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Chapter 535 - 535 The White-Browed Old Man (Part 2)

535 The White-Browed Old Man (Part 2)

“Fellow Daoist, you really live up to your reputation. Even though you have a head full of white hair, you’re still so brave and heroic, having thousands of women like that.”

“In the history of this world, I’m afraid no one can compare to you.”

“Compared to Fellow Daoist, how could we dare to be arrogant? After all, we’re a pure couple, and don’t want to be tainted by you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, all of the cultivators who were watching the show burst into laughter.


“Pfft! I think highly of this little guy!”

“It’s been so long since I saw someone speak to the white-browed old man like this!”

“He’s not wrong though! Hahaha!”

At this moment, even Yanran laughed out loud. However, she quickly caught herself and suppressed her laughter.

This Ye Xuan was really too interesting.

At first, she was disgusted by Ye Xuan’s flattery. As a member of the Great Wilderness Divine sect, how could they lower themselves before such an evil person.

However, unexpectedly, Ye Xuan had then turned his words of flattery into insults.

“B*stard, you’re digging your own grave!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the white-browed old man launched an attack without hesitation, hurling sharp needles toward Ye Xuan.

The onlookers were caught off-guard.

“It’s actually Yama’s needles!”

“It seems that the white-browed old man is furious seeing that he is using that technique right off the bat.”

They could already envision Ye Xuan being pierced by thousands of needles.

This was the white-browed old man’s signature move, and each needle contained a different type of poison. Furthermore, these poisons complemented each other and mixed to form a much stronger and deadlier poison that could easily kill most experts.

Honestly, If Ye Xuan had not been prepared, he probably would not have been able to escape this time.

“Dodge quickly, Senior Brother!”

Yanran’s little face turned pale. She took out the mammoth cauldron to help Ye Xuan, but it was too late.


Just as everyone thought that Ye Xuan would definitely lose his life, the sound of metal colliding rang out.

In front of Ye Xuan, a large cauldron appeared out of thin air, blocking those needles.


The white-browed old man was shocked. His signature move had been blocked so easily?

However, when he saw the huge cauldron in front of Ye Xuan, he quickly decided that it belonged to him as well. That being said, he was a little cautious.

“Little fellow, where are you from?”

No ordinary expert would be able to use such a treasure for self-defense.

Ye Xuan put away the boundless cauldron unhurriedly and looked at the white-browed old man gravely.

“You’re called the white-browed old man? I originally wanted to play around with you for a while, but since you’re in such a hurry to reincarnate, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan floated in the air with a calm expression and continued, “White-browed old man, I’m Ye Xuan of the Great Wilderness Divine sect. Die!”

Moments later, waves of overbearing sword intent surged out.

After seeing this, everyone’s impression of him had changed. This young man was extraordinary.

“He’s really good! This young man has endless potential!”

“He actually dared to provoke the white-browed old man. Is he confident that he can beat him?”

“Even though the white-browed old man is indeed loathsome, he’s a bona fide advanced-stage supreme realm expert!”

“Even if Daoist Sun was here, it would still take him a lot of effort to defeat the white-browed old man.”

“Eh, did you hear that? This guy is from the Great Wilderness Divine sect too!”

As soon as that sentence was spoken, everyone was shocked.

“Heavens! The Great Wilderness Divine sect actually has two outstanding geniuses?”

Was the Great Wilderness Divine sect going to surpass the other top holy lands now?

Many geniuses had already experienced how heaven-defying Yanran was, but they had never heard of Ye Xuan. When and where had this guy popped up from?

They were all interested in how strong he was.

After hearing Ye Xuan’s naked contempt, the white-browed old man’s face turned black.

“Young man, you’re quite bold. Still, you’re no different from the geniuses I’ve killed. They were not strong, but each and every one of them believed that they were invincible. As a result, they’re all dead.”

After saying that, the white-browed old man waved his hand angrily and continued, “Without sufficient strength, provoking me will only make you lose your little life!”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan just smiled and did not say anything, because he had long been tired of hearing such words.

At this time, Yanran became worried and stood on Ye Xuan’s left, preparing to join forces with him.

No matter what, the white-browed old man’s target was her, and Ye Xuan only became a target because he was with her.

If anything happened to Ye Xuan today, she would blame herself for the rest of her life.

“Today, let us fight side by side!”

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