CH 19

Until my family came back from the royal capital, I had an idea to borrow the old lady’s workshop and make magic potions. However, if I move the tools in the workshop any further, the old lady might get suspicious.

I’m going to return the tools I’ve used so far to the same place exactly. But there was a great possibility that they might have shifted a little.

Therefore, I decided that it would be dangerous to work here any longer, and after the goblin subjugation operation was over, I didn’t enter at all. Of course, I’m feeling a bit backward. I wish I had another room. No, wait.

I headed to the lodgings of the Knight Order, which I often visit recently.

“Oh, Lionel, I have a question, can I build my workshop in a corner of the lodge?”

“Julius-sama, we have discussed the subject between us. We have come to the conclusion that it would be impossible.”


“Because there are no Potions Masters in the Knights. Without a Potions Master, we can’t get the tools we need. And then we wouldn’t have room.”

“If you put it that way, yes. If you don’t have the qualifications, you can’t buy the tools”


Shame. It seems that I can’t have my own workshop until I finish school. I have no choice, so I will have to make do with the ‘Laboratory’ skill as before.

“That’s right. I brought you a new potion.”

I handed Lionel some ‘insect repellent incense’ and ‘anti-itch ointment’. He was pleased when I told him about the benefits and how to use them.

“This is a great help. We were all in trouble. Let’s have them use it immediately on the next expedition…Julius-sama, is this also a secret?”

“Yes. Or did my grandmother ever make the same thing?”

“…I don’t think so.”

“Well, that’s that then.”

“At your service.”

Lionel looks very sad. Maybe he’s unhappy that my achievements aren’t being publicised. I don’t care about that at all.

After graduating from school safely and becoming a high-ranking magic pharmacist, I won’t hold back.

It seems that the magic potion I gave was used immediately, and there were already requests such as “It was the best” and “I want more”.

I feel like I have more magical power these days, probably because I have been squeezing it to the limit every day. I’ve obviously been able to maintain my ‘laboratory’ skills for longer than before, so I’ve been able to make a few more. But it’s just that one has turned into two or three.

As I continued to make magic potions like that, I received news that my family was coming back from the royal capital.

Before that, there was a letter from my father regarding the goblin subjugation. There was just one phrase written on it: “Well-done.” ……I’m kind of scared.

As I waited at the entrance with my heart pounding, I saw a family that hadn’t changed at all from when they left for the royal capital.

“Julius, Rosalia, you look the same.”

“Welcome, home”

“Welcome, home!”

When I greeted my father, my mother’s favourite Rosalia flew to my mother. Oh dear, now my part in this is finally over. The days of sleeping with Rosalia every night are over. From today onwards, I will be able to sleep peacefully.

“That’s right, I have a souvenir for the two of you who were good children.”

“Thank you”

“Thank you”

Somehow later, the servants were carrying a lot of boxes into the mansion. This will be the talk of the royal capital for a while.

There was a time when I thought so, but to be honest, I also had it. Right now, I’m being called to my father’s office. Lionel was waiting next to me.

Is this that, or a scolding for having shared my father’s treasured liquor?

“Julius, sit down there. Then everyone except Lionel, get out.”

Oops, someone paid. This might have really pissed my father off. I’ve never been scolded by my father before, but what kind of feeling will it be? I’m a little excited.

“Julius, Lionel has told me some of the story. But I want you to tell me the details. Lionel told me that you are making potions.”

Ghee! You betrayed me, Lionel! Lionel lowered his eyes apologetically.

“Julius, don’t blame Lionel. As Margrave Heine, I need to know everything. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to cover for you if something happened to you, would I?”

“…Aren’t you angry?”

“Yes, I’m inclined to be angry. But I am sure that if Julius had not provided the magic potion, the damage would have been much worse. I have to admit that.”

“What of the sharing of father’s treasured liquor?”

“…I gave you, Julius, full authority. Of course, no question.”

He said with a bitter look on his face. Apparently, he is responding to a great deal of it.

Is there anything I can do about the things that have been found out? If my father will be my backing, it would be better to rely on him without hesitation. He trusted me so much that he entrusted me with full authority. I should repay that trust.

I told my father and Lionel what had happened so far.

“Honestly, I can’t believe it. But it’s actually there. So I have to believe it.”

“Julius-sama, I swear I will never reveal this to anyone.”

But hey, Lionel, you’ve already told on me. I guess Lionel also acted thinking about me and the Heine Margrave family. I admit that. But I think it would be nice to have some advice. There’s something to be prepared for here too.

Father let out a deep sigh.

“Julius, do you think my mother would accept this?”

“What about the old lady? …… I think it’s difficult. When I asked her once if she wouldn’t make new potions, she said, ‘I don’t want to ruin my house’.”

“I see. Because quite a few houses were purged at that time. ……”

I don’t know what happened, but it seems that there was something important about the potions when Grandma was young. I’ll have a sneak peek at it later.

“Julius, for the time being, please use your own method to provide the knights with magic potions.The sale price can be whatever amount you wish.”

“Then it’s free of charge. After all, I’m a human experimenter.”

“I see, that’s a good excuse.……you’re not greedy at all. It’s more troublesome than I thought.”

“Of course that’s true. Because I’m father’s child.”

Father sighed deeply again, and Lionel smiled wryly.

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