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Chapter 225 Top Dogs

"Where is he?! Where is that scaly madman!?" Lusamine roared. 

Since Eris was her best friend, she immediately flew down the stairs in concern. "Husband is not here. Why are you so angry with him and what in the name of the gods has happened to you!?" 

The succubus who was in a blind rage a moment ago suddenly started sniffling and tears began to fall from her face. 

"Eris, they... WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

Lusamine threw herself into the arms of the beautiful dark elf and began blubbering like a baby. 

Eris simply rubbed her back as she tried her best to console her, but evidently whatever had happened left her terribly distraught. 

As the dark elf consoled her oldest friend, a dark gray portal suddenly opened up in the middle of the room. 

Seras, Yara, and Asmodeus emerged wearing large smiles. 

"Beloved! I'm home!" 

"Where are my grandbabies?! Grandma brought presents!" 

"We also brought wedding invitations." 

The wives gave their sister and in laws apologetic smiles before coming to embrace them. 

"Husband has taken the children to a dungeon in Upyr. They won't return for another three days." Lisa said apologetically. 

Seras and Yara immediately looked crestfallen. 

"I wanted to be embraced by him again after so long..." Seras said sadly.

"I wanted snuggles..." Yara muttered in disappointment. 

Asmodeus was about to tell the girls that there was only a three day wait when he finally realized that there was sniffling coming from behind him. 

Turning around, he found a watery eyed Lusamine who looked beaten and battered. 

"Lus? Why do you look like shit?" 

Asmodeus' crude words only served to make the succubus cry harder. 


Both Asmodeus and Yara were slightly taken aback. 

"Did Abaddon to this to you? You must've deserved it then, no?" Beside him, his wife nodded silently in agreement. 

"H-He didn't do this! Those monstrous freaks of his did!" 

"Freaks?" Everyone asked aloud. 

"T-That damn new army of his! He asked me to train them with everything I had, a-and in return that red haired bitch beat me up!" 

Dead silence. 

The wives all looked amongst themselves and made confused faces. 

While their husband had told them he was training a special new army, none of them had met any of them so far and they did not know what made them so different from normal soldiers. 

Abaddon had told them that he would introduce them himself when their training was completed. 

Suddenly, the eerie silence was interrupted by Asmodeus' suppressed laughter. 

"Pfft... So you were supposed to train them... And yet instead of doing so, you got beaten to this pitiful state.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!" 

His laughter appeared to be infectious, as Yara was now fighting tooth and nail to suppress her smile as well. "Husband, do not mock her... Can't you see that she is in a great deal of pain?" 

"That only makes it funnier!" 

Lusamine's face again became red from anger as she freed herself from Eris' embrace and pulled out her weapon. "Stop laughing at me or I'll scalp you and watch you die again!" 

Asmodeus suddenly ceased his laughter as he clutched his hair in a protective manner. 

"Can't you threaten me in a less scary way? What would I be without this mesmerizing silver hair of mine?" He said, his tone conveying a fake sense of fear. 

"I'll kill you!" 

Lusamine lunged forward to act good on her threats but found herself quickly restrained by Audrina and Seras. 

"Alright, that's enough." Bekka said exhaustedly. 

"Can you take us to this new army? If they've truly beaten you up when you were supposed to be training them then they'll have to be punished." She said authoritatively. 

Suddenly, Lusamine's eyes lit up like stars and she hightailed it out the door. 

"Hurry up! Show that bitch whose boss!" 


At the army base in Luxuria, the euphrates had been assigned their own private training hall and facilities. 

In the modernized training hall, forty-eight of the soldiers were encircling two competitors. 

They were the second in command, Kanami, and a burly man with long dark hair and a towering frame. 

"Are you certain that you wish to challenge me for my position now, brother Seiji?"

The man nodded respectfully and got into a menacing fighting stance. 

"I am, big sister."

"I've just gotten warmed up you know? You will have a difficult time." She reminded gently.

"I understand that, but if I cannot beat you at your best, I do not deserve to represent us at all, nor do I deserve to stand beside our god."

Kanami sighed lightly in understanding. 

"Alright then, I accept your challenge." She said calmly. 

Neither of them drew their weapons or activated magic, as this was to be a test based solely upon their mastery of their new bodies that they were so proud of. 

Which of them could use the abilities bestowed upon them by their god the best?

Only the one who proved themselves the most capable deserved to lead.

Just as the two were set to begin, the doors to the training room were flung open and the room came to a dead standstill. 

Striding in regally were the seven wives who were led by Lusamine. 

Behind them were Yara and Asmodeus who decided to tag along to see the army that was capable of delivering Lusamine such a spanking. 

With one look at the bodies of the euphrates, they immediately knew what their son had done, although they still couldn't believe it. 

Usually, a dragon cannot hand out their power so easily. 

After undergoing the Amica ritual with too many individuals, the users soul feels an immense amount of strain that can even cause it to shatter sometimes.

'For him to be able to do this with all of these individuals... Just how much has your soul grown, my boy?' Asmodeus wondered. 

When the euphrates saw the seven women who entered the training hall, they immediately forgot all about what they were doing and fell to one knee. 

As the leader, Kanami was the only one allowed to speak in the presence of the higher ups, so she exchanged greetings for all of them.

"The euphrates extend their greeting to their goddesses. We are honored beyond words to meet you for the first time." Kanami said as she lowered her head.

All seven wives stopped dead in their tracks and blinked several times in confusion before Lusamine had to whisper an explanation. 

"These guys are really devoted to Abaddon, so much so that it wouldn't be wrong to call it fanaticism. They view him as a living god and you as his wives are naturally his goddesses." 

Nodding in understanding, Lailah stepped forward and curiously eyed the kneeling soldiers. 

"How curious... what exactly are all of you?"

Kanami's answer was instantaneous and almost robotic. 

"We are the euphrates, goddess. We are nightwalkers reborn from the blood of the red god and blessed with aspects of his being. We are the instruments of his wrath, and the shapers of his ideals."

"Shapers of his ideals, huh?" Lailah said. "Then do you think my husband would be very happy with you for beating up the one he assigned to instruct you for no reason?"

Kanami, and all of the soldiers behind her flinched when they heard Lailah's question.


The leader of the Euphrates slammed her head into the ground as she prostrated fully in front of Lailah.

"Goddess, I can assure you that I did not assault that woman! Whatever you have heard from her thus far can only be a half told summary of events!"

Lusamine suddenly looked like she wanted to run away but Valerie grabbed her remaining horn before she could. 

"What exactly happened then?" Eris asked as she walked forward. 

She kneeled down and gently lifted up Kanami's head from the ground while wiping away the dust from her forehead. 

"You have to tell us the whole truth now... I'm sorry, I just realized that we don't know your name?"

Internally, Kanami was in utter shambles. 

She was being touched by one of the seven goddesses!!

And her touch was so gentle and motherly, it was almost like she had returned to the embrace of the womb!

"T-This lowly one is called Kanami a-and I can assure you that neither myself nor my brothers and sisters would ever dream to speak a falsehood in your presence!"

Behind her, the eyes of the rest of the euphrates were burning with an intense jealousy. 

Is this what it meant to be the second in command?!

Such a glorious reward must become theirs by any means necessary!

In the blink of an eye, Kanami had seven more potential challengers lined up. 

But she couldn't care less. 

All that mattered to her was that she continued to feel Eris' soft and divine hands on her cheeks. 

And when she realized that these hands must have explored every inch of their creator's body, her pulse quickened and she had to suppress a small nosebleed. 

'So incredible... I could die in peace at this very moment!' She thought fervently.

"Why don't you tell us everything that happened from the beginning, okay?" Eris asked gently. 

"Y-Yes goddess."

Kanami went on to explain how Abaddon had assigned them to learn under Lusamine for three weeks. 

Within four days, the growth of the Euphrates had stagnated and they were no longer having any sort of challenge or tough time during training. 

As the leader and the one responsible for the wellbeing of all of her siblings in arms, Kanami took it upon herself to inform Lusamine that her training was inadequate and asked her to either up the difficulty or transfer them to a new instructor ahead of schedule. 

Because the Euphrates do not speak respectfully to anyone who is not Abaddon or his family, Lusamine's patience had already begun to wear thin. 

With the addition of the new recruits' frightening speed, strength, and stamina, Kanami suddenly telling her to up the difficulty of their training finally caused Lusamine's inferiority complex to go out of control, and she lashed out. 

Deciding to beat some respect into her new recruits the hard way, Lusamine challenged Kanami to a no holds barred spar and declared that to be the groups final test. 

The succubus was more than confident that she would win, as she had served alongside Asmodeus for many years and brought him a great many victories. 

Surely, this time would be no different and she would teach these disrespectful bastards a lesson, right?


Kanami beat Lusamine like an old blanket.

Without even drawing her sword, she completely overwhelmed her opponent in every conceivable method of combat. 

Technique, fundamentals, and most importantly, power. 

"Perhaps I should have held back a bit more but in the midst of our battle I sensed that she was truly trying to kill me despite her proclaiming our match to have been a spar. 

I have no intentions of dying unless it is on a battlefield beside my god and creator. Anyone who tries to rob me of that glorious fate will face swift and defining consequences." She said in a stern and obsessive demeanor. 

The eyes of her siblings behind her began to glow as if to convey that they felt the exact same way. 

To them, Kanami had let Lusamine off rather easily. 

They were certain that had she not been so close to Abaddon, she would no longer even be breathing.

After hearing the full story, the faces of everyone present showed pure exhaustion. 

Well... almost everyone. 

Bekka, Valerie, Asmodeus, Seras, Yara, and Audrina were all huddled together in a circle, snickering like children. 

Asmodeus: "Pfft... I would have given one of my wings to see such a scene with my own eyes!"

Yara: "You are too cruel, husband. H-How can you laugh at someone who is like your own sibling in this manner?"

Valerie: "Mother, You're giggling too!"

Seras: "It's pretty hard not to!"

Bekka: "I believe there is a term for this in husband's old world. What was it again? Fuck around and find out?" 

Audrina: "Pffftt.. S-Stop it you guys! My sides are starting to hurt!"

As the object of their jokes, Lusamine had long reached her breaking point and her face became as red as her irises. 


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