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Chapter 149 Integrating Chaos

Harald's eyes went wide as he turned to Zayne, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Zayne took a deep breath, "Unfortunately I don't have Fate Coin, I had to spend it fighting a strong enemy, but..."

"But...?" Harald looked at Zayne hopefully.

"For defeating someone, I got this." Zayne said as an amber coin appeared in his hand, emitting red streams of flame.

The fire was supposed to illuminate dark places, but this one looked like it merged with the darkness, covering Zayne, seemingly wanting to consume him.

"Isn't that..." Harald muttered in disbelief.

Zayne nodded, "It's a Chaos Coin. I've never done it before, but I'm willing to use it to save Aron. Anyway, I think it'll be the best this thing can do."

Harald gulped. He knew it was more than possible, but it was a matter of morality, he couldn't decide to do it so easily.

Cough. Cough. Cough.

Aron coughed several times, drops of blood flying out, some of which fell to the floor next to Harald's feet.

"Fine... Do it." Harald said slowly, lowering his head and biting his lip hard, "Maybe we shouldn't do this, but it's Fate's fault anyway... Those silhouettes... their eyes... Agh, I don't want to think about it."

Zayne squeezed the coin tightly with a complicated expression, then he sighed and asked, "I'm ready. Step aside."

"Sure." Harald stood beside the bed.

Zayne approached Aron, about to use the Chaos Coin, and as if sensing it, Aron grabbed his arm with the last of his strength.

"No... You don't have to do that..." Aron said with difficulty, looking at Zayne with his pale eyes.

"But... It is the only way to save you. For that I am willing to use it, this coin is your only chance." Zayne said with all seriousness.

Aron took a deep breath as if gathering his strength, "I would rather die than be a carrier of the Chaos Energy. What's the point of my life if I'm only going to bring destruction?"

Zayne froze. He remained silent as if assessing Aron's words, then the coin in his hand cracked.

"Forgive my insolence, but I'm going to ignore your wishes like a most selfish man." Zayne said with a slight smile, while scarlet flames emerged from the coin.

"I've learned a lot since my last fight, but some things are perhaps more important than the rest. You fought desperately tonight, so you must understand that the fact that one has Fate of Chaos Energy does not make this one bad or good. It depends solely on the person." Zayne said sincerely when the Chaos Coin shattered into small shards.

"If you die now, the world will lose a man willing to sacrifice himself for others. I can't let that happen." Zayne said, guiding his hand to Aron's head, "This power will help you continue what you are doing, and don't worry, others won't know anything."


All the energy from the Chaos Coin went to Aron's right eye, then, the room was filled with cries of indescribable pain that Aron was experiencing.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!" Aron roared with all the strength he had as his body shook violently as if every bone in his body was breaking.

Such a sight frightened even Harald, who had seen many difficult cases, but this was beyond his expectations.

"Agh... Living hurts, and surviving is even worse, it's different from dying, it happens painlessly, but that said, any pain is more desirable if there's a chance to live on, isn't it?" Zayne muttered holding Aron's hand.

Gradually Aron's agony ended, no one knew how much time had passed, but it didn't matter anymore since it was all over.

Harald stepped closer, and his eyes went wide as his jaw dropped.

"What the hell...? I didn't think I'd say this, but this is incredible..." Harald whispered in disbelief.

All of Aron's wounds were healed, he was breathing measured and calm, but though that was the main goal it was not the most significant change.

"Has he become younger?" Harald muttered.

Aron was a grown man who already had a lot of wrinkles and frayed skin that had been through a lot, however, now he looked as if he had gone back twenty or even thirty years.

"Well... I didn't expect that." Zayne gulped, in shock, "All I wished was that Aron would be saved, but it looks like he got much more than that besides healing his wounds."

Zayne looked at Aron's right eye, which was now amber and shining brightly, also its pupil was vertical, just like Hugo's.

'I wonder... Under what circumstances did Hugo get his power? Though, thanks to him I know that Chaos can be part of a human.' Zayne inwardly sighed as he leaned against the wall.

"I guess you have to cover up Aron's new eye, and now he has to hide it, though I don't think that's a problem." Zayne shrugged.

"Yeah, you're right." Harald nodded with a broad smile on his face as he took the bandage in his hands and set to work.

Zayne crossed his arms over his chest, contemplating what had happened.

'It's rather strange, but given that Aron got this power, now Chaos will work for the good of the common people, won't it?' Zayne said to himself, questioning the rightness of his actions.

Harald bandaged Aron's head, covering his eye tightly, he did so with enthusiasm and joy, so Zayne was the only one who noticed something.

'What the hell...?' Zayne got goosebumps at the creepy eyes, appearing in the dark corners.

Crimson eyes, with vertical pupils, were intently watching Zayne's actions, it seemed as if they were seeing right through him or trying to do so. Zayne didn't understand what it was, but he could clearly feel the Chaos Energy emanating from the eyes.

The tense atmosphere vanished in an instant as the eyes closed and the thick darkness faded without a trace.

At the same moment, Zayne saw something he didn't want to see at all.

[Chaos appreciated your contribution to its influence.]

[Your Chaos Power has been increased by 1 point.]

[Keep pleasing Chaos to receive more rewards.]

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