Chapter 2898

After the wedding date was set and the marriage certificate was received, Mu Junhao was looking forward to the day of the wedding.

Compared to Mu Junhao's impatience, Xu Lan was much calmer.

She didn't have to worry about the wedding matters, she went to the flower shop to take care of the flowers and plants every day as usual, and the days passed quickly.

Erwei teased her that she was the happiest and most relaxed bride-to-be.

Xu Lan stared at Erwei, and smiled: "If you and Mr. Hei Di achieve a positive result, I believe you will be the happiest and most relaxed bride-to-be."

"Me and him?"

Erwei curled her lips, "The horoscope hasn't been written yet."

Hei Di still needs to pass five levels and kill six generals.

In the end, she went to her father to kill her. If she could pass the test, she would consider trying with him.

Xu Lan smiled: "Is it half-baked? I saw Mr. Heidi running here every day, and he agreed to come over to be Junhao's best man. In the end, he couldn't help with anything. It should be said that he was out of his mind. In the matter of the best man, it's with you."

How can anyone who wants to be the best man come here in advance?

Mu Junhao said that Heidi ran to the Fragrant Flower Shop more diligently than him.

"The legs grow on him, and he comes whenever he wants, and I can't cut off his legs."

"Girl, whose leg do you want to cut off, you tell me, I will do it for you, don't dirty your white hands."

Hei Di pushed the door open and entered, holding a big red brocade box in his hand, which contained a set of jewelry.

He wanted to send flowers. Considering that Erwei opened a flower shop, he gave jewelry instead.

Xu Lan winked at Erwei, greeted Hei Di with a smile, then picked up her bag, and said to Erwei: "I'll go first, and Junhao and I will have our wedding in two days. I'm going abroad for my honeymoon, and I'll leave everything in the store to you in the near future."

Erwei waved her hands as if chasing flies, "Go, go, Ning Shu and I have prepared the flowers for your wedding scene, and we promise to give you an unforgettable wedding."

"Girl, I think this sentence should be said by Jun Hao. If you say it, someone will be jealous."

Mu Junhao would be jealous, and so would he.

"Does Mu Junhao dare to be jealous of me? My position in Lanlan's heart is equal to his."

Mu Junhao: You are the chief of the friendship position, and I am the lover's position.

There is no conflict, he is not jealous.

"I'm really gone."

Xu Lan smiled.

Elvie waved again.

"Mr. Hei Di."

Xu Lan made a cheering gesture to Hei Di, then walked past Hei Di with a smile, looking for her Mu Junhao.

Hei Di grinned when he received Xu Lanjia's oil.

After knowing Xiao Xiangerwei, both Ning Shu and Xu Lan accepted it calmly.

Hei Di was greatly encouraged.

It's a pity that the girl Erwei didn't even have the intention of informing her family.

I don't know when he will be able to become a regular, alas, he is not young.

Mu Junhao was about to hug the beauty back, and he also wanted to hug the beauty back quickly.

"Girl, whose leg did you say you wanted to cut off just now? Who bullied you, tell me, and I'll cut off his leg for you."

Hei Di asked Erwei flatteringly while handing the set of jewelry he bought to Erwei.

Erwei glanced at him, took the big red brocade box, opened it to look at it and replied: "You won't cut it."

"Who do you say he is, I'll kill him!"

"The kitchen knife in the kitchen, I just sharpened it this morning, it's very sharp, go in and take it out for use."

Hei Di let out an oh, and was about to enter the kitchen. After walking two steps, he stopped, turned his head and asked, "What should I take out to chop?"

Erwei picked up the necklace and looked at it, it was very beautiful, but she had a lot of jewels, she had too much and saw too much, she was not interested in the set of jewels that Heidi gave her.

"It's for you to chop off your feet. The knife is sharp. If you chop it off with one knife, you can cut it off directly, and the pain will be less."

Hei Di: "...cut off my feet?"


"Girl, I have never done anything to apologize to you."

"It was you who said you would help me."

Hei Di: ...

Seeing him speechless, Erwei laughed and beckoned him to come closer. When he came closer, she pinched his face and said with a smile: "Uncle, who told you that you can't wait to hear half a sentence?" Show your kindness."

Withdrew her hand that pinched his face, Erwei put the jewelry box on, and pushed the box back to Hei Di, "Uncle, your heart, I have it, things, you take them back, I don't lack these things , or even more, my personal jewelry can open a jewelry store, and there are priceless ones."

Her elders and peers are not idle people, and the most important thing is money.

From childhood to adulthood, every festival and her birthday, everyone gave her gifts, almost all of which were jewelry. She really lost interest in jewelry.

"Your is yours, and what I give is my heart, girl, accept it, for the sake of helping you choose it so carefully, accept it, and when you will be Xu Lan's bridesmaid in two days, you will be a good match." bring."

"I have no shortage of jewels."

She will dress up to attend the wedding, but she doesn't need Hei Di to help her match jewelry.

"Today's flowers need pruning, I'll help you pruning."

Hei Di turned around and left, looking for something to do by himself, insisting not to take back the set of jewels.

Erwei didn't stop him.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Finally, it was the day when Mu Junhao and Xu Lan held their wedding.

The wedding is still held in the church, the same place, the same groom, the difference is the bride.

The wedding was full of flowers, balloons, very beautiful.

In Mu Junhao's eyes, the bride who is dressed in pure wedding dress, holds her father's arm, walks towards him step by step with affectionate smile on her face, is the most beautiful.

After years of deep love, ten years of forbearance, and careful planning, today, he can finally give her a grand and grand wedding, and she has become his most beautiful bride.

"So happy."

"I'm so envious."

The guests watching the ceremony were really envious and jealous.

"Jun Hao."

Xu Jiaming solemnly handed his youngest daughter's hand to Mu Junhao's, "Junhao, Lanlan will be handed over to you from now on, I hope you will always love her, pamper her, and don't let her be wronged."

"Dad, I will."

After all, Mu Junhao called Xu Jiaming Dad.

Who called Xu Jiaming Xu Lan's biological father?

Regardless of the relationship between the father and daughter, Xu Jiaming is Xu Lan's biological father and his father-in-law.

Xu Jiaming felt a lot of emotions when he saw the well-matched couple in front of him.

There are both gratification and shock in my heart, the taste is mixed.

This was originally the prospective husband of the eldest daughter, but after going around in circles, he became the husband of the younger daughter.

Mu Junhao really loved his little daughter so much.

Forget it, since the two are in love, then he, the father, would like to send his sincere blessings, wishing the young couple a happy marriage for a hundred years and having a precious son soon.

Mu Junhao held Xu Lan's hand tightly.

From now on, she will never leave, and he will never abandon!

Husband and wife love each other to the end.

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