CH 1.2

Xuan Di did not have to turn around. From the corner of her eyes, she saw the figure sitting two seats away from her.

It was just an award presentation of a website, but the woman made it seem like attending the Oscar. She wore a formal strapless gown and bowed shyly before walking out of her seat.

All eyes were fixed on her. It was Xiao Zekui’s highlight moment tonight.

It should have been an unforgettable highlight moment for Xiao Zekui if she didn’t maliciously mock Xuan Di just now.

Xuan Di earnestly smiled and clapped with the audience. But when Xiao Zekui walked past her, she secretly stepped on her skirt.

Xiao Zekui was caught by the resistance and leaned forward. She couldn’t keep her balance in time on her high-heels and fell onto the person one seat apart from Xuan Di.

And it was a man.

There was a commotion arose in the scene. Among these, some snickering could be heard clearly.

Xuan Di’s lips rose an imperceptible curve for just a second. Then she helped the woman up, like other attendances nearby.

“Are you all right?” Asked Xuan Di.

Xiao Zekui was completely embarrassed. She had thought her skirt was too exaggerated and was stuck by something. She quickly pulled up her skirt and got up.

The lights receded with Xiao Zekui’s silhouette, and the awkwardness of the episode dissipated in her garrulous acceptance speech.


The awards ceremony had come to an end for Xuan Di. She got an opportunity and bent low to leave the site.

Just when she got in the taxi to SOS Bar, a message came to her WeChat.

17: [DD* (Nickname of Xuan Di ), I’ve been waiting for you on the live broadcast. But you don’t show up… ]

17: [I’m in a bad mood. Can you send me a photo?]

The profile photo of the “17” was a handsome young man.

Xuan Di slid up the screen and found lots of messages he had sent during the award of prizes.

Xuan Di carelessly scanned the messages and then closed the WeChat, with a sneer from her heart.

“What does it matter to me if you are unhappy?”

“I’m in a good mood now.”

At about 10 pm, Xuan Di arrived SOS Club.

Guan Jing and Pan Da had already sat in the booth.

Guan Jing worked in the Atmosphere Group of the SOS Club. She was especially good at warming up the crowd.

As soon as Xuan Di arrived, Guan Jing sat her down and pointed at the half-naked man on the stage who was wearing tight black pants. “Look at the new dancer. Are you satisfied with his figure?”

Xuan Di glimpsed at the man on the stage and frowned, “When did your bar become so provocative?”

Guan Jing: “Huh?”

“Remember to tell me earlier next time.” Xuan Di changed her tone abruptly.

“… ”

SOS was a new entertainment landmark in Yuncheng City. It was the most popular nightclub for young people. The performance in the club did match its name. The guests would be excited to the extreme.

At that moment, the male dancer generously showed his beautiful figure on the stage. The atmosphere on the dance floor was high, and the guests were screaming.

Xuan Di danced with a slight movement to the music. Her face was normal. Pan Da who was sitting next to her handed her the phone, “You didn’t show up tonight. Therefore a bunch of trolls on the web said you must be too ugly to show your face.”

Under the splendid light and shadow, Xuan Di glanced at the commentary under the live broadcast of the award.

It was similar to what Xiao Zekui’s gang had said. Nothing new.

Xuan Di pushed Pan Da’s phone away with detachment, “I don’t care.”

“Let it be,” Guan Jing added, “Whatever they say, Xuan Di’s pursuers will not decrease.”

When she finished talking, Xuan Di’s mobile phone rang again.

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