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Chapter 224 We're Off!


Thea quickly grabbed a handful of blankets covered her exposed body from her intruding siblings. 

"W-Why're you two in here?!"

"Dungeon!" Mira reminded excitedly. 

"We knocked and when you didn't answer we came in. You and father are late for our excursion today."

"W-Well as you can see, I was a bit preoccupied last night, so I was a bit tired!" Thea defended. 

"Yes, I can see very clearly that your hands seemed to have been more than full." He said, remembering Nita's egregiously large chest. 

"Hey! Since when did you develop a sense of humor?"

"I have been practicing while observing our family." He said honestly." Is it working? Am I amusing?"


"Keep practicing big brother." Mira said as she gave his head some reassuring pats.

Apophis groaned in mild irritation before deciding to work on this more later. 

"Enough. Can you get ready immediately or do you require additional time to say goodbye?"

Thea glanced at Nita who was still giving her a rather longing and expectant look. 

"...Give me thirty minutes."


Apophis and Mira left the room, and Nita immediately jumped on top of Thea and began kissing her neck. 

"W-Will thirty minutes be enough?" Nita asked as her breathing became heavier and heavier. 

Underneath her, Thea smiled as she ran her hands up the length of her girlfriend's soft and curvy body. 

"I'll make sure it's more than enough."


Back in the hallway, Apophis and Mira were heading to their parents' room to wake their father. 

"Why do they need thirty minutes to say goodbye?" Mira asked. "Can't they just hurry up?"

"They could but goodbyes like that are better off not rushed." Apophis said honestly. 

Mira wondered what her brother meant by that, but she ultimately decided not to ask since she knew that she would not receive an answer.

No one ever told her anything!

Eventually, the pair made their way to the room of their parents and stood outside the door. 

Before either of them could knock, the door opened silently on it's own and allowed the two of them inside. 

The siblings were surprised to see that their father was already awake, but one look at his current predicament made it very clear why he was late to their rendezvous. 

In the bed, Abaddon had split himself into three clones and had two of his wives under each arm. 

Even in their sleep, the girls were clinging to him possessively and showed no signs of letting go anytime soon. 

'For what it's worth, I did not oversleep but I also could not bring myself to wake them.' He said telepathically. 

Mira flew off of Apophis' shoulder and crawled into the bed with them. 

She found her place between Eris and Bekka and sat comfortably on her father's chest.

"Good morning!" Mira said excitedly. 

The eyes of all six women flashed open and they all sat up at the same time. 

"Good morning my darling!"

"My sweet baby!"

"Come here my little dumpling!"

"You are just the cutest thing ever!" 

In the blink of an eye, Mira had been swarmed and surrounded by all of her mothers who were fighting for her affection. 

Abaddon who had been casually thrown to the side, reformed himself and silently turned into a dark mist so that he could slip out of bed. 

Luckily, there were no lewd activities last night so the room was not a wet mess and no one was completely naked. 

Eventually, Lailah noticed that her son was here as well and held out her arms for him too. 

"Come here my sweet boy!" 

"I will pass. I am content to remain right where I am."

"Not happening!" 

Lailah's hands suddenly glowed a bright green and Apophis flew right towards her. 

However, instead of remaining in his regular form, he shrunk down to the size of an infant and landed squarely in Lailah's arms.

"H-How could you do this to me mother?! You swore that you would not make me take this form again!"

"I'm sorry but you're just soooo cute!!" Lailah said apologetically as she rubbed their faces together. "This is surely the best way to spend my mornings!" 

"This is a hell unlike any other!!" Apophis yelled in a baby voice. 

"Aww don't be like that son." Eris said as she began playing with his small feet. 

"Hehehe- S-Stop that immediately mother Eris! It feels strange!"

"Oh? Is my boy ticklish?" Audrina asked evilly. 

Sensing imminent danger, Apophis turned to the one person left who could act as his salvation. 

"F-Father please! Make them stop!"

Unfortunately, Abaddon pretended that he could not here as he slipped out of the room to go to the bath. 

The eyes of the serpent widened in horror as he realized that he'd been left to fend for himself once again. 



After a bath, Abaddon donned his new impenetrable black outfit and waited at the door with Entei for the children to arrive. 

He felt a bit bad about leaving his son at the mercy of his mothers but he figured that it would probably be fine. 

"It's not like he'll die from being tickled, right?" He said with a chuckle.

"Groh." (He very well may.) 

"What do you know anyway, beast." Abaddon muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"Groh!" (More than you!) 

Just as Abaddon prepared to retort, he realized that he could understand the Komainu he was currently petting.

"What the hell..." He muttered.

At that moment, Thea came running down the stairs wearing her usual dark blue dress. 

"Ah, m-morning father!"

Abaddon decided to worry about why he could suddenly understand Mira's pet later and focus on his other daughter for now. 

"Morning Thea. Did you..." Gradually, Abaddon's words began to trail off as a particular scent wafted into his nose. 

Each of the triplets had a fairly unique scent despite being siblings, and when Abaddon smelled Nita all over his daughter, he felt like his entire world had just come crashing on top of him. 

Thea noticed her father's eyes had begun to get hazy and briefly wondered if he was going to faint. 

"I... need to lay down." He muttered. 

Abaddon held out his hand and created a huge block of ice that was large enough for him to rest his body on.

Climbing on top of it, his eyes became focused on the sealing as he realized that the day he'd dreaded most had finally come. 

"It's finally happened... my little girl is a woman now... this is more painful than I had imagined..."

"F-Father! You're being overly dramatic!"

"I wish that was the case. Even having my arm cut off and my soul shattered did not hurt this badly."


Thea flung herself on top of her father and began pinching his sides in frustration. 

"You have already accepted my relationship with Nita so there is no point in you acting like this now! Can't you just be glad that your daughter is happy?!"

Abaddon fell into a deep silence as he contemplated the truth of his daughter's words while also analyzing his own behavior. 

"I can, I just need you to give me a few hours."


Abaddon chuckled slightly in amusement just as Apophis and Mira came running down the stairs. 

Mira's face was already covered with kisses from her mothers, but she could not resist the urge to receive more affection from her father and sister.

"Mira wants hugs too!" She cried as she leapt on top of the ever growing pile.

This sweet scene continued for a few more minutes before Abaddon was finally feeling better and decided it was time to head out. 

"Alright, is everyone ready?"

"Do you even need to ask?"

"Yes father!"

"Mira is always ready!"

"Groh." (Would you let me stay home if I said no?)

Abaddon was pleased to see that everyone was so enthusiastic, but he still wanted to warn them of the potential risk. 

"The dungeon I've chosen for us is quite a bit more difficult than usual. It is comprised of seventy floors and we might be gone for almost three days. 

My interference will be limited, so it will be up to you three to protect each other and make sure that you can gain the most out of this experience."

Seeing that his words failed to scare any of his children, Abaddon smiled before nodding in approval. 

"Then shall we go?" 

Opening up a starry black portal, the siblings walked through hand in hand followed by the massive komainu. 

Once they were all through, Abaddon looked towards the top of the stairs where his wives were smiling at him fondly. 

"Enjoy your trip and be sure to protect our children." Lailah said warmly. 

Abaddon ran up to them in a flash and kissed each one on the lips before waiving goodbye without looking back.

"We'll be back before you know it my loves. There is no need to worry,"

The dragon passed through the portal and it closed up shortly after, leaving his wives in a slightly melancholic mood. 

"After all of this time, watching him leave is still so difficult." Bekka muttered. 

The group of women nodded in agreement before Eris brought up a point that made them all feel slightly better. "But at least it's only for three days, and we can still call him whenever we need to!"

"I suppose you're right."

"We'll have to make do with that for now."

"I should've asked him to fuck me before he left..."

Audrina's perverted desires brought a sudden realization to the minds of the wives. 

Wouldn't the sex be so much better when their husband returned after three days? 

After not being touched for over 72 hours, the wives' sensitivity would skyrocket and they would be putty within Abaddon's hands. 

"Hey... Audrina do you think you can hypnotize me to fall asleep until he comes back...? I want the time to go by faster." Valerie suddenly said.

"M-Me too!"

"Don't forget about me!" 

"I didn't have anything super important to do anyway!"

Evidently, Valerie's plan sounded like sheer genius to everyone else and soon the vampire was being bombarded with the same request from everyone else. 

"Hey what about me!? What am I supposed to do while all of you are asleep!?" Audrina asked. 

It wasn't like she could hypnotize herself after all!

Slowly, the wives began to calm down from their frenzy and stopped pestering their sister. 

It wouldn't be fair to leave her up by herself while the rest of them were sleeping.

They prepared to head to the kitchen for breakfast when the door to the manor was kicked open and Lusamine walked in, battered, bruised, and missing one of her horns. 

The succubus seemed to be teeming with rage and seemed like she was going to explode at any minute. 

When she opened her mouth, she let out the most unholy roar imaginable. 


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