CH 2.2

Grace had one purpose in mind to visit Count Zeronis. To sever all the ties with Count and Countess Zeronis. They were heartless parents who only showed signs of surprise at the news of Laurentia’s death. For them, the only children they had were Gaston and Crail.

Grace and Laurentia were only a pawn to be wed to to shed a slightest hope.

“I’d like to bury Laurentia in Zeronis’ grave.”

Announced Grace with a calm demeanor, hiding her quiver.

Count Zeronis cleared his throat while giving the countess a hint. The countess gave him a quick glare. With a sigh, the countess explained.

“Ahem. Grace. I’m sorry, but we can’t take Laurentia. You see, Gaston isn’t married yet and Crail is about to expand his business with mine rights from Meyer. That’s why…”

“You want to sacrifice Laurentia again? Does her death not matter?” Grace snapped harshly.

Again, the count cleared his throat out of embarrassment.

“I see.” Grace fully understood the situation now.

Marquis Meyer didn’t want Count Zeronis to take Laurentia. He urged them to exiled Laurentia’s body in exchange of the right to the newly discovered mine.

‘If Count Zeronis took Laurentia, everyone would question the credibility of the rumor of Laurentia having a Devil’s baby!’ She realized their intention, watching both the count and countess who couldn’t face Grace.

The ground beneath Grace seemed to crumble.

They even had the same look when they sold off Laurentia to Meyer who was looking for a bride. They forced Laurentia to endure it for this family despite her pleas of pain throughout her marriage.

Even now and back then, Laurentia was chosen as a scapegoat. Grace scoffed at them.


This time, she surely cut everything with Zeronis for good.

If they weren’t on Grace’s side, she didn’t have to prolonged sitting with them. She shot them cold eyes and wrapped herself in a shawl.

“Well then, there’s no reason for me to be here. I’m going now.”

What Grace needed now was the people who were completely on her side. If she had to rescue Cielle, she didn’t want to be in the same boat with snakes* like them.

“Wait.” But Count Zeronis grabbed Grace. She turned her head without answering. “I heard, Marquis Meyer paid a huge amount of alimony. You must have it, right? Since you and Laurentia have a special connection. Give us half of it.”

Count Zeronis demanded boldly.

His greasy face was glowing with greed.


*It’s bats in the original word (박쥐같은 사람 aka bat-like person), meaning someone who follow a group/someone that benefit them more and can easily switch to another group/someone. Changing it to make it less awkward (which I hope it is, if not you’re very welcome to comment!).

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