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Grace let out a groan. She wasn’t sure if the person who asked for their daughter alimony after being exiled, divorced, and died enduring violence and verbal abuse throughout her marriage was worthy to be called as parents. They didn’t understand that large sum of money they talked about wasn't compared to what Laurentia’s had been through. 

Her boiled blood calmed down. In the first place, they weren’t Laurentia and Grace’s family nor parents.

Cusses were on the tip of her tongue.

“As you already know, Gaston wants to get married. But, because he doesn’t have enough dowry–” the countess chimed in.

“Then tell him to marry within his capability,” cut Grace coldly.

“Grace! How could you say that to your brother! You know how much Gaston worked to get that place! You don't want to see your little brother doing well?”

“I think it’s less rotten than dreaming of marriage that’s out of his reach and coveting my sister's divorce alimony.”

Grace opened her mouth. Her legs trembled. She pitied herself for seeing these shameless people as her family. She foolishly believed they would comfort her and provided a shield* for her.

‘Stupid Grace.’

Even the dead Laurentia placed no expectations on their family.

Grace thought they would hold Laurentia’s body considering the sacrifice she made for the family.

Alas, it was all her delusion.

‘Why do I only hear crap here?’

She disregarded the two figures who were shivering in anger and opened the door.


Count Zeronis threw a glass which passed Grace and hit the wall. The shard of the glass from the impact grazed her cheek.

Red blood oozed out from her cheek. Grace touched it with her palm and slowly whipped her head.

“You ungrateful woman! Do you think you can eat and live well after betraying your family? Gaston has to do well, so does Crail and you!”

“Then, why don’t you sell Gaston off, too? Rather than going to the place that needs to pay dowry!” Grace forced her quivering lips to smile. “Send him to the place that needs to buy a groom, instead of that place. Like Laurentia.”

With a pale face, Grace finally left them behind in tremble. Gaston and Crail suddenly flashed in her mind. They must’ve known she was coming yet they didn’t even bother to see her.

Grace bit her lips.

They weren’t like this before. Gaston and Crail were caring siblings toward her and Laurentia. She wondered when they changed.

‘It might happen after they join the high society… After the count and countess didn’t give up their wild dreams and sold Laurentia to make a profit.’

Grace climbed into the carriage, parked in front of the mansion.

In the carriage, Haley was cradling a white blanket and dressed in a neat dark navy dress. Grace spread her arms, the blanket was passed to her.

“We can't stay here,” Grace murmured sadly. “There’s another mansion in another area, right? Let’s go there,” she added.

“Miss Grace, what happened? There’s blood on your cheek… But, isn’t it safer under Zeronis–”


Through Grace’s eyes Haley could read countless of words. Haley had survived the hardship in Meyer along with Laurentia. She closed her mouth and nodded. She was very much aware about the injustice of the world.

Haley got out of the carriage for a while and returned after giving their destination.

Grace took a deep breath and leaned back on the chair.

“Zeronis didn’t have the answer…”

“If you want to protect the Young Master, your power alone isn’t enough. He has to be put in the family register quickly, even if it has to be in Meyer…”

Grace’s eyes shifted to the baby.

The baby was sound asleep. Too distraught from Laurentia's death, she hadn’t decided on a name for him.

“You’re right. If I don’t want him to be taken away by Meyer, I have to write him in the family register.”

Even though she tried to cover it up that the baby was stillborn, she couldn't hide it for the rest of her life. Someone would find out someday. That was why she tried to insert him in the Zeronis’ family register. No matter how scumbag Meyer could be, he could never take the baby away from another family.

As Haley said, she needed Zeronis’ protection.

However, she witnessed it today.

They were the ones who would drag and put the baby to that house again the seconds they saw the baby.

‘Zeronis won’t work.’

The problem was there were no aristocrats who would look after Grace and the baby. She knew very well no one in the world would do such kindness out of charity. Worse, no one wanted to meet her because of Meyer.

For that reason she had to find someone who held more power than Meyer. People who didn’t care about Meyer’s opinion…

The Imperial family…

And Archduke Berhemoth.

Johan Raphael Berhemoth.

Called the Devil of the Empire.

* * *

*Fence, in original Korean. More or less like a shield/protection (I believe) since there’s this phase 울타리를 벗어나다 (lit. break away from one's fence) which means coming out of the comfort from one’s family provided.

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