CH 1.3

Messages came in one after another, all were from the “17”.

17: [ Why not reply?]

17: [ I just want to hear your voice, even if you scold me.]

17: [ Scold me please.]

17: [ Fine. No photos, no voice message.]

17: [ I’m Angry DD.]

Everyone was strongly obsessed with the music wave. The male dancer”s back muscle line went up and down on the stage with the rhythm, which was perfect to be seen.

With some wine in her mouth, Xuan Di continued watching the performance as if nothing had happened. After a while, she lowered her head and sent a message to 17, [Little fool, you should go elsewhere.]

17 received the message. He might also know what it meant and replied in shock.

17: [???]

Before he could send a response, Xuan Di deleted him from the list.

Lights swept

They got to know on the web. In Xuan Di’s mind, it would be fine to flirt occasionally. But it wouldn’t be funny if a man was too clingy or too serious.

“And he even told me he was angry,” Xuan Di said in an incredible tone. “What? Did he want me to coax him?”

No Way!

No one could make a fuss in front of Xuan Di.

The end of making a fuss would be a red exclamation point*(Being deleted from Xuan Di’s WeChat list ).

Guan Jing and Pan Da all got used to Xuan Di’s ruthlessness. Both of them gave her a thumb-up, ”Teacher D* (Nickname of Spade D as well as Xuan Di ), you are too sober in this world of mortals.”

Everyone was speculating about Spade D’s appearance based on the Beauty Voice of her dubbing, which was her most popular type of voice imitation. The speculated image winning the highest votes was a tall beauty in demonic temperament with sexy big-curved hair.

But in reality, Xuan Di was a petite girl in a white shirt. She had long black hair with thin natural bangs. Xuan Di always gave the first impression of being clean and pure. The innocence and freshness on her face could remind one of his first love. Most men could not resist the attraction of her.

Although her appearance was incorrectly guessed, her nature was similar to what was speculated.

Under the pure and harmless face, Xuan Di was indifferent and seducing.

After some electric music, the male dancer went off the stage in the scream of the audience. The music was changed to a slightly calm type for transition.

Guan Jing and Pan Da were drinking and playing finger-guessing. After watching them play for a while, Xuan Di felt the mobile phone vibrating behind her waist.

She didn’t think much and picked it up.

The caller was… Brother.

Although Xuan Di had a few drinks, she was not drunk yet.


Where did she get a brother?

Even though she had a so-called brother at home, she had never admitted. Not to mention noting him as BROTHER in her phone.

The mobile phone kept vibrating. Xuan Di clicked on the screen to answer it.

A man’s voice came over the phone, “Where are you?”

Xuan Di was stunned upon hearing the voice.

Her heart seemed to be scratched slightly. Not to the depth, but it was itchy, making her hard to ignore.

Who was it?

When did she have such a nice-voiced man on her list?

What was more, a BROTHER!

Xuan Di was more curious. She put down the phone and examined it. The phone case was not hers.

She was startled and subconsciously ended the call.

“Is it your cell phone?” She asked Guan Jing.

“No.” Guan Jing gave a glance and kept drinking.

“Not mine either.” Pan Da shook her head.

Xuan Di remembered that she took the cell phone from the gap in the sofa.

Did it… belong to the previous guest?

Just then, the Brother called again.

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