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Yin Heng was stunned when he heard Bai Xinyan’s request. A moment later, he reacted to the other party’s thoughts. He just wanted to explain that he didn’t think Li Zhibai was cute, but he paused before speaking. Looking at Bai Xinyan’s anticipation face, he finally agreed to his proposal.

If Bai Xinyan wanted to show him his original form, then let’s see. Anyway, the original form shouldn’t make him think about it…

Yin Heng thought so, but when Bai Xinyan really changed back to his original form, he found that he still underestimated the destructive power of the other party.

Rabbits were originally food for snakes. Naturally, Yin Heng had seen many rabbits and they were basically the same. But Yin Heng was sure that there was no rabbit like Bai Xinyan, who could easily grab all his attention.

Bai Xinyan hadn’t yet reached adulthood and his original form was naturally like a cub. He was small and soft. His entire body was less than the size of Yin Heng’s two palms. He had soft snow-white fur and a pair of long, dexterous ears. The eyes weren’t red, but clear black eyes. They were round and moist, much more agile than ordinary rabbits. The small, rosy three-petaled mouth had a bright watercolour, like a fresh strawberry stained with dew.

He didn’t know if it was because of the blood of a tiger, Bai Xinyan’s head wasn’t a little pointed like a common rabbit, but a little rounder like a cat. The roundness wasn’t against harmony, but on the contrary, it was more charming than other rabbits, cute. Since he was still young, Bai Xinyan’s hair was soft and messy, not as smooth and docile as that of a big rabbit. He blew a little, making the whole body look more fluffy and round, looking more lovely.

And Yin Heng felt that the most foul was Bai Xinyan’s tail. A small ball, round and round, was attached to the back of the same round body. It was just the size that two fingers could pinch and it felt very good at first glance.

This little rabbit was round from head to body to tail. The only slender part was the pair of long ears. However, Bai Xinyan’s ears were wider than ordinary rabbits, so the visual effect also presented a cute cartoon style, which wasn’t like the proportion that would exist in reality.

Bai Xinyan, who had a cute cartoon effect, was still very confident in the cuteness of his original form. He moved his ears and jumped to Yin Heng’s side. He touched the opponent’s hand with his mouth.

Although it seemed that the rabbit just touched the person, Bai Xinyan blushed silently in his heart—he kissed Mr Yin on purpose, although it was only his hand.

When Bai Xinyan jumped over, Yin Heng discovered another feature of his original form—short legs. It was like a white dumpling, even if it jumped up, you couldn’t see the legs at all. It looked soft and like glutinous rice when it jumped, especially the small tail trembled, making people want to swallow it.

Yin Heng watched the little rabbit’s every move and held his breath involuntarily. When the warm breath and touch came from the back of his hand, Yin Heng felt a sudden attack, and his heart almost melted.

How can you be so cute? While thinking about it, Yin Heng finally reached out his hand uncontrollably and touched Bai Xinyan from his ear to his tail. The soft fluff was really good to the touch. He could also feel the right body temperature on the little guy, bringing unparalleled enjoyment to the fingers.

After one touch, Yin Heng felt that it wasn’t enough and couldn’t help but touch it two more times.

The original form and the human form were actually the same, so although Yin Heng seemed to have just touched a few rabbits very innocently, to Bai Xinyan, it felt like the whole person was being touched back and forth several times by Yin Heng from head to toe. Although separated by fur, the feeling was enough to stimulate. This was far more exaggerated than when he secretly kissed the back of Yin Heng’s hand. If he was in human form, Bai Xinyan would probably be all red now.

However, shyness was just shyness. Bai Xinyan had always been very persistent about his goal, so Yin Heng saw the little white rabbit move his long ears, looked at him with big clear eyes and said, “Mr, Mr Yin, do you think my… my original form is cute?”

Yin Heng never knew that he was still as easy to adore young cute and fluffy creatures as a human woman. It was too cute that he couldn’t restrain himself. He finally understood a little bit about what humans meant by sucking pandas (吸熊猫, I can’t find the exact meaning). Yin Heng rolled his Adam’s apple slightly, feeling that he also wanted to bury his face on the dumpling-like little rabbit and sucked a hard.

With this kind of excessive conjecture going on in his mind, Yin Heng’s voice became a little low when he opened his mouth, “Very cute.”

“Compared with Li Zhibai’s original form, which one is cuter?” Bai Xinyan asked the most important question. His whole body, including his ears, stood up unconsciously, holding Yin Heng’s wrist, looking extraordinarily cute.

Yin Heng silently took a breath, and eventually couldn’t help but directly picked up the chubby little rabbit and put it in his arms.

“Of course, you’re cuter. You’re the most lovely.” Yin Heng, who was wearing a filter dozens of meters thick without knowing it, replied confidently.

Bai Xinyan was relieved after hearing this and took the initiative to rub Yin Heng’s hand to express his happiness.

It was said that it was for cultivation but in fact, the two people didn’t focus on cultivation, but took advantage of the original form to stick together for a long time.

Yin Heng found that Bai Xinyan not only had a feline head, but also had four claws that were different from ordinary rabbits, but had feline pads, which not only looked cute but also felt very good.

Yin Heng really wanted to kiss him, but it was different from a human pet. He would be suspected of doing indecently and finally restrained himself. But he still couldn’t help touching the little white rabbit for a long time, even pinching once the little tail unexpectedly, which was barely enough.

Bai Xinyan, who was stroked by Yin Heng for a long time, felt that his body temperature was about to explode, but he was reluctant to refuse. He even liked the feeling of Yin Heng’s long and beautiful fingers touching him, so he simply pretended to be an ordinary rabbit and let the other party do it. Although Bai Xinyan was startled when his tail was pinched, he was still reluctant to jump from Yin Heng’s arms, and even reluctant to change back into a human form.

However, when it was time to go to bed, it wasn’t good for Yin Heng to take the rabbit Bai Xinyan to sleep with him no matter what, so Bai Xinyan changed back.

Fortunately, they also found a pleasant surprise. Although what they did that night wasn’t related to cultivation at all, after Bai Xinyan became the original form, the speed of cultivation seemed to have indeed improved a lot by leaps and bounds. The effect of rubbing was much better than before.

Bai Xinyan, who was succeeded by a lucky stroke, suddenly felt that he could practice like this in the future.

So in the following time, when Bai Yin was interested in Li Zhibai’s original form and tried to find a chance to cuddle the fox, Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng already had regular activities of cuddling the rabbit every day. Of course, this was still hidden from others.

The casting of 《Tracing the Source》 would continue for some time. The audition for Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai was scheduled for half a month later. However, Bai Xinyan wasn’t idle during this time. In addition to taking classes and reading the script of 《Tracing the Source》, the promotion of Bai Xinyan in 《Career Story》 also began.

In fact, Bai Xinyan had been officially announced, but he couldn’t stay still. He always encountered major events but it was a pity not to publicize it.

This time, too, the story of their encounter with tigers had finally spread slowly, because the official released the latest video of wild tigers haunting M City. The 《Career Story》 program group had finished recording four episodes of the program and the recording location was revealed. Netizens were all like detectives and it didn’t take long for them to pull out a photo of a tiger sent by a small staff member of the program group from the previous time, and then determined that the 《Career Story》 program group encountered a tiger during the recording.

It wasn’t surprising that there were wild tigers in the conservation district, but it was very strange and scary for people to encounter tigers in the wild, not to mention that  《Career Story》 was still a program with high popularity and attention, and the guests were very important.

Although they knew that no news had come out before, indicating that nothing had happened, netizens still sought to verify the authenticity and were concerned about the safety of the guests. Especially the fans of Gu Chenghao seemed quite worried.

《Career Story》 had just officially announced Tang Yuying as a resident guest. Because she was a newcomer, she hadn’t had much influence. She had been blackmailed by some people, saying that the so-called super lineup was all fooling people, and there was only one Gu Chenghao who supported the scene. Now that the incident of seeing the tiger had been revealed, it just happened to promote it according to the trend. The official blog waited for a short while to respond, confirming the incident with the tiger, and then said that the program ground and the tiger got along harmoniously and there were no casualties. They released a large group photo of people and a tiger.

Although they knew that there must be nothing wrong. Netizens were still quite speechless when the official blog said that they got along with a tiger in harmony. However, looking at the photo again, it was really very harmonious!

Originally, the encounter with a tiger during the filming of 《Career Story》 was widely advertised by many gossip accounts. After verifying that the group photo was indeed real, more marketing accounts were excited with netizens.

However, what made them crazy was still to come. The official blog of the program group silently released a moving picture of Bai Xinyan was licked by the tiger when netizens asked various sources about how to get the tiger to take a photo with them.

The discussion about it exploded in an instant!

【exm? ? ? Is this really a tiger? I’m afraid it’s not a cat, is it?】

【Can anyone tell me this picture is fake, I feel like I can’t believe it’s real… 】

【Sorry, buddy, it’s true】

【So how did this TM do it, does this tiger believe in Buddhism?】

【Such a wild tiger that is easy to get close to, I want to rub it too!! Really envy】

【Career story official blog posted a video and a full statement again, it doesn’t seem to be because the tiger is easy to talk to…】

【After reading it, so it’s said that this is because Bai Xinyan is liked by the tiger, so they can shoot at any time?】

【emmmmm, shouldn’t you be eaten if you please a tiger?】

【Isn’t this the cute little monster from before? Could it be that the tiger was obedient when he found out that he couldn’t beat him?】

【Although Bai Xinyan is very strong, he shouldn’t be able to beat a tiger…】

【I don’t think so. Didn’t someone verify that Bai Xinyan’s force value was high last time? His strength is great, his reaction speed is fast and accurate. Maybe this tiger is so good after being beaten】

【Is there no other way of thinking? For example, Bai Xinyan is actually the reincarnation of a Druid? [doge]】 (比如说白忻言其实是德鲁伊转世呢)

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