CH 3.1

It was still raining. Pei Yi closed the door and rolled up the window. He stepped on the accelerator pedal and drove quickly out of the parking lot.

At the turning of the road, he turned the steering wheel, his gaze naturally falling on the rearview mirror. Not far behind, the girl holding an umbrella was still standing in the rain.

She lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking.

Her petite figure looked weak in the rain, as if a gust of wind could blow her down.

As the car turned into the next intersection, Pei Yi looked away.

The corners of his lips curled at the thought of Xuan Di trying to stand on tiptoe to protect him with the umbrella.

A quarter later, he arrived at Zhongyou Game Studio, the office where his good friend Chen Yan worked.

“I was only a few minutes late. Why did you make me wait at the studio?” Chen Yan complained as soon as they met. “I don’t think you’re sincere enough to invite me for afternoon tea.”

Pei Yi sat down nonchalantly and said, “You don’t have much hair left. Stop drinking tea. Drink more water.”

“… Damn.”

They were too closed and didn’t need to be polite at all.

Forget it. They were supposed to meet today to discuss business.

Chen Yan turned on the laptop and opened the video production software. He pressed one of the buttons, “Music and dubbing have been added. Try to listen to it.”

It was the final version of the PV for the upcoming release of The Flipped Moment, an Otome Game developed by Zhongyou Grame Studio.

In recent years, girls attitude games have become popular throughout the country, attracting a large number of players due to their beautiful and exquisite graphics, diverse male characters, vivid and romantic storylines, and completely immersive love experiences.

On the surface, The Flipped Moment was a game developed by Zhongyou Game Studio. In reality, however, all the funding was provided by Pei Yi. The purchase of the game studio was also in the works.

Last year, when Pei Yi was still studying abroad, his family had already paved the way for him. He could be appointed to any branch of Pei’s Enterprise as an executive upon his return from abroad.

But Pei refused.

The Pei family’s business covered a wide range. Real estate was their main business. The Pei Enterprise was a giant in the industry. This field was currently under the management of the eldest son of the Pei family. Pei Yi had no interest in the family business. He wanted to start his own business. After returning from abroad, he focused on the game industry.

The voices of several different male characters came out of the speakers.

Some were firm and magnetic, some were gentle and affectionate, some were sunny and cheerful…

Until the last one.

Chen Yan exaggerated cried, “Ahhhhh! Brother* Si Tan (In the Chinese language, brother is an affectionate term for a woman to call a man ). You are great. I love Brother Si Tan!”


He reached over and kicked Chen Yan’s chair five meters away.

Chen Yan was not angry. He smiled and said, “What? Feel embarrassed to hear your voice?”

When Chen Yan was selecting CVs for the male roles, he had planned to invite several well-known CVs in the industry, but Pei Yi had a different opinion.

There are too many games of the same type on the market. They all use the same group of CVs to dub. Players would find it hard to immerse themselves, even feel confused among similar games.

Therefore, Pei Yi boldly invited new voice actors to do the dubbing.

However, the country’s voice acting industry was not yet mature. There were even fewer young CV candidates who had received professional training. Pei Yi and Chen Yan went through a long selection process before finally settling on four dubbing artists.

But Si Tan, a special role in the game, didn’t have a suitable voice actor.

Si Tan was a character that existed in the players’ dreams. He was an aloof elder as well as an e-sports god. He was arrogant and cynical, but he also had a little gentleness in his heart.

His voice was clear, cold, and charming. It was easy to understand. But they tried many voices and couldn’t find the ideal one.

One day, when the auditions were over and the voice actors were gone, Chen Yan said on a whim, “Pei Yi, you go and try it.


Pei Yi was pushed into the recording studio and forced to say a few lines. Chen Yan clapped his thigh after listening to it, “WTF! Isn’t that Si Yan himself?

The dubbing director was also stunned.

His voice was a flawless natural bass.

It was difficult to convince Pei Yi to take on this important task. But fortunately, there were not many lines for the character. And Chen Yan insisted on the excuse that the overall situation was the top priority. Pei Yi finally agreed.

Pei Yi didn’t have much of a feeling when he heard his voice coming out of the loudspeaker.

If anything, this should be a savings in resume costs.

From a businessman’s perspective, this was cost effective.

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