Chapter 1472: end of text

  Chapter 1472 is complete

  Yitong thought so in his heart.

  Lele can wear whatever clothes she wants, nothing is more important than her being happy.

  However, after people change clothes and come out.

   Rituals: “…”

   "Xiao Tongtong, what kind of expression is this on your face? It doesn't look good?"

   Yitong turned around silently.

   "What are you doing?"

  Qin Lele turned to him angrily, saw his face, and said "ah".

   "You have a nosebleed."

   Rituals: “…”

   Yitong didn't dare to look at it.

   "Why don't you look at me?"

   "Because it looks so good."

  The girl blushed silently.

  Yitong didn't dare to look at it, but couldn't help it.

  However, seeing other men watching, I still feel uncomfortable. But his girlfriend wants to wear it like this, and swimsuits also have a reason, and he can't stop it.

How to do?

  Someone silently uses energy to block the eyes of some people.

  Those people see only a cloud of fog when they look over.

  Qin Lele didn't seem to notice it. She happily played by the beach during the day and barbecued by the beach at night.

   When she was back at the hotel, she suddenly jumped on Yitong's back.

   "Haha, think I didn't notice? You used energy secretly, cheapskate."

   Yitong dare not move.

   "Well, I don't want them to see it." Yitong said frankly.

  He is so frank, it's not easy for Qin Lele to tease him.

   "Then I want to punish the cheapskate."

   "How do you want to punish?"

  The girl thought for a while, and seeing the boy's cheeks were slightly red, she simply leaned to the side and kissed him.

   "Ah, the sneak attack failed."

   Kiss only to the corner of the lips.

   Yitong was silent for a while, then suddenly put him down.

  Qin Lele looked at him with a smile, "Little Tongtong, your expression is a bit fierce now."

  Obviously still looks handsome, but there is a fierce light hidden in the dark eyes, like a beast trying to catch its prey.

  It was the first time she saw Yitong showing such an expression, um, a little scared, but so charming.

  The boy didn't say a word, and approached with his lips pursed. One hand was already raised, ready to hold her neck.

  Qin Lele suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed again.

  She didn't seem to know that she was adding fuel to the fire, and said triumphantly, "It worked this time, do you have anything to say?"

  The boy answered with practical actions.

   Afterwards, they went to several small domestic attractions. Eating, drinking, drinking and playing around, unlocking the things couples can do, and solving a few weird incidents.

  However, they didn't play for too long and returned to Chu City.

   Yitong owns several companies. As a young CEO, he is very busy.

  Qin Lele owns quite a few companies, and she is still a viewer. She often needs to cooperate with scientific research conferences and is also very busy.

  The young lovers who returned to Chu City don't have much time to spend together.

  One day, when Qin Ping got off work, he discovered that Ye Ru had baked a lot of biscuits.

   "Lele and Xiao Tong are in the garden, call them over for something to eat."

   "Well, I'll call Lele."

  Ye Ru felt strange, "Did you miss one person?"

  Qin Ping: "Heh." Abducted his sister and wanted to eat his biscuits, no way!


  The bench is very long, and the young couples have to sit together.

  One is playing with a mobile phone, and the other is holding a computer to handle work.

   Soon, Yitong was absent-minded.

   There are some things that I can't help after opening my mouth.

  He turned his head to look at the girl from time to time, and his eyes fell on it several times... Finally, he couldn't hold back, the boy leaned over and kissed her lightly.

   "521vs520, I won."

  The competitive Qin Lele quit.

   "I'll win it back right away, don't move!"

   Yitong was kissed twice and admitted that his girlfriend had won.

   However, he won it back quickly.

   Sensing the scorching gaze, Yitong looked back and paused.

  Qin Ping who just approached: Death Stare.jpg

   (End of the full text)

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