CH 78

London is the most prosperous place in the whole of the UK, but at this period, London is probably in its most ugly time. It looks different from the modern city that it will be hundreds of years later. At this time, London looks a little bit like the West City. Other places everywhere are desolate because it is already late autumn, and for the entire civilian population, it has now entered a very terrifying season. Almost everyone without food reserves for winter has flocked to London, looking for a chance to survive the harsh winter in this place.

Lord Orlam said that London is very beautiful now, and this beauty is ironic in Evan’s view.

“Really?” Duke Wilson looked at Orlam with a sneering expression, “It’s a pity that Prince George is not in such a beautiful London at this time.”

Although Duke Wilson understood Orlam’s suggestion, he was not concerned about the beautiful scenery Orlam spoke about, but he felt it was very harsh, so he couldn’t help sneering.

Duke Wilson’s words made Orlam’s expression change. Prince George is now far away from London, which is the most unfavorable situation for them. If something goes wrong before they’re done making arrangements, it will be difficult for the situation to end peacefully.

“That’s right.” Lord Orlam smiled reluctantly. After all, it was the topic he provoked. Even if Duke Wilson was too aggressive, he could only make concessions.

After that, the atmosphere between the three fell into an awkward silence. Orlam was worried about Prince George’s trip to Wales, Evan was also worried about the direction of the world and Duke Wilson simply didn’t know what to say, and he was still at a loss when facing Evan.

The trains of this era are not as fast as the trains of many years later. It takes six hours from Delanlier to London. They get on the train at eight o’clock and cannot arrive until two in the afternoon. This is a long time and for several people in the carriage, it has become a kind of torture.

Evan pretended to read the Bible in his hand, but what he thought about in his mind was how to settle the relationship with the Duke after getting to London. This matter lies between the two of them. If it is not resolved, it is absolutely impossible for them to have a good relationship. There will always be such a pimple between them and it will be very detrimental to their future relationship. So it is really worth it for Evan to think about how to deal with this pimple.

Although the train was going very slowly, the end point would still be reached. When the train arrived at the London Station, the three of them breathed a sigh of relief.

The carriage that came to pick up Lord Orlam had stopped at the station gate. Lord Orlam warmly invited the Duke to ride in his carriage, and offered to take the Duke to the Duke’s residence in London in person.

Of course Duke Wilson would not refuse such a request. After all, no matter what, he had already chosen Prince George at this moment. As the prince’s ally, he still couldn’t be too indifferent to Lord Orlam.

Evan looked at everything in front of him. This is where he left half a year ago. Although the church he was in is in the suburbs of London, from time to time, he would come to the city and look at the familiar scenes around him. Evan sighed. The city is still so stubborn that it won’t change even a bit.

Evan got into Lord Orlam’s carriage with Duke Wilson and after the friendly contact just now, the friendly atmosphere between Lord Orlam and the Duke seemed to be opened, and he only heard him whisper, “Lord Duke, since you’ve come to London this time, the first thing I want to tell you is, please don’t be in a hurry.”

Looking at Lord Orlam’s serious face, Duke Wilson frowned because Orlam didn’t say such a thing until he arrived in London. Could something have changed? Duke Wilson felt like a drum was beating in his heart, and even Evan on the side showed a solemn expression.

“You say it.” Duke Wilson pursed his lips coldly, as if he would regret it if he said something unsatisfactory next.

Lord Orlam trembled in his heart, but in the end he still said solemnly, “Your cousin, His Majesty King Richard III, I am afraid that within five days, he will be called by the Lord above.”

“What?” Duke Wilson looked surprised. Although he knew before that the old king was seriously ill and would definitely die soon, he didn’t know that it would happen so quickly.

“How do you know?” Although Duke Wilson knew that since Orlam had said such a thing, it was very likely to be true, but he still asked. Although he and Richard did not have a normal relationship, after all his cousin is his blood relative.

Lord Orlam glanced at Evan with some hesitation and blinked, “This is definitely from a reliable source. Because of the trust I have in you and Reverend Bruce, I’m telling you about this matter, so I hope you and the Reverend can keep it a secret.”

Lord Orlam could see the Duke’s trust in the priest and this matter was not so top secret at this time, so he just said this to the two of them to show his kindness.

Evan just made a surprised expression, and even crossed his chest. After listening to Lord Orlam’s words, he nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I will not reveal half of this matter or your words.”

Although he had known for a long time that the king’s life was imminent, due to the vague description in the book, such a clear date was still unknown.

“It’s natural, Reverend Bruce is a trustworthy gentleman, you don’t have to worry. Does George know about this?” Duke Wilson asked with a frown.

The old king Richard is not a good-looking mascot(??). Although he likes his younger brother, Duke of Rand, and doesn’t care enough about his son because of his mistress, he is not an old fool after all. Because of its importance, the general guarding of London is handed over to Prince George, but at this time the prince is in Wales, if the king has some shortcomings, it’s possible that the prince will be in danger.

“His Royal Highness, of course, knows.” Orlam lowered his head. This time the plan is a huge challenge for Prince George. If it succeeds, it will be done once and for all, but if it fails, it will be a death without a burial.

Duke Wilson’s frown deepened. Since Prince George knows the news, it means that he has other arrangements, but according to the report of his spies in London, Prince George did indeed go to Wales.

What the hell is going on with this play? Duke Wilson’s mind is in a complete mess right now.

“You…” Duke Wilson glanced at the carriage door, “Just be clear to you.” This is not the place to talk, and there are some things one should be more cautious about.

Lord Orlam smiled and said, “I heard that your study has a very rich collection of books. I wonder if I have the honor to read them.” Lord Orlam was very clear about Duke Wilson’s concerns, and naturally followed suit.

Duke Wilson nodded and said no more.

Evan sat on the side and watched the two people communicate. His thoughts were actually very complicated. He is in this position where everyone regards him as an accessory of the Duke. It was very uncomfortable for him, but regarding his social status at this time, if he doesn’t want to change the world, he has no way to change this social status quo. So Evan could only hide his dissatisfaction in his heart, but for the further attack on the Duke, he has to be more firm.

The three of them came to the Duke’s house that is next to Hyde Park. This is the Duke’s habitual residence in London. Because of the hurry, the Duke did not bring too many servants, but Butler Chris was very thoughtful and let a few servants come to this place in advance to clean the house. After all, this place has not been visited for a long time. It has been several years since the duke went to Delanlier. Except for the annual inspection and maintenance of this place, it has been a long time since anyone has lived here.

But fortunately this time, the servants sent to clean the house lived up to Butler Chris’ expectations. The few people who came early cleaned up the house very well, and because of the annual maintenance, the house was not too dilapidated. From Evan’s point of view, this house does not match the one hundred years of history.

After arriving at the house, Duke Wilson and Lord Orlam quickly went upstairs. They had a lot of things to talk about and Evan was not qualified to participate.

Evan consciously went to the room that the duke arranged for him, not far from the duke’s room. Evan stood at the door and glanced at the duke’s study with a very complicated look in his eyes.

Perhaps his position in the Duke’s heart is still the same, but the current status quo is still a bit delicate and Evan must not let this status quo continue.

The conversation between Duke Wilson and Lord Orlam was not long. After half an hour, the two of them came out of the study, and by this time, dinner was ready.

Evan was called down by the servant. When he went down, Duke Wilson and Lord Orlam were already having a heated conversation. The two of them seemed to have completely forgotten the embarrassing scene on the train. Evan was stunned when he saw it.

“Reverend Bruce.” Lord Orlam greeted Evan with a smile.

Evan also smiled at him subconsciously, and said in a low voice, “Duke Wilson, Lord Orlam.”

Duke Wilson restrained his smile the moment he saw him, but he felt that it was a little inappropriate and raised the corners of his lips but he was still a little stiff in the end.

Looking at Duke Wilson’s reaction, Evan groaned in his heart, this person is really awkward.

Evan sat on the left hand side of Duke Wilson under the service of the servant, and was also seated opposite Lord Orlam. Lord Orlam was in a good mood at this time, and immediately smiled and said, “Reverend, do you have any appointments in the next few days? There will be a ball at the house in a few days and you must be there. I insist on this.”

Evan looked at him being so excited and was a little puzzled. Just now they were still saying that King Richard’s death was within five days, now a dance party is going to be held, this jump is really too big.

“I’m flattered by your invitation.” Evan smiled very reservedly. Since Lord Orlam said so and Duke Wilson did not refute, so of course he has to go.

Lord Orlam smiled, knowing that Evan had understood what he meant. For him, perhaps the most important point of the plan is the ball that will be a few days later. After that ball, whether they would soar or fall into hell would be completely determined then.

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