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Chapter 223 True Love & Wake Up Call

In the open fields outside of Luxuria, a massive black dragon with three heads was laying on the ground and appeared to be in a rather foul mood. 

"This feels more embarrassing than it should." he grumbled.

Audrina: "Just relax, beloved."

Bekka: "There is no reason for you to feel embarrassed, you know this is necessary."

Lailah: "Be a good dragon and let us finish and I promise we'll make it up to you later."

"...I suppose I can live with this then."

As the wives burst into fits of giggles, they continued on with their current task without missing a beat.

Abaddon currently looked like a living jungle gym as his body was currently being crawled over by various dwarven workers. 

The goal of this humiliation was to collect Abaddon's scales and take them to Valerie's workshop where they would be repurposed into weapons and armor. 

Removing Abaddon's scales was a rather complicated process, as it was rather difficult to acquire them through normal methods. 

Extraction of the precious material required one of his seven wives pulling them off with either their powers or bare hands. 

For some reason, the girls were able to relax Abaddon's body enough to simply pluck the scales right off at which point they would pass them to one of the dwarven hybrids waiting behind them. 

"Incredible... It's so light, yet it feels so impregnable."

"So these are the scales of the king..."

"I cannot wait to bring these back to the forge!"

The spirit of craftsmanship flowing through the minds of the demonic dwarves had been set ablaze. 

Being presented with such fine material to work with was their dream come true.

Most knew immediately that whatever was to be forged from these scales would be unlike anything that the world had ever seen before. 

Abaddon was glad that they were so excited, since that increased the chances of higher quality work being produced but he had to admit that it was still rather strange how the materials they were so excited over came from his very own body. 

Suddenly, he noticed that one of his wives was currently experiencing a rather turbulent emotional state. 

'My love, come here.'

"Eeep!" Lisa was so surprised by her husband's voice suddenly playing in her head that she nearly dropped the large-scale plate in her hand,

"Are you alright, my queen?" A dwarf asked with a concerned look. 

"I-I'm fine I just need to take a break for a moment." Lisa said as she handed off the large scale to the dwarves behind her. " Please, stand by." 

"As you wish."

The beautiful woman sprouted her wings from her back and flew along her husband's massive draconic body before she came to a stop at his three heads. 

Landing on the snout of his center head, he could immediately see that Lisa's cheeks were flushed pink and her breathing was rather erratic.

'Y-You called for me, honey?' She asked telepathically. 

'Why are you so excited, my love? I can feel your arousal surging every time that you touch me.'

Lisa's cheeks quickly went from a light rosy pink to a cherry red as she tried her best to suppress her embarrassment.

'W-Well... you're not usually in your natural form very often a-and you were asleep last time so you don't know but... my instincts are screaming at me to mate with you.' 

All three of Abaddon's heads blinked several times in confusion as he tried to process those words. 

'You are aroused because of this appearance? I thought I was rather frightening.'

'Well that may be the case for others.' Lisa admitted. 'But for Seras and I you are much more than that.'

Lisa reached out a shaky hand to gently touch the bridge between his eyes.

'Even in this form, you are the most beautiful man imaginable and I am filled with the urge to mate with you in our natural bodies and give birth to a strong child.'

While Abaddon was fully capable of having sex as a dragon, it had simply never occurred to him to do so. 

But suddenly, he couldn't help but feel like he'd been a bit negligent. 

When two dragons were wed, it was customary on the wedding night to mate in both forms, as it was a way of saying 'my attraction to you transcends past your physical form.' 

It was a very intimate and important ritual in dragon cultures and he could not believe he'd forgotten. 

'Forgive me, Lisa.' Abaddon said sincerely. 'I seem to have neglected a very crucial step in our relationship.' 

Lisa suddenly felt like she was going to fall over with a fit of giggles as she continued to lovingly stroke her husband's face. 

'We have neglected a lot of important steps honey, or have you forgotten how we were wed within an hour of meeting each other?' 

'Ah... how can I forget?' Abaddon said with a wry chuckle. 

The both of them silently glanced at Lailah who was working on Abaddon's back. 

When she noticed she was receiving attention, she blew the both of them a small kiss that made them both smile. 

Returning their focus to each other, Lisa sat down on top of him and began staring absentmindedly up into the sky. 

'This has been the most fulfilling time of my life and I have absolutely no regrets. Everyday is better than the last and there is no reason for you to feel like you've done me a disservice simply because you forgot one silly ritual.'

Rolling over, she placed a small kiss on his black scales while flashing him a cheeky smile. 

'But if you are determined to make it up to me, then I want to see you in this form more.' 

'Is there a reason?' Abaddon asked casually. 

'If I said that I wanted you to spoil me in this form as well, would that be an acceptable reason?'

'Of course.' Abaddon said with a chuckle. 

The lovey dove atmosphere persisted between the two for quite a while, until the rest of the wives became jealous and accused Lisa of hoarding him for herself. 

One by one, all of the girls found their way onto one of Abaddon's heads and demanded attention as well. 

Eventually, the dwarves took the hint that no more work was going to be done for the rest of the day and silently excused themselves. 

Instead of feeling like they'd been forced to eat dog food, the dwarven workers instead found that their hearts had been warmed by the sight of the king and his wives. 

There were a great many in the kingdom who did not understand why the king did not have more wives despite his criminally unfair appearance and social status. 

If he said the word, all of the women in the world would obediently line up to get into his bed. 

So why didn't he?

Today, these men at least new the reason. 

No amount of random women could ever possibly be a substitute for the true love on display in front of them. 

- The Next Day 

Flying down from the top of the staircase was little Mira who just so happened to be wearing her very own trusty armor.

She landed proudly at the front door and called out for the rest of her group.

"Mira is ready!" She said excitedly. 

The young girl waited and waited, but it appeared as though she was the first to wake up yet again. 

Puffing out her cheeks in annoyance, she made her way back up the stairs and made her way to the first room on her list.

Before she could knock on the door of her big brother, he opened the door on his own and appeared to be dressed for battle as well. 

"Mira was the first one ready! Siblings and father are too slow!" She yelled with a red face. 

"Is that so? Guess we'll have to go get them then." Apophis said with a shrug. 

Lifting up his sister, he calmly placed her on his shoulder before heading towards another room down the hall. "And it's not that we're slow, maybe you're just too fast for us, sister."

Inadvertently, his joking words had put a small smile on the face of his younger sister and she immediately puffed out her chest with pride. 

"Mira is like the wind!"

"Yes yes, like the wind." Apophis said absentmindedly. 

Soon the two reached their intended destination and the serpent gave a leisure knock on the door. 

"Thea, come along we're supposed to go to a dungeon today."

"Mira was first to wake up!" The ice dragon reminded.

When the two received no answer, Apophis shrugged before preparing to open the door anyway. 

"Sister, I give you permission to wake our sibling up with a snowball."

Mira let out an excited gasp as she quickly formed two balls of ice in her tiny hands. 

"I will aim for sister's boobs!"

"Whatever target suits you best."

Opening the door to Thea's room, the two siblings were surprised to find that her usual neat and tidy space had clothes thrown on the floor haphazardly. 

But when Apophis noticed that some of the clothes were a black and white maid uniform and an egregiously large bra, his mind immediately began to form it's own conclusions. 


A figure began to stir within Thea's bed and Apophis realized that his suspicions were correct. 

Nita sat up and absentmindedly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. 

Her silly white hair was all over the place, further lauding to the wild night she'd just endured. 

In her drowsiness, she neglected to cover herself properly and both Mira and Apophis were able to get a rather good look at her large breasts that were covered in bite and kiss marks. 

"Nita?" Mira asked cutely. "Why are you in sister Thea's bed? And why do you have so much booby meat?" 

Apophis finally covered the eyes of his innocent sister while also trying to explain what she was seeing. 

"Remember Mira, the two of them are a couple now which means that things like this are to be expected." 

He elected not to answer the question about her breasts, as he still wasn't sure why they were so large either. 

"Like daddy and mommies?"


Nita finally became alert enough to recognize that she had been seen in almost all of her glory and quickly covered herself with the blanket. 

Her bright red eyes darted around the room as she tried to find some sort of excuse for this situation. "A-Ah, good morning young master and young lady. T-This is just-"

"You don't need to explain, and there is also no need for formality. Evidently you are already family so you are free to speak comfortably."

"Yea! Comfortably!" Mira echoed. 

"Ah.. That's... okay." Nita said exhaustedly. 

Gently, she began to shake Thea awake. 

When her sky blue eyes flickered open, the first thing she noticed was the reassuring presence of the woman she loved. 

However, she could also feel two additional presences that immediately set off alarm bells in her head. 

Quickly sitting up, her worst fears were indeed confirmed to be true when she saw her younger brother with their sister sitting cutely on top of his shoulder, his hand covering both of her eyes. 

"W-W-Why're you-" 

"Huh. I thought you were the aggressor, but now I'm not sure which one of you is more predatory." Apophis said blankly.

In her haste to check if her suspicions were correct, she, like Nita, had forgotten to cover herself and accidentally gave the red serpent a good look at her chest that was also riddled with kiss and bite marks.

The culprit, (Nita) merely slunk back into the sheets and covered her face to avoid the embarrassment. 

For a moment, Thea simply froze as her face turned an unnatural shade of red and she let out an embarrassed scream. 


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