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Side Stories (Part 2 of 2)

Side Stories (Part 2 of 2)

Translated by trungtnguyen123

The road to Xiao Li’s hometown was being fixed and it was hard for cars to pass through the road to her hometown. But Chen Yu Bai was used to driving fast so even though the road was bumpy he still hit the accelerator hard. Both Chen Yu Bai’s car and its passengers were bounced around and scared. Chen Yu Bai drove with one hand and the other hand braced the sleeping Xiao Li’s seatbelt against her chest.

An Xiao Li was sleeping obliviously until she heard someone cried out from the backseat and woke up, it was little Bai’s dad. She looked at the front mirror and saw that little Bai’s dad was holding onto his shiny bald head and he looked angry.

An Xiao Li laughed softly at little Bai who she thought must have loved her too much and was willing to let his dad bump a shiny bald head in the car. She sneaked a glance at little Bai, he was glaring.

An Xiao Li thought she was laughing softly, but it made little Bai’s parents’ eyes look angrier.

An Xiao Li broke out in a cold sweat and quickly diverted little Bai’s parents’ attention. ‘We’re nearly… there.’

At An Xiao Li’s family home, Miss Chen and An Bu San were already home waiting for Miss Chen’s unwelcomed former family members… but Mr and Mrs Chen senior’s expressions were more sour.

An Xiao Li’s eyes were brimmed with tears and she turned to look at little Bai. He didn’t look at her but reached for her hand and held tight.

Miss Chen waited twenty years for the day her former brother and sister-in-law would come crawling to her and ask for a favour.

Miss Chen saw her ‘beloved’ brother look frustrated as he walked into Miss Chen’s home with his prim and proper wife. Miss Chen felt triumphant on the inside, because they came to beg her to let her daughter marry their son – beg her!

Miss Chen lifted her chin. ‘Sit.’

Little Bai’s sour parents sat on the sofa in the living room. But the sofa was unwelcoming as Miss Chen, the sofa made a loud squeaky fart noise and made little Bai’s sour parents jump up from the sofa. They glanced at each other and slowly sat back down on the unwelcoming sofa.

‘Chen Yu Bai, go make tea!’ Miss Chen ordered.

Miss Chen sat on the swivel chair happily. She was enjoyed ordering her dear nephew soon to be her dear son-in-law. She saw her daughter was about to stand up and follow Chen Yu Bai so she gave her daughter a warning glare. She raised her daughter well, because her daughter stayed sitting on the same spot.

‘Big brother and big sister-in-law, long time no see. You’re both still noble like in the past,’ Miss Chen said and smiled politely.

Little Bai’s parents exchanged a look for a while before little Bai’s dad surrendered. ‘Little Ren, with us you don’t need to beat around the bush. For our children’s sake, we should choose an auspicious day for them to marry. Yu Bai isn’t young anymore, the sooner the better.’

‘You’re both satisfied with this daughter-in-law?’ Miss Chen asked and laughed. ‘That’s strange, she’s my daughter that I raised, you’re both certain you like her?’

An Xiao Li looked at Miss Chen helplessly… she wasn’t certain Miss Chen was her biological mum… wait, she forgot, Miss Chen was her step-mum… she covered her sad eyes.

‘Little Li… she’s a good girl… we… Yu Bai really loves her,’ Little Bai’s mum said.

‘She’s just a good girl?’ Miss Chen asked in a serious tone. ‘But to me, my daughter is too good for your son, it’ll be hard for your son to match my wonderful daughter.’

An Xiao Li uncovered her sad eyes. An Bu San secretly pulled his wife’s shirt but his wife glared at him so he looked in a different direction.

Mr and Mrs Chen senior both looked uncomfortable and kept their mouths closed and didn’t say anything else. When Chen Yin Ren wanted to marry An Bu San, the Chen household opposed and Mr and Mrs Chen senior who were the head of the Chen household were the ones that opposed strongly the most. In the end Miss Chen had no choice but to leave her family home. Miss Chen was the young arrogant mistress of the Chen household, but on her wedding day she didn’t even have a wedding dress to wear. After Mr and Mrs Chen reminisced about how they treated Miss Chen in the past, they both felt that Miss Chen resented them.

Little Bai stood and poured tea for everyone. ‘Dad and mum, come with me outside for a while. I have something I want to tell you.’

The moment little Bai and his parents left the living room, An Xiao Li jumped up and cried. ‘Mum… later after I marry into their family, because of you my dad and mum-in-law will hate me… hoo hoo…’

An Bu San nodded his head. ‘What happened to us was long ago, we shouldn’t let it get in the way of our daughter and Yu Bai’s happiness. The so-called…’

‘Be quiet!’ Miss Chen ordered her husband. She knocked her daughter’s head. ‘Dad and mum-in-law? That sounds too sweet coming from your mouth. If your mum doesn’t show them that they can’t mess with my daughter, later after you marry into their family you won’t even dare to hope you can stay alive! I can’t believe my husband and my daughter are siding with outsiders! You’re both dummies! Big dummy and little dummy!’

The big dummy and little dummy wisely closed their mouths.

Little Bai and his parents returned to the living room, he was still his cold self but his parents looked like caught chickens. His parents were trembling and their four eyes were like x-ray eyes, because they stared intensely at An Xiao Li’s stomach.

An Xiao Li’s heart ached, she had a revelation – little Bai’s parents didn’t like her because her slightly bloated stomach repulsed them.

‘Little Ren,’ Chen Yin Jiang called sincerely. ‘What happened that year, I was the one in the wrong. I shouldn’t have discriminated your husband for being poor and wanted you to marry someone who was rich and an asset to the family business. I heartlessly turned my back on you. It’s me your older brother who was wrong, I’m sorry. It was me who had bad eyesight. Your daughter is very good, we do really like her, Yu Bai… his temperament is a little poor, I hope you and… my younger brother-in-law won’t hold it against him.’

It was incredibly hard for Chen Yin Jiang to say those words, but Chen Yin Ren was happy to hear those words and it put her in a good mood. Chen Yin Ren wanted to cause her high and mighty older brother more discomfort, but Chen Yu Bai spoke before her. ‘Aunt, giving your blessing is good enough.’

Miss Chen coughed awkwardly and glared at her precious nephew. She pouted her lips and lifted her chin. ‘Of course we won’t hold it against our son-in-law – they can get engaged first, there’s no rush to have a quick wedding, they can slowly plan the wedding.’

Chen Yin Jiang panicked. ‘How can they slowly plan a wedding? If they don’t marry, stomach…’

‘Dad!’ Chen Yu Bai cried out. ‘Listen to aunt. Xiao Li and I will get engaged first, it won’t be too late if we marry a month after our engagement.’

The four elders in the room began to argue about the wedding dowry so Chen Yu Bai dragged Miss dummy outside to the balcony to get fresh air.

On the balcony, little Bai hugged An Xiao Li tight. ‘What did you say to your parents? Why did they suddenly admitted their faults and apologised to Miss Chen?’

‘I told them what they wanted to hear,’ Chen Yu Bai said and smiled. ‘Like they’re about to have a grandchild.’

An Xiao Li understood what trick little Bai used to persuade his parents and she immediately protested. ‘That was my idea first! You said we couldn’t use it! Chen Yu Bai, you stole my suggestion!’

An Xiao Li was certain that Miss Chen wouldn’t let little Bai’s parents off the hook easily so An Xiao Li rushed over to little Bai’s house and suggested that he knocked her up, if his baby was in her belly then Miss Chen wouldn’t hesitate to forgive and forget.

But little Bai clearly extinguished An Xiao Li’s suggestion!

An Xiao Li felt that she found little Bai’s weakness, she grabbed hold of it and didn’t want to let it go. She tried to force him to admit she was smart, but his icy glare scared her and she quietly rested her body against his body.

‘I’m busy planning our wedding. There’s not a lot of time until our wedding so I tricked them,’ Chen Yu Bai said. He hugged Xiao Li’s waist tight. ‘Before we get married, I won’t get you pregnant.’

‘Why?’ An Xiao Li asked.

Xiao Li tilted her head back and looked up at Chen Yu Bai lovingly, in her eyes was just him. His heart softened like the soft and gentle wind. ‘Because…’ He leaned down and kissed her. ‘In this lifetime, I’m only marrying you.’

Chen Yu Bai wanted to plan the most perfect wedding in the world for Xiao Li – only for Xiao Li, only Xiao Li was deserving, even the child Xiao Li would give birth for him wasn’t allowed to share Xiao Li’s spotlight on their wedding day.

Xiao Li was Chen Yu Bai’s little dummy, she’d never know how much he loved her.


End of Side Stories (Part 2 of 2)

The End of Go With The Flow Of Love.

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