can change back now.”

Of course, Li Zhibai wanted to change back, but he suddenly found that he couldn’t change anymore after being stared at by Bai Yin like this!

Li Zhibai wanted to cry but had no tears and said with difficulty, “You, can you not look at, look at me…”

Bai Yin heard the words and then “tsk”-ed, but still looked away.

Li Zhibai did another psychological building and finally changed back smoothly. He immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyan applauded him, “Congratulations!”

Li Zhibai was exhausted both physically and mentally from the torment for a day, so he smiled weakly at Bai Xinyan and said, “Then I’ll go back by myself.”

Bai Xinyan said, “Okay. By the way, what did you want to say to me today?”

Li Zhibai: “…Wait when I go back and talk on WeChat.” If only he had chatted with Bai Xinyan on WeChat from the beginning, but he just went to him and said what he was doing in person! Li Zhibai felt grief in his heart.

Seeing Li Zhibai’s return to human form, Bai Yin couldn’t help feeling a little pity. Although his human form was also very pleasing to the eye, Bai Yin found that he really preferred the appearance of the original little fox cub. He never thought that foxes were good-looking before, but now he found some cuteness in this race. It was a pity he didn’t touch it much just now…

Bai Yin was thinking about how to find a chance to pinch the ears and tail of the little fox. Seeing that Li Zhibai was about to leave, he smiled and said, “Are you not so afraid of me now?”

“……” Li Zhibai didn’t dare to say no, so he could only nod sadly.

Seeing this, Bai Yin smiled. Li Zhibai shuddered with that look. “The Illusory Realm doesn’t help your problem, but it seems useful if you stay with me. Do you want to try it a few more times?”

“……” This time Li Zhibai really wanted to say no, but against Bai Yin’s deep eyes, he still didn’t dare to open his mouth, so he could only “agree” in the end.

Since Bai Yin’s perception of Li Zhibai had improved, he naturally didn’t push him too hard. After Li Zhibai left in fear, Bai Yin followed Bai Xinyan to Yin Heng’s house for inspection. After confirming that the two of them lived separately and that their private space was fairly clear, Bai Yin reluctantly put his mind at ease. After reminding them overtly and secretly that they weren’t allowed to have puppy love before he (Bai Xinyan) reached adulthood, he was ready to leave in a complicated mood.

Yin Heng was naturally polite and asked him to stay for one night. There were still vacant rooms here. However, Bai Yin naturally refused and smiled meaningfully, “It’s okay. It’s not bad today. I guess I’ll move next door in a few days.”

Yin Heng: “……” It seemed that this uncle is really sad about this…

Bai Xinyan, who still didn’t realize that his love path was being blocked by his elder, finally obtained permission to live with Yin Heng again. He was very excited that day and sticking to Yin Heng was more important than usual.

Bai Xinyan received Li Zhibai’s message and only then did he know that the other party just learned that the male protagonists had decided to be them, so he wanted to discuss the casting and script of 《Tracing the Source》 with him. By the way, let the gossip about how many going through the back door pass.

When Bai Xinyan saw this information, he first remembered the series of tragic situations after Li Zhibai and Bai Yin met. He felt sympathy, then turned to look at Yin Heng and asked, “Mr Yin, 《Tracing the Source》, did you arrange it?”

Yin Heng knew that Bai Xinyan cared about this, so he nodded directly. Sure enough, Bai Xinyan was very happy when he saw this, bent his eyes, and said softly, “I like this script very much, thank you, Mr Yin. Even Li Zhibai thought that his male protagonist got it through the back door, should I explain it to him?”

Yin Heng remembered that Bai Xinyan had mentioned a sentence to Li Zhibai at the beginning, but he didn’t help and even put Bai Xinyan in first. Although Yin Heng gave special treatment to Bai Xinyan, he was completely righteous, but Li Zhibai was also Bai Xinyan’s friend after all. He felt a little embarrassed to hear him mention it at this time.

“Then explain it to him.” Yin Heng said.

In fact, it would be more beneficial for them to let Li Zhibai misunderstand, but Bai Xinyan didn’t have the nerve in this regard, so he just told Li Zhibai the truth.

Li Zhibai, who learned that Bai Xinyan helped him go through the back door, but almost stole his role instead: ……

So what the hell was he so excited to be grateful for before! Bai Xinyan was even more of a hindrance than a help! Not to mention that if it didn’t work, it caused him to meet this evil star Bai Yin!

Li Zhibai couldn’t help but complain to Bai Xinyan, but Bai Xinyan didn’t read his complaint. Instead, he told Yin Heng all the bad luck of Li Zhibai that day in a funny way. Li Zhibai was also present during the dinner. He couldn’t talk too much, so he had nothing to say at this time. He wasn’t gloating. He just remembered that Li Zhibai was so frightened that he couldn’t even change into his human form back. It was worse than when he accidentally exposed his bunny ears. He felt that he wasn’t that bad. He wanted to prove himself to Yin Heng, who saw his embarrassment.

Yin Heng cooperated and listened to Bai Xinyan’s story. He put the straw on the squeezed juice and handed it to his mouth to moisten his throat.

Bai Xinyan took a sip of the juice from Yin Heng’s hand, “I thought my little uncle was going to remember his revenge on Li Zhibai. I didn’t expect he wasn’t angry anymore after Li Zhibai changed back to his original form.” Bai Xinyan muttered after a moment, “I’ve never seen him talk so well before.”

Yin Heng heard the words and said casually, “Maybe he thinks Li Zhibai’s original form is cute.” Like him, he only saw Bai Xinyan’s ears at first and almost lost control.

“Really? But my little uncle doesn’t seem to like foxes. Wait a minute, do you think Li Zhibai’s original form is cute?” Bai Xinyan was just talking about it casually, but after he thought about what Yin Heng had just said, he immediately became alert. Although Yin Heng had no feeling for Li Zhibai’s human form, maybe he liked his original form? It seemed that his little uncle was conquered by Li Zhibai’s original form. What if Yin Heng was the same?

Bai Xinyan had a strong sense of possessiveness and vigilance for Yin Heng, even an ordinary fox with no intelligence, he would be unhappy when Yin Heng liked it, not to mention Li Zhibai who had become a love rival in his mind several times. Bai Xinyan stared at Yin Heng with two big eyes. He was already in a state ready for battle.

Yin Heng was a little surprised by this question and said casually, “It’s okay…”

Li Zhibai’s original shape was a relatively rare white fox. The hair colour was pure and completely no mixed hair. His body was round, long, and fluffy, which was absolutely cute in human aesthetics. However, Li Zhibai was a demon, or he was a snake, his aesthetics were still different from those of human beings. Anyway, he didn’t feel the beauty and ugliness of foxes, so his answer was also considering that Li Zhibai was Bai Xinyan’s friend, so he dealt with it well.

However, Bai Xinyan felt that this was what he meant by thinking Li Zhibai was cute. He immediately puffed up his face unhappily.

But a moment later, Bai Xinyan thought of an idea and his eyes lit up.

“Mr Yin, my little uncle said that we should cultivate seriously. I think I will cultivate the fastest way when I become my original form. How about I use my original form to practice with you today?” He suggested to Yin Heng in a tone of hope that couldn’t be concealed.

Humph! What if the original form is cute, who doesn’t have a cute original form! Although we are all white, I can definitely be more lovely than Li Zhibai!

Bai Xinyan silently cheered himself on in his heart.

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