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Chapter 135:

The baby in his stomach seemed to hear Tao Ti's prayer, and the next delivery was incredibly smooth.

The midwife was busy with sweat. One palace man fed Tao Ti water and one wiped her sweat. Tao Ti was holding the sheets in both hands, sweating like rain.

"The queen empress is working hard again, it's fast, and the old slave is looking at the head of the emperor's heir."

"Mother, take a deep breath, go to one place!"


Tao Ti really wanted to scream, but the midwife said that yelling would relieve her energy and could only hold her breath.

Fortunately, this torture did not last long. About an hour later, two crisp baby cry came from the delivery room one after another.

Listening to this powerful cry, the midwife couldn't help but be astonished and said, "This is a blessing for the mother. This is both the first child and the twin. She can give birth so quickly and smoothly. The old slave has delivered so many years, she is still the first one. See you."

Tao Ti smiled weakly and let Linglong feed the ginseng soup.

"Niang, the first one to come out is the little prince, and the next child is the little princess." Linglong had tears in her eyes. She saw the birth of the prince and princess with her own eyes, and saw the sins suffered by the empress's empress. The emotions are very complicated, and they are both happy and distressed.

Tao Ti drank a bowl of ginseng soup, with some strength in his body, and said softly, "Hold the child and show me."

Linglong responded and hurriedly asked people to hug her.

Outside the hall, when Pei Yan heard the cry of the baby, he wanted to rush into the room, but the palace maid stopped him, saying that there was a lot of blood inside and the mother had not finished giving birth. But staring at the direction of the inner hall.

When the midwife came out to announce the good news, he couldn't wait to take a step forward and asked in a deep voice, "How about the queen?"

The midwife smiled and said, "Your Majesty, don't worry, the empress is fine, Xiaohuang..."

She wanted to say "the little prince and the little princess" is also very good, but before she finished speaking, she saw the emperor strode in, leaving only a hurried back.

This...don't even ask the child?

As soon as Pei Yan stepped into the inner hall, he smelled a **** smell, even though the windows were open, and the scented cake was still burning in the room, it was still difficult to hide.

At this moment, the palace people had replaced clean sheets and bed covers, and the blood-stained sheets were all placed in the copper basin. Pei Yan glanced at it, and his heart sank when he saw the blood stains.

He pursed his lips and went straight to the bed.

Tao Ti was leaning against the sapphire blue forged pillow, wearing a goose-yellow cloud satin on her forehead, two small swaddlings, one on the left and one on the right, in her arms, her head hanging down, the corners of her lips faint , Look at this for a while, look at that for a while, eyes full of joy.

The warm yellow candlelight gleamed on her body, making her whole body hazy, as if it exudes a gentle light.

Pei Yan's heart was full of anxiety, worry, and fear. When he saw this scene, he did not feel calm.

An unprecedented and extremely strong emotion quickly flooded his body. His eyes were inexplicably sore, and his hands that were naturally lowered couldn't help but squeeze. He endured the surging hot feelings in his chest, strode forward, and cried out softly, " Ati."

Tao Ti raised his eyes and saw him coming, with a smile on his pale, haggard face, and his misty black eyes with radiance. He said cheerfully, "Your Majesty, look at our babies, they are really small. !"

Pei Yan didn't rush to see the child, but looked at her up and down. Seeing that she was in good condition, the nerves that had been strained in his heart relaxed.

"Ati, how do you feel now?"

"Some tired, some uncomfortable underneath, other things are fine."

"Thanks a lot."

He stared at her deeply, his eyes gleaming affectionately.

Tao Ti was embarrassed by him and said hurriedly, "Sit down and look at the children."

Only then did Pei Yan slowly take a seat next to her, focusing on the two children.

Tao Ti tilted his head and observed his expression quietly. Seeing that he didn't have much expression, thinking he was the same as he started, seeing the two children wrinkled, he felt that they were ugly. Like a little monkey, the midwife said, after a few days, it will become more beautiful after being opened."

Pei Yan curled his lips, "It looks good."

Tao Ti, "Huh?"

Not really.

But Pei Yan was very serious, and sincerely praised, "It's very good-looking, my son is like me, and my daughter is like you."

Tao Ti, "...?"

She looked down at the two red monkeys who couldn't even open their eyes.

Uh, how does it look like? Father-in-law filter?

Pei extended his hand to touch the faces of the two children, the facial lines were a little more gentle.

Their children are the best.

"This is the older brother, this is the younger sister, the two came out of the front and back feet."

"Well, very good. From now on, my brother can protect my sister."

The two watched the children together for a while, Pei Yan noticed the tiredness on Tao Ti's face, and beckoned to the nurse to hug the two children.

He turned around, helped her lie down, and took care of her to be tucked away by the corners. Immediately, he leaned over and kissed her eyes again, the deep voice was full of tenderness, "Ati, get a good night's sleep."

"Well, then I'm going to sleep." Tao Ti was really tired, holding his hand, closing his eyes, and soon fell asleep.


On the morning of the second day, the news that the queen gave birth to the baby of the dragon and phoenix spread throughout the front court and the harem.

Upon hearing the good news, the Zhang family, Princess Jingyang, Qinghe, Xu Wenchan and others came to the palace to visit Tao Ti with a bunch of gifts.

Hearing this news, the Supreme Emperor of Xingqing Palace also rewarded a lot of gifts.

Early in the morning, Pei Yan happily shared this joy with the courtiers, and at the same time announced an amnesty for the world, tax reduction for three years, grace the people, and accumulate blessings for the prince and princess.

Hundred officials celebrate, the mountain calls God and bless the great abyss, long live your majesty.

When the little prince and little princess are full of the moon, Pei Yan and Tao Ti take the two children to Xingqing Palace to visit the Supreme Emperor.

This is the first time that the Supreme Emperor has seen his grandchildren. Over the past year, his body has been deteriorating, and his whole person is aging at a speed visible to the naked eye. The original black hair is now more than half of the white, which is described as haggard.

Hearing from Li Gui, the Supreme Emperor often went to Fengyi Palace and sat on the tablets of Queen Gu and the eldest prince for a whole day.

Sometimes I laughed foolishly, sometimes gloomy and silent, the emotions are difficult to distinguish and elusive.

The imperial doctor only said that the Supreme Emperor was a heart disease, and that a heart disease needed a heart medicine doctor. Ordinary medicine stones are rare, and they are useless.

Both Pei Yan and Tao Ti knew what the Emperor's heart medicine was.

There is no medicine for him in this world, he can only linger and stay sick until death.

Turning to this, the emperor looked at the white and tender little prince and little princess, and was afraid that he would be sick to the child, and did not hug them, but only squinted his eyes to look at them.

The two children were born in a lovely snow group, and they were not afraid to see the white beard and the Emperor Taishang, staring at him with big clear eyes.

Seeing the curious and pure gazes of his grandson and granddaughter, the stern face of the Supreme Emperor was also a lot softer, and two thick red envelopes were stuffed for the two children as a meeting ceremony.

That night, the palace also held a grand full moon banquet for the prince and princess.

None of the guests who came to the palace banquet saw the little prince and the little princess without saying that they were cute.


Another month passed, and winter came.

On this day, Pei Yan went to court as usual.

There were also courtiers in the dynasty who advised the emperor to draft his concubine and fill the harem.

They wondered in their hearts that when the queen was pregnant, his majesty did not accept the concubine in order not to affect the queen's mood. Now that the queen gave birth to the prince and the prince safely, and the confinement is out again, there should be no other reason for her majesty to accept the concubine now, right?

However, in the face of the courtiers’ advice, Pei Yan refused again, his tone calm and loudly--

"I have a prince and a state-owned prince. Why do we need to accept concubines anymore? Besides, for the royal family, prosperous heirs are not necessarily a good thing. I think that in order to avoid chaos after more than ten or twenty years, you will be drafted. Don't mention it again later."

His words meant something.

Smart people can hear that your Majesty is talking about the forced palace incident of the third prince Pei Changzhou two years ago. This is a taboo. How dare they answer the conversation?

What's more, your majesty’s attitude is so clear. After more than a year of ruling, the courtiers also understand that the new emperor is not as gentle as his appearance. His tough methods are beyond the emperor’s. Nothing less.

But one is to hide the needle in Mianli, and to hide the knife in the smile, and the other is to kill the fruit and make a quick fight. Anyway, the father and son are not good masters.

After retiring from the court, Fu Xirui saw that His Majesty was not in a good mood, and he was obviously responded by those courtiers who had no vision.

He hurriedly laughed, bending over and suggesting, "Your Majesty, why don't you go to Weiyang Palace? Didn't the empress also say yesterday that she took a bite of a stone pot, and what stone pot chicken should I eat..."

Sure enough, when the Empress Empress was mentioned, the coldness between your majesty's handsome eyebrows and eyes dissipated a lot.

He turned the jade pull finger on his thumb, and after a long while, he made a low "um" sound.

Fu Xirui immediately yelled with joy, "Your Majesty will drive Weiyang Palace——"

When Pei Yan arrived at Weiyang Palace, Tao Ti was sitting cross-legged on the couch and unpacking gifts, while the eldest prince and the little princess were lying in the golden cradle and sleeping.

After more than a month of feeding, the two children are no longer wrinkled and red like they were just born. Their skins have gradually become white and tender and plump, like peeled egg whites. The eyebrows gradually opened up. As Pei Yan said before, the little prince is indeed more like him, with a pair of beautiful peachy eyes, while the little princess is more like Tao Ti, with big round eyes and deep folds of eyelids, like Exquisite like a doll.

Hearing the familiar footsteps from far and near, Tao Ti did not look up, but lowered his head and continued to tear down the gift, saying hello in his mouth, "Your Majesty, you are here."

"Yeah." Pei Yan walked over slowly, glanced at the gift on the table, "Is this from Rong Di?"

Tao Ti nodded in response. These gifts were prepared by Qiong Qi. They included fine fur, gems, spices, and two delicately polished spike chains.

Qiong Qi said in the letter that in Rong Di's customs, wolf teeth are meant to be blessed. These two hanging chains were made with the teeth of a wolf that she had hunted personally, and counted as her godmother's feelings for the two little babies.

Tao Ti intends to wait until the children are one year old, and then hang them up. The children are still young at the moment, so she hangs them for fear of stuffing them in their mouths.

After the gift was opened, she asked the palace people to clean it up.

Pei Yan walked to the cradle, hung his head, and looked at the two children quietly.

At this time, it was winter. The little prince was wrapped in a satin swaddle with sapphire blue embroidered flowers, and the little princess was a swaddle with a lotus root pink lotus flower. These two colors made their skin white and tender like snow. They fell asleep peacefully, with dark and soft hair, long eyelashes and pink mouth, which was very painful.

Tao Ti got off the couch and walked to Pei Yan's side. His eyes fell on the two children, with the corners of his lips curled up, a little sullen, "They are behaved, they go to bed after eating, and don't make any fuss at all."

Pei Yan looked sideways and saw the corners of her lips curled up slightly, her eyes softened.

After more than a month of recuperation, she returned to her previous state, with a ruddy complexion and a slender figure. If there is any difference between before and after giving birth, it is probably the temperament of her whole body. It's not like the lively and naive before, a bit more charming and gentle.

After looking at the child for a while, Tao Ti turned around and raised her head to Pei Yan and said, "I heard that the courtier urged you to draft again?"

Speaking of this, Pei Yan frowned, snorted coldly, and said, "They are all fed up. They are confused about the trivial matters of their own back house, and they want to intervene in the harem."

With that said, he took Tao Ti to sit down on the warm couch, let her sit on his lap, and wrapped her arms around her to restore her slender waist.

Tao Ti leaned against his arms and raised his hand to touch his chin. There was a small stubble that made her fingertips slightly itchy. Her eyebrows were curled and she joked softly, "A beautiful woman is like a flower, isn't your majesty moved? "

Pei Yan raised his eyebrows and looked down at her.

Today, she wore a small moon-shadow-white jacket, and not all the buttons on the collar were fastened. Three of them were scattered. From Pei Yan's perspective, she could see her white and tender skin and autumn-scented blouse. Her dark, plump hair was pulled back into a short bun and hung behind her head, and two strands of hair fell in her ears, adding a bit of lazy charm.

Like a plump and ripe peach hanging on a branch, it is coveted.

Pei Yan felt a bit thirsty in his throat, and his eyes darkened a bit.

"My queen is the best in the world." He held down her restless little hand, placed it on his lips and bit gently, "If you have the best, what else do you have to do? It is enough to have you alone. ."

When he said this, he was very close, and the warm breath gently brushed her earlobe.

Tao Ti's face was hot involuntarily, and her thick eyelashes trembled.

Seeing her shy appearance, Pei Yan's throat rolled up and down.

He has been vegetarian for almost a year, and he can see, hug, and kiss, but he can't eat and wipe happily. God knows how torturing that feeling is.

Pei Yan's hand on her waist tightened, her black eyes glowing with a deep and dangerous light, and she said dumbly, "If Ati doesn't believe my intention, I don't mind to prove it personally."

Tao Ti was startled, just about to say "I mind", the next moment she felt lighter, she was directly picked up by the man.

"Your Majesty, it's only noon, and the sky is still light..."


"Yes, but we haven't had lunch yet." Her stone pot chicken is still stuffed on the stove!

Pei Yan hugged her and strode to the side of the bed, bent down and put her down, his black eyes narrowed, and his breathing became heavy. "Eat you first."

After that, he leaned over and kissed her lips deeply.

The red Luoman tent slowly hangs down, covering a charming room.

Outside the house, magpies clambered on the branches and whispered, and the bright sunshine shrouded the brilliant double-petaled begonias in front of the court in winter, and the time became long and pleasant.

The spring in the house is endless, and people in love are doing happy things.

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