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The door handle was held open by a mottled hand. This hand’s owner appeared hesitant to open the door, his fingers tightly clenched. The idea of speeding away and turning his back on people was more appealing. It was a battle between the mind and the heart. One bad decision could cost him his life.

[Host Jiang Zhuo.] The system’s calm and mechanical voice rang directly in his head.

[You still have three minutes to 

escape from restricted area 306 and finish the task.] The system’s voice paused slightly as if understanding his concerns; the mechanical voice this time was slightly soft.

[You shouldn’t be too concerned. Ji Yiwei, the host who rescued you, is an Infinite Space veteran; his system No. 2333 is the most prestigious system and also my senior.] 

[Such a combination of the power, props, and points they possess are unimaginable to us, and they will be able to escape safely.] 

In the presence of veterans, newcomers like his host and the newcomer system itself were as helpless as infants. Just as adults do not require a baby’s rescue, seniors do not require a newbie’s rescue.

“However, just because the other party does not require assistance does not mean they cannot assist them in some way?” Jiang Zhuo pondered.

[According to my logic programme data, if you go back, you will die.] 

It wasn’t until the system’s calm and mechanical voice returned that Jiang Zhuo realized he had unknowingly asked the question in his heart, and the system had responded to him.

Jiang Zhuo clenched his teeth, he quickly pulled on the door handle and started the car. The dust from the tyres kicked up on the ground. Instead of escaping around, the dilapidated convertible drove into the restricted area’s depths.

The three-minute countdown was ticking away. Jiang Zhuo has no idea how many rotting experimental subjects have died along the way. But from the looks of it, it was enough to make people mad. He eventually made it to the heart of the restricted zone. With one and a half minutes to go, he opened the co-door pilot’s and yelled outside “Mr Ji! get in the car!!!”

In the courtyard stood a young man with short, milk tea-blonde hair.

Restricted Area No. 306 is situated in a desolate desert, with the entire area covered in gravel. A blooming peach tree blossomed in the heart of the restricted area in a very arid climate. The peach blossom was delicate but lovely. Just looking at peach blossoms conveys a sense of innocence, as if to mock the brutal experiments carried out in the No. 306 restricted area.

With deep black eyes, clean and tidy clothes, and a pair of professional gardening shears in his hand, the young man stood under the peach blossom tree. He selected flower branches with care. The countdown continued, and the deadline to escape approached quickly, but his expression was relaxed. He even smiled slightly as he moved the delicate flower of the branch to his lips. He kissed the peach blossom flower petals in the courtyard.

[Sigh, this peach blossom tree is worth seeing. It’s really lovely!]

A brisk voice sounded in his consciousness, without the mechanical sense of the system, but like a lively friend. Through Ji Yiwei’s eyes, the owner of the voice also admired this lovely peach blossom for a while it had discovered the convertible and Jiang Zhuo, who was about to die in the car, thanks to its wider field of vision.

[Ji Yiwei, the newcomer actually came back to save us! What a good boy! 】

[I originally planned to remind you to evacuate in one minute. Isn’t it kind of him to come and save us? Let’s get in the car.]

Ji Yiwei didn’t object to the idea of his system. He smiled and leisurely grabbed the flower branches before hopping on the off-road vehicle.

(TN:- Off-Road vehicle meaning:- a vehicle for use over rough terrain.)

The off-road vehicle sped up through the vast desert, occasionally crushing the gravel and causing a brief tremor.

Jiang Zhuo, who was driving, watched the countdown as it gradually returned to zero, and all he could think about was speeding up as fast as he could. However, no matter how they calculated it, they couldn’t leave the restricted area of 306 before the countdown ended, which meant that their mission would fail. He was sweating profusely as the sun beat down on him.

Ji Yiwei who was sitting next to Jiang Zhuo didn’t seem to be worried at all. Under the guidance of the brisk voice in Ji Yiwei’s mind, he made a hat with newspapers and stuck it on his head to block the sun. He lay down, relaxed. 

Jiang Zhuo’s lips trembled as the countdown approached zero. 

Ji Yiwei raised his eyes slightly and asked suddenly. “What time is it?”

“13 hours, thirty-nine minutes, forty seconds.” Despite his fear, Jiang Zhuo reported the most accurate time down to the second under the prompt of the system. He caught a glimpse of Jinyiwei’s slightly raised mouth after reporting the time. 

Jiang Zhuo observed the other party lower the corner of his lips before revealing some dissatisfaction that fell short of expectations.

The next second, an explosion sounded from behind them, and the hot wind from the explosion even affected their convertible car. Jiang Zhuo slammed on the brakes, and the convertible screeched to a halt.

When Jiang Zhuo turned his head, a series of roars continued, thick smoke slowly moved into the sky, and the wailing of the rotten experimental bodies resounded throughout the area.

Restricted Area 306 – Destruction.

Escape – successful. 

For a moment, Jiang Zhuo was stunned. He cast a glance in Ji Yiwei’s direction out of the corner of his eye. He looked at the corners of Ji Yiwei’s mouth, which had returned to its original shape, symbolizing a small amount of happiness. His hair stood on end just looking at the guy next to him.

[Host Everything was planned by Mr. Ji.]

Yes, they do not have to escape from the restricted area of No. 306 to be considered successful. The direct destruction of the restricted area can also be considered an escape.

The voices of the two systems were heard simultaneously in the minds of their respective hosts, with the latter being much more lively.

[Mission completed, successfully escaped.]

[Mission completed, successfully escaped!]

[Escape mission completion: 100%]

[Escape mission completion: 100%]

[Number of rescued subjects: 2]

[Number of rescued subjects: 300]

[Map Exploration: 30%]

[Map Exploration Degree: 100%]

[Number of completed side missions: 0]

[Number of side missions completed: 17]

[Total points obtained: 320]

[Total points obtained: 3000 Extra point reward (newcomer assistance): 5000]

Jiang Zhuo’s system has completed informing him about the task reward. 

While on the other hand, the voice in Ji Yiwei’s mind was still ringing. Because of the high degree of task completion, in addition to the sideline reward, there was also an additional exploration reward, plus the reward points for bringing newcomers. 

Ji Yiwei had just finished listening to the voice of the reward data in his mind. Then the happy sound of “meow, meow” followed.

Ji Yiwei laughed. “Should the branch goal for this month be achieved?” 

Ji Yiwei would have chosen a more difficult and rewarding mission world if it hadn’t been for the side missions.

[Meow! It’s done! ]

System No. 2333 revealed its original form, and merrily he quickly gathered up his documents to settle the formalities. [I’m going to settle the bill. I’ll transfer you back immediately.]

Ji Yiwei’s eyes light up just hearing his system voice. “All right, I’ll meet you at Hakoten’s exit.”

In the narrow cubicle of about one cubic meter, there were 

screens on all sides, showing everything around the area. In the center sits a mechanical cat ball without legs. It was a black colour cat ball, with a round body advanced with high-tech data. It has a circular electronic screen as its face. The screen’s eyes blink like vertical lines, and the two mechanical cat ears on top of the head move slightly.

Hearing Ji Yiwei’s words, the vertical line eyes on the electronic screen turned into two curved arcs.

[OK.]System No. 2333 answered happily.[See you at Hakoten’s Exit!]

After contacting Ji Yiwei, System No. 2333 connected to another system. System No. 2333 was pleased with the large number of points earned.

[Pre, Senior!] The slightly nervous voice came from system 6666. He is both Jiang Zhuo’s and a rookie. Restricted Area was his first mission world encounter with the host. His tone now was more vivid and youthful than when he was speaking to his host Jiang Zhuo. 

System No. 2333 sensed his anxiety and smiled.

[Don’t be concerned; as a newcomer system, you did an excellent job this time!]

The vertical line eyes on the screen face of system number 6666 abruptly transformed into moved crying eyes. [Woo woo woo! Thank you, senior, for assisting me and my host!]

System no. 2333:- 

[It’s okay, it’s okay~ You don’t have any experience with host transfer before, do you? This time I will initiate the host transfer. You have to pay attention to the operation!]

[OK! ! ! Senior]

The two people on the open-top off-road vehicle vanished in the desert’s bright sunlight. A gust of hot wind blew, and thick smoke billowed from No. 306’s restricted area in the distance. The explosion buried all experimental subjects and sins. This quest world has been fully completed, all points have been depleted, and no more systems or hosts will be able to enter.

[Host ability is being sealed…]

[Successfully archived!]

[Successful transfer!]

[Host Ji Yiwei took away 150 grams of small world material, and deducted 1500 points. ]

* * *

Just because the task of the host was over doesn’t mean the task of the system was completed. In a small cubicle, system No. 2333 was presently bombarded by the command of the main system.

[System No. 2333, immediately report all the settlement information of Small World!]

Yes, yes, doing it now, doing it…

[System No. 2333, ensure that the host’s ability is sealed correctly! Adjust parameters properly! 】

Alright, alright. Doing it. It takes time, we’re all exhausted after all. 

[System Number 2333, Is the item purchase and sale form correctly filled out this time? After some investigation, it was discovered that the last stocking table’s endnote format contained an error. it only takes a few minutes to do it correctly this time!]

System 2333: “…”

[System No. 2333! System number 2333!]

System 2333: “…”

This Leader is bullshit. Even when you are busy you still have time to look through old accounts!

System 2333 removed the left cat ear on his head that received information from the main system with a bang, and the world fell silent. System No. 2333 quickly sorted out all the forms and data in a peaceful and quiet environment, before submitting them to the main system. He put back the cat ears. This time there was no sound from the main system.

Whee. Facts have proved that listening to the nonsense of the leader sometimes does affect work efficiency. 

After finishing all the work quickly, one side of the cubicle was opened. 

System 2333 raised itself five centimeters to float and rushed out with a “swoosh,” like an office worker who was finally able to get off work. 

Leaving the small cubicle, one can see the garden stage, which was created by stacking countless grids on top of each other. The grid garden was stacked together from your toll they touched the ceiling. Every cube was glowing with a metallic luster. These metal squares are not static but are constantly moving and were patched together, like a huge Rubik’s cube. 

Curved tracks interweave in the air, and from time to time, mechanical cat balls slide up and down along the tracks, leaving or going to their grid. The space of the main system is limited, and all mechanical cat balls can fly up to two meters above the ground. For cat balls that are only as big as a fist, a track that can go up and down becomes a necessity.

The garden space seemed to be active yet deserted at the same time. Each mechanical cat ball is burdened with a heavy performance task given by the main system, which must be completed every month. The tasks cannot be slacked off at all.

System No. 2333 stood there for a while before he hurried towards the exit of Hakoten where Ji Yiwei was waiting. As he was about to fly away suddenly he heard a call from behind him.

“Senior! Senior!” It is system number 6666.

According to the latest instructions issued by the main system, the rookie system needs to cooperate with the rookie host to go through a mission world before coming to Little Garden. As a newcomer system, this is the first time System No. 6666 has come to the Hakoniwa area. 

Although there were some common introductions in the manual, he was a little unskilled in using the slide rails. Just as he landed on the ground he spotted System No. 2333 before calling him out.

“Thank you for your assistance in the previous mission, Senior.” System 6666 thanked System 2333 once more. “Otherwise, the host and I might not be able to come here,” the mechanical cat’s ears twitched.

System 2333 sighed and rolled his eyes. “It takes very little effort, we assist newcomers, and there will be points rewards; it’s very cost-effective! However, in the next world, you must work hard on your own.”

System No. 6666 nodded sharply and looked at System No. 2333 with admiration. The batch of the system is reflected in the first digit. He is the sixth batch of the latest batch, and the senior is the second batch apart from this senior who is also bound to a kind and gentle host, which is amazing.

“I’d like to learn more from the senior. When will senior have time?” System No. 6666 embarrassingly asked.

System 2333 appeared to be overjoyed. “I’ll be off work tomorrow, after my holiday we’ll go take a supplement together, add my communication number first.”

It took some time to add the communication number. To avoid keeping Ji Yiwei waiting too long, System No. 2333 raced to the Hakoten exit without stopping. Along the way, he met a lot of mechanical cat balls and hosts who came here for the first time; almost every one of them was terrified, and every passing host had lingering fear on their faces, covering their mouths and stroking their chests, but didn’t dare to look back.

System No. 2333: ●v●

System No. 2333 dashed to the Hakoti exit. From afar, he noticed Ji Yiwei standing tall with one hand behind his back, quietly waiting for him. His tea-blonde hair was warm and bright, and a black kitten head stud hung from his right ear. Despite his attractive appearance, many systems and hosts avoid him or flee away. 

Only system 2333 flew towards Ji Yiwei, but before it got there, the vertical line-like eyes on the light screen’s face transformed into crescent moons. “Hello, Ji Yiwei!” He flew towards the host after joyfully calling his name. “You must be waiting for a long time! Wait, I’m coming!!”

The young man had his head lowered and waited for a long time for his system to appear. His indifferent face now had a smile when he heard the sound of his system. He looked up at the cat ball that was speeding towards him. The good-looking figure which was emotionless a few moments ago is now shining brightly. The hand he was hiding behind suddenly stretched out, and between the slender fingers was a delicate peach blossom. He handed the flower branches which he specially brought out from the mission world to the black cat ball before he leaned slightly as his black eyes watched the cat ball happily. The peach blossom seemed like a gift from a lover. 

“Flowers for the cat,” Ji Yiwei smiled.

System No. 2333: ●v●

System number 2333: >v<

Wow! Ji Yiwei is so good to him!

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