CH 9.1

Chapter 9


The finest-quality silk bedding caught fire.


The boy, Yeo Ha-ryun, paused for a moment.


And his gaze turned to the flames engulfing the bedding.

If he relaxed his grip, Jin Cheon-hee would escape. But if he maintained it, he will be engulfed in flames.

As that thought occurred to him, Yeo Ha-ryun’s pupils slowly returned to their original dark color.

The madness subsided, and his mind became calm.

Yes, the Yeo Ha-ryun just a moment ago seemed cold and taciturn, as if speaking normally and behaving normally, but that wasn’t the case.

It was the madness of the Celestial Killer that moved him.

‘His eyes really changed like in novel? That was dangerous…’

“Where is this…? I’m certain I…”

It was surprisingly common for a soldier who survived on the battlefield to attack someone nearby.

At the moment Yeo Ha-ryun regained his composure while looking around, his grip loosened, and Jin Cheon-hee kicked the guy’s stomach.



It was a blow delivered amidst the confusion.

In that brief moment, Jin Cheon-hee immediately escaped from the guy’s grasp.

‘Huff. Finally, I might survive now.’

The bedding was on fire. The guy was still lying on the bed, covered by the burning bedding.

As he soaked the bedding with a splash, he slid out of the bed and stood up.

However, perhaps due to his anger, Yeo Ha-ryun’s pupils started to turn even redder than before.

‘When his blood rages, the desire for destruction becomes stronger, just like in novels.’

Whenever he loses consciousness or his life is in danger, he is always captured by his own bloodlust.

It will take a long time for the Supreme Demon, Yeo Ha-ryun, to control this rage.

In the Demonic cult, he will be able to save his life several times, but he will lose precious things in the process.

‘The secret of his birth and uncontrollable madness were the allure of the martial arts novel.’

However, having such a guy right in front of you was a different story.

In the book, it was just a pastime that costs 100 won per volume, but in reality, isn’t he an uncontrollable serial killer?

On top of that, his eyes changed color every time his killer blood manifests.

‘What kind of eighth-grade syndrome is this…?’

And the color happens to be red.

The only thing worth noting is that this guy, like a typical protagonist in a martial arts novel, is good-looking.

First and foremost, calming down that murderer is a priority.

Yeo Ha-ryun lowering his body, assumed a tiger-like posture.

The posture just before using a martial arts attack!

‘Damn it. To calm this guy down… right. I have an idea!’

In a very brief moment, Jin Cheon-hee had surprised himself. The idea of calming Yeo Ha-ryun immediately came to mind.

‘Stay calm, stay calm.’

Controlling one’s emotions was a fundamental skill for a surgeon.

He has always felt this sense of control on the operating table.

This time, what Jin Cheon-hee was applying it to was none other than his own life. It felt lighter than applying it for someone else’s life, in a way.

Perhaps thanks to that.

“The karma of a tiger has two sides like a blade.”

Still a young boy, Yeo Ha-ryun hesitated.


‘Good. He fell for it!’

Jin Cheon-hee didn’t miss the slight pause in his eyes. And this appearance was also intentional on Jin Cheon-hee’s part.

Jin Cheon-hee’s words just now. They were the last words Yeo Ha-ryun’s mother left as her will.

– “Ryun-ah, the karma of a tiger has two sides like a blade. Whether it’s silver or fate, it eventually leads to the spilling of blood. So, please don’t get entangled in it. Live a different life from mine.”

For Yeo Ha-ryun, his mother was his only blood relative.

That’s why she never told her son the secret of his birth until the end.

She wanted him to live a normal life without being entangled in gratitude or resentment.

But her wish was not fulfilled.

After her death, Yeo Ha-ryun discovers that he has the Celestial Killer Madness.

And to suppress himself, and for several reasons, he heads to the Magyo.

‘Now, what will you do?’

Jin Cheon-hee looked at Yeo Ha-ryun, recalling the contents of novels.

When the testament of a blood relative came out of Jin Cheon-hee’s mouth, Yeo Ha-ryun’s eyes widened.

Jin Cheon-hee then added.

“Do you think it will be safe in the Magyo? Once you are infected with Hematox, no matter who you are, you will only become their puppet. Snap out of it, Yeo Ha-ryun.”

When the word “Magyo” came out, Yeo Ha-ryun’s retinas started to return to their clearer black color.

And his expression changed from before.

Caution. Confusion.

Such emotions painted his face.

“How do you know about that…?”


It’s a name that an ordinary person would fear and run away from. But here, there was a child heading to the Magyo of his own accord.

Wherever this child went, a trail of blood followed.

Not just anyone would knock on the door of the Magyo without a compelling reason, let alone someone without a complex background.

Even more so for a child.

That’s Yeo Ha-ryun now. And it was probably the same for Jin Cheon-hee, the original owner of the body.

“It’s not important how I know. What do you know about the Magyo?”

While watching Yeo Ha-ryun in confusion, Jin Cheon-hee continued speaking.

“Should I teach you? To enter the Magyo, you have to consume Hematox. No one is an exception to that.”


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