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In the end, Xiao Weixin still had to enter the palace again in order to resolve the trouble caused by Xiao Weiming. After suffering such a huge loss, it is impossible for Xia Huaizhang to leave the matter at that. Even if Xiao Weiming is titled Qin Wang, how can he compare with the Xia family which holds the actual power and can easily deal with a powerless prince like him?

You Shu spent the whole day training in the Shadow Guard Camp but he was slightly worried. Judging from the character design of Xia Huaizhang in the book, this person is vindictive, insidious and vicious. Despite being a good-for-nothing idiot, he is arrogant and conceited. He is utterly unprincipled and does not discriminate between gender1. He runs rampant in the capital, harassing men and women all the year round and he has coveted Xiao Weixin for a long time. You Shu worried that his prince would be at a disadvantage upon entering the palace this time.

Sure enough, in the afternoon, he heard Ying Jiu, who was on duty, say that the prince was very angry when he returned. Apparently, he dragged Xiao Weiming to toast Xia Huaizhang a few cups of wine at the banquet as an apology, but Xia Huaizhang was very scornful. He still refused to give them face and sarcastically ridiculed them with many offensive words, greatly embarrassing them. In the end, Xiao Weishen came up to smooth things over, settling this matter.


You Shu sighed deeply. Xiao Weiming, this hopelessly inept little bastard. Although he is the only one among these brothers who is sincerely and whole-heartedly good to the protagonist, his IQ is really worrying, and is sometimes an utter hindrance when it comes to handling matters.

Since Xiao Weixin is so infuriated this time, it can be estimated that the little bastard surnamed Xia took advantage of him verbally.

And sure enough, the next day, You Shu received a mission.

Xiao Weixin was fuming3 after returning from the palace. He took Xiao Weiming into the palace early in the morning. Xiao Weishen’s spies had already informed him about the matter, so he was not surprised that Xiao Weixin entered the palace. After all, everyone knows that Qin Wang and Ling Wang have had a good relationship since childhood.

Originally, this issue couldn’t be considered to be a big problem. Although Xia Huaizhang’s head was injured, there was no other serious problem after all. After Xiao Weiming apologized to him, this matter could have easily ended. But Xia Huaizhang held on to this issue and refused to compromise. He kept pointing at his own head, saying that the dizziness and nausea were all caused by Xiao Weiming, and insisted that Xiao Weixin, as the elder brother, pour him wine as an apology.

Xiao Weishen didn’t have any liking for this cousin4 of his either and tolerated him purely for the sake of his uncle and the Empress Dowager. This matter was indeed due to Xiao Weiming’s recklessness but Xiao Weiming had already obediently apologized to him in person and yet he was still unwilling to forgive. This made even Xiao Weishen feel disgusted with him.

Fortunately, Xiao Weixin was quite considerate and kept apologizing softly. He didn’t make a big fuss even when Xia Huaizhang took advantage of the situation to stroke his hand5, which gave Xiao Weishen enough face. Xiao Weishen knew that he had been wronged so he specially gave him several gifts when he was leaving, as compensation.

Xiao Weixin completely disdained his reward and didn’t care about it. He endured his rage until he returned, and proceeded to lock himself into the study again. He kept remembering the undisguised lust in Xia Huaizhang’s eyes when he looked at him and he also remembered the moment when he flirtatiously brushed his hand across the back of his hand. He was so disgusted that he wished he could kill him on the spot6.

However, while he can’t take revenge on Xia Huaizhang openly, he can teach him a lesson secretly.

So You Shu accepted this mission, considering it a trivial and easy task.

He is an expert when it comes to assassination and he can accurately shoot a target from a thousand miles away, without revealing himself. He is also very experienced in tracking and disguise and although his knowledge of poisons isn’t as good as Ying Jiu’s, he still has a certain level of mastery. Prudent and measured, he is a rare all-rounded talent and he is, naturally, the most suitable person for this task.

You Shu finally got the opportunity to deal with this person who bullied their family’s protagonist7. How could he not make good use of it?

At night, Tingyue Tower is brightly lit and bustling with noise and excitement. At the entrance, the brothel madam stood, dressed in splendid perfumed robes, greeting and leading in the endless stream of high officials and dignitaries. This is the most famous brothel in the capital.

You Shu stopped in front of the building to observe it, sighing that he actually had a chance to come here by himself. Looking at all those transmigrating and time-travelling seniors, almost all of them are filled with a sense of curiosity and fascination for the brothel. It’s not that he has never come here before– the brothel is the best place to collect information after all– but that was always for official business and he was accompanied by colleagues. This is the first time for him to come by himself, privately.

His clothes are not exceptionally luxurious but he can be considered wealthy. The madam came up to him and greeted him, with a smile on her face: “This gentleman looks unfamiliar, is it the first time coming here?”

“It is indeed the first time.” You Shu smiled, with a well-bred and noble appearance. “I’m a businessman from another city. I heard that your establishment is the most famous, is it true?”

The madam smiled playfully and spun around to lead him inside. You Shu casually ordered for someone to come over and then sat down at the table8 to drink.

A while later, a young green-clad girl entered9 with a pipa10 in her arms. She looks very young and her face is still childish, at most fourteen or fifteen years old. She has a delicate appearance and looks pleasant and gentle.

You Shu glanced at her and couldn’t help cursing in his heart.

This evil feudal society even employs underage young girls for such jobs!

You Shu was intently listening to the movement downstairs, carefully observing everyone who entered at any time. The young girl bowed and said softly: “Young master, this slave is called Lu Ying. May I ask what song you would like to hear?”

You Shu’s only reason for ordering a singer was to deceive people so how could he have the time to listen to songs? After hearing what the girl said, he waved his hand and said casually: “Just play whatever you are good at.”

Lu Ying noticed his absent-mindedness, sat down quietly and began to play. Her playing was quite pleasing to the ear. Even though You Shu’s music cells were congenitally stunted, he could still hear the beautiful allure in the song and he couldn’t help but relax slightly.

Soon, a familiar figure appeared downstairs. It was Xia Huaizhang whom You Shu was waiting for.

Xia Huaizhang is truly a shameless and gluttonous person. Even with his head injury, he still doesn’t forget to come out to seek pleasure and enjoyment. As soon as he entered, he arrogantly kicked away the brothel madam, cursing foully, and ordered for the top prostitute to come and serve him. The madam did not dare to offend this plague god 11and hurriedly told someone to go and invite Hong Rui12, and led him to a private room, smiling.

Generally, the private rooms of such high-level guests have strict security and several guards stand watch outside, so other people cannot enter easily.

You Shu followed his movements out of the corner of his eyes, and accurately memorized his room number.

Meanwhile, Lu Ying had already finished playing a song and asked him cautiously if he wanted to continue to listen.

“No hurry. You have something to eat first.” You Shu casually pushed a plate of sweet-scented osmanthus cakes13, which he hadn’t touched, towards her, “I need to use the toilet. You stay here to eat and drink and wait for me to come back.”

After he finished speaking, he got up and went out in a hurry, as if he really needed to go to the toilet urgently. Lu Ying was left staring at the door with a bewildered expression. She has worked here for more than a year and this is the first time she has encountered such a guest.

Let her stay here to eat and drink….. how to eat this?

You Shu’s disguised appearance is quite average. But it’s not the “ordinary” of Gu Tianle14. It’s the kind of ordinary that can melt into the crowd and is easily forgotten in a second. So it is convenient for him to use this face to do wicked things.

It’s very easy for the guards outside the brothel rooms to deal with ordinary people but it would be a joke for them to have the ability to deal with a professional assassin like You Shu. He leapt out of the small window of the toilet and noiselessly jumped onto the roof.

For a person like Xia Huaizhang to bring guards when he goes out means that he probably has an intuition in his heart. Knowing that he is hated by others, he is afraid that someone will assassinate him so he cherishes his life more than anyone else. The two hidden guards on the roof are the best proof of this.

You Shu hid under the eaves and observed the two guards for a while. After thinking for a few moments, he raised his sleeve and waved it lightly, and two light silver needles flew out.

The two hidden guards weren’t expecting such a sneak attack. They were pierced all of a sudden and fainted before they could feel any pain. You Shu took the opportunity to jump up and disdainfully kicked those two guys.

Judging by their attire, their salary from Xia Huaizhang is clearly not low but, with their skills, they really don’t deserve such a high salary. For this kind of trash, he can easily beat ten of them at the same time.

You Shu crouched and gently lifted a roof tile to glance inside. Sure enough, he saw Xia Huaizhang embracing and flirting with a red-clothed beauty, his hands wandering inappropriately, like a lecherous pervert who can’t wait any longer.

Men’s vigilance is the lowest when that thing is going on. Even if Xia Huaizhang’s martial arts is not low, he can’t prevent his alertness from dropping at this time, so it was quite easy for You Shu to strike.

He took out a bamboo pipe that he had previously prepared and blew a puff of smoke into it. The wisp of red-colored smoke quickly dissipated in the air. This smoke is a special product of their Shadow Guard Camp and was created by Ying Jiu. Ying Jiu operates as an undercover agent in various sensual places throughout the year so he is very experienced in handling such situations. He had promised that even if it was a bull, as long as it smells a whiff of this smoke, it will fall to the ground within a moment, completely unconscious.

Facts have proved that Ying Jiu is indeed trustworthy.

You Shu lightly jumped down from a gap in the roof, looked at the two messily dressed people lying on the bed, and stroked his chin for a while. In all fairness, Xia Huaizhang is also quite handsome but unfortunately, his excessive indulgence in the pleasures of wine and sex has given him an air of debauchery and vanity, which makes people feel disgusted when they look at him.

He stepped forward lightly, bypassed the woman in red, opened Xia Huaizhang’s mouth and fed him a small blue pill. The odorless pill dissolved completely in his mouth so even after waking up, it would be impossible for him to identify what he had been fed.

This pill is an experimental product created by You Shu himself. He learnt how to manufacture drugs and poisons from Ying Jiu and, after a sudden flash of inspiration, he invented a hallucinogenic drug by himself.

This drug can strongly stimulate people’s brains in a short period of time and cause a person to experience several bizarre hallucinations. Although it isn’t harmful to the health, it does cause some damage to that thing15. He once experimented it on the male dog at the gate and since then, the dog would run away with its tail between its legs whenever it saw him.

He named this thing “Viagra16“. The people in the Shadow Guard camp were shocked when they heard of its effect and no one dared to even touch it.

You Shu turned around and replenished the incense in the incense burner in the room causing the fragrance in the room to increase immediately and noticeably. This fragrance can easily make people’s blood rush and speed up the effect of the pill17.

After doing all this, You Shu was satisfied and jumped back onto the roof from the gap in the tiles and carefully restored the roof tiles to their original positions. He moved the two unconscious guards back to their places, pulled out the silver needles from the back of their necks without leaving any marks, and then returned the way he came.

This entire process took no longer than 15 minutes18.

When he returned to the second floor, Lu Ying had obediently finished eating a plate of sweet-scented osmanthus cakes. After seeing him, she quickly got up to greet him, “Young master, you have returned?”

When You Shu saw her well-behaved appearance, he suddenly thought of his own little sister. After looking closely at this girl, he discovered that she looked a bit similar to his sister and was the same age as his sister had been when he had died in a car accident.

So his voice softened involuntarily when he replied: “En. Have you finished eating?”

“Yes.” Lu Ying answered cautiously, carefully observing his expression: “Would you like to listen to something else, young master?”

You Shu had already completed his mission and didn’t plan to stay here for a long time. He turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something and turned back. He took out some silver from his pocket and placed it on the table, “This is a tip for you.”

Lu Ying doesn’t know what a “tip” is but she knows it should mean a reward. It’s just that her status in the brothel is very low and, generally, no guest would give her such a generous reward. So she blushed and wanted to refuse but when she looked up, the guest had already left.

She stared blankly at the door, and it took her a long time to realize that she still didn’t know the name of this gentleman.

You Shu went downstairs but before he could step outside, he heard a commotion upstairs. When he turned his head, he saw Xia Huaizhang rushing downstairs, howling. His clothes were disheveled, that thing was vigorously erect, and his bare butt was on full display.

The onlookers were stunned, not knowing why Young Master Xia was making such a noisy disturbance.

But they all clearly saw that Young Master Xia’s place is….. very tiny.

You Shu is in a very cheerful and happy mood. It is quite gratifying to take revenge for his protagonist.

It seems to be the wish of all readers to be able to torment the villain for the sake of the protagonist.

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Basically it means that he has no qualms about pursuing men or women and he can chase and bed either as he pleases. Bisexual but the worst version. Thing is when I searched for it, google actually gave me a warning that SafeSearch is off, which startled me a little ngl.

Sighing sound. Like En I thought it would be better to write this instead of any other english words

(咽不下这口气): I can’t swallow this breath. Meaning that someone has suffered some injustice and is very angry about it and doesn’t want to simply endure it.

表弟 (biǎo dì): younger male cousin from mother’s side

I am utterly… disgusted with this sorry excuse for a human being.

The original was that “he wished he could let his blood splatter three feet away”.

Basically representing belonging or relation. This could be due to 2 reasons: either because YS was a reader of this book so he naturally considers himself the same team as XWX or because he belongs to the Ling Wang mansion so he and XWX can roughly be considered same family. It could also be because of both of these reasons.

The interior of the brothel would be something like this: 

He didn’t just sit at a random table on the ground floor. He went to the second floor to sit in a room there. So a table, window probably, assume some cushions are also placed and a few ornaments.

A Chinese traditional music instrument:

A demon which brought plague, pestilence and other misfortunes.

The name of the top prositute.

A Chinese dessert like a pastry.

Gu Tianle is a Chinese actor, with a quite handsome appearance. But he had to play a role in which the characters considered him of “average” and “ordinary” appearance. So, this has become an Internet meme for Chinese netizens when someone is clearly very amazing, handsome or talented but is described as plain and ordinary. You Shu means that his appearance is actually ordinary, not the so-called ordinary but actually good-looking of Gu Tianle.(

sexual organ aka penis

Viagra is apparently (威哥: wēi gē) in Chinese where wēi means strong or mighty and gē means brother which is slang for penis. So mighty dick lmaoo. Also, the sheer irony of naming something that causes erectile dysfunction as Viagra.

Faster blood circulation will increase the rate of absorption of the drug into the blood.

It actually said 盏茶的时间 which means “time of a cup of tea”. Basically, the time for a cup of tea to cool after it is poured. Which is variable obviously but usually 10-15 minutes. It was an ancient way of measuring time, just like “a stick of incense time”which means time taken for a stck of incense to completely burn.

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