CH 4

Chu Shiye took off his jacket and placed it in his arms.

He left before dawn and returned dusty, his jacket covered in blood that had not yet dried, and he turned it inside out and covered his arm in vain.

His boots, covered in mud, stepped across the ground and landed on the ground before he had even approached the door.

The door of the house which was closed tightly when he left this morning, is now fully open.

The house was empty, and the bed was scattered on top of the messy bed, still the same as when it had been abandoned.

Chu Shiye stood at the door.

Su Lan already left?

No, his body was still very weak, and he couldn’t walk far in that condition. Besides, he didn’t look like someone who would leave without saying goodbye.

Chu Shiye pondered for a moment, his eyes strayed and fell onto the door handle.

He wanted to check by opening the door, but when his hand just touched it and a ‘click!’ sound came, it was badly damaged.

Chu Shiye looked at the doorknob, and after a while, his eyebrows slowly raised.

A truck driving in the field, the main and passenger seats have one person, the driver’s seat behind the tin compartment, carries the remaining four accessories.

Ji Mian was wrapped in a light blanket, sitting quietly in the corner of the car. Opposite him, the four intruders in conversation from time to time threw bad looks at him, but he seemed to be oblivious.

These people seemed to be from a small force, but he wasn’t worried that they would find out who he was.

Over the past twenty years, thanks to the Ji family’s “protection” of him, his photos and any information about his face have never been released on the Internet. Even if his name is “Ji Mian”, people in the outside world don’t know exactly what he looks like.

What’s more, his current name is also fake.

Not long after, the leader of the intruders, a man named Zhang Huairen, walked towards Ji Mian, his tall shadow almost covering Ji Mian’s body.

“What’s your name?”

Ji Mian: “Su Lan.”

“Oh, what a lovely name.” Zhang Huairen touched his chin: “Arouse spiritual power?”

The beautiful Beta, who had been shy and cowardly since they kidnapped him into the car, lowered his voice in his eyes: “Only D-Class.”

“Only?” One of the intruders behind Zhang Huairen shouted, “Isn’t that on the same level as us? Same as you, really?”

Zhang Huairen was also a little surprised, but he didn’t really care: “It seems that Beta is better than that trashy Chu Shiye.”

The companions behind him burst out laughing.

“That Chu Shiye is just an E-Class punk; any Omega would be better than him!”


Ji Mian didn’t say a word.

E-Class mental strength.

Mental strength is divided into six levels, and the lowest E level is almost indistinguishable from an ordinary person who has not awakened.

In the Star Capital, if an E class was born in some major family, the newborn would be treated as trash by the family and abandoned without hesitation.

However, when he first saw Chu Shiye, he did not feel that Chu Shiye was “trash” without spiritual power.

Laughter still echoed, Zhang Huairen noticed Ji Mian’s cold gaze, and asked again: “What awakening ability are you?”

Ji Mian: “Healing.”

Zhang Huairen: “I think so.”

Even if you have D-Class mental strength, you are still a waste system with no combat abilities, very much in line with the identity of a Beta or an Omega.

Zhang Huairen’s eyes wandered indiscriminately over Ji Mian’s body, not like observing a person, but more like appraising a commodity that was in good condition and could be sold at will.

Ji Mian calmly met his gaze: “Where are you taking me?”

Zhang Huairen: “Nice place.”

Ji Mian: “Should I go there?”

Zhang Huairen hotly smiled: “It’s very dangerous outside, how can you stay alone with a face like yours?”

“That’s right,” echoed his partner playfully, “one cannot run or one will be caught by the bad guys with a broken leg.”


Ji Mian stopped talking.

Three minutes.

His long and slender fingers pressed against his chest, his heart beating gently.

If spiritual power was fully released with his current state, he might be able to last three minutes.

Behind Zhang Huairen, his other colleagues also said: “Hey, where is your family?”

Ji Mian: “Separated.”

The man whistled: “A beautiful person like you, your mother shouldn’t look bad either.”

“Too bad, if only I could meet your mother~”

Ji Mian suddenly raised his eyes.

A pair of pitch-black eyes, a wavy sword like a cold blue.

Mental strength shock!

At this moment, the intruder who had just laughed at him only felt a tsunami strike in front of him, and waves that covered the sky descended with a crushing force and tore his eyes open.


The victor was revealed in a moment, and the man didn’t even have time to struggle before he was so overcome by this terrifying spiritual power that he screamed and fell to his knees.

The man in the passenger seat turned around: “What happened?!”

“Fuck!” Zhang Huairen exploded in astonishment, “He actually dared to approach us, stop the car!”

Tires rub sharply against the ground, as sharp as a loaded signal. Ji Mian stood up without saying a word and stared coldly.

An icy blue color flowed from the bottom of his eyes, flashing sharply in the dimness.

Thirty seconds.

The first person to rush over was the one who fell the fastest, and his collar was pulled like trash and was thrown from the car by Ji Mian.

One minute.

The second person tried to sneak attack, Ji Mian spun, dodged, and was kicked.

The rest of the group gathered to try to counterattack, they had no intention of escaping yet.

Two minutes.

Finger bones pale, Ji Mian expressionlessly strangled the third person’s neck, ignoring the height distance, threw his hand against the wall.

The third person fainted, at this time there were still two people left.

The first is the third, and the second is the third.


It was up to this point, the last two people finally realized that it didn’t look like they could stay in the car any longer.


Zhang Huairen turned his head and ran, his partner also followed closely, but he didn’t know if it was too panicked, just ran a few steps, Zhang Huairen’s left foot actually tripped over his right foot, and he immediately fell down.

He fell to the ground and turned his head in horror, and with his pupils trembling, the pale and cold youth stepped out of the dimly lit compartment.

“I heard that you are Spiritual Ability?”

Ji Mian’s voice had no trace of emotion.

“Since you are at Spiritual Ability, then summon the spiritual body to fight.”

The fourth person seemed to have finally remembered something and he shouted while releasing his mental body.

A transparent mouse with sharp teeth like curved hooks, which seemed to be some kind of special mutant, jumped towards Ji Mian swiftly.

Ji Mian’s eyes waved icy blue, looking indifferently raised his feet.

Step on.


Three minutes.

As if his brain had been hit by a heavy hammer, the fourth person covered his eyes and shouted in an extremely pitiful manner.

Now there was only one last person left, and that was Zhang Huairen.

He left his friends behind and fled far away.

Three minutes had passed, and the burden on the heart was almost at its limit.

Blood spilled from the corner of Ji Mian’s mouth, he wiped it expressionlessly, and the cold blue glint at the bottom of his eyes skyrocketed, locking straight in that direction.

Four minutes.

Zhang Huairen fell from the hill in the process of escaping and rolled and crawled behind the rock. There was no movement left or right. He thought he had managed to escape. He exhaled, and his shoulders relaxed.

A long and slender hand landed gently on his shoulder.

“Why are you alone?”

Zhang Huairen stiffly turned his head, and in his terrified vision, a youth with icy blue eyes and a pale face smiled at him and said.

“It’s so dangerous outside, how can you stay alone?”

When Chu Shiye arrived, it was already the end of the day.

He was standing on a hillside, and at the edge of his gaze, was Ji Mian.

The Omega he took, was so weak that he couldn’t even get out of bed a few days ago, was now as sharp as a sheathed knife.

Chu Shiye turned his eyes again, about six people were lying on the East and West lands, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

Chu Shiye: “…”

Ji Mian tilted his head, the icy blue under his eyes faded slightly, returning to the night lake like black ink.

In the eyes of Chu Shiye, who seemed to have a hint of emotion, but also seemed to have emotion, he spoke lightly: “I didn’t kill them.”

Chu Shiye nodded his head and walked quickly towards him: “I will take care of this place and bring you back first.”

Ji Mian: “Forget it, you don’t need to get involved with me—”

Before the words left his mouth, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chu Shiye: “…”

His thin white skin has been stained with blood, Ji Mian’s face remains unchanged to wipe: “Oh, my mental overload, I don’t care.”

Lightly finishing this sentence, he closed his eyes.

Chu Shiye immediately reached out and caught it.

Ji Mian lost consciousness in his embrace, the back of Chu Shiye’s hand pressed against his forehead, the temperature that touched was extremely cold.

The man was so vulnerable, it was almost hard to imagine that he had just defeated six D-Class Alphas in a row, alone.

Heal Omega?

Chu Shiye paused, took off his coat and wrapped it around Ji Mian’s shoulders.

He took Ji Mian, turned around, and his eyes fell between the trees not far away: “Get out.”


A head peeked out from behind a tree, messy yellow hair tied behind his head, squeezing his eyes at Chu Shiye: “What a coincidence, you are also here.”

Chu Shiye raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Hey hey, don’t glare at me, I just arrived too.” Yellow hair said, “I am here to convey a message to you.”

“Know what? Burger is about to approach you, and has already sent out some of his men, so you have to be careful!”

Chu Shiye stared at him silently.

Yellow-haired eyes floated along the circle around him: “Oh, well, these guys came a little earlier than me, but, it doesn’t affect anything.”

He stepped out from behind the tree and kicked the unconscious Zhang Huairen with his foot.

Chu Shiye’s eyes glanced at Zhang Huairen and once again leaned on Ji Mian: “Take a message to Berg.”

Yellow hair: “What?”

Chu Shiye: “Three days later, I will personally ‘visit’ it.”

The already small Huang Mao’s eyes widened at once: “No way, you really want—”

Chu Shiye: “You don’t need to care, just take the words with you.”

Yellow hair: “Line, dare, good luck.”

He squatted down, his hand felt Zhang Huairen’s clothes, and touched his pocket.

Zhang Huairen was a pickpocket, and he fell down a hill hitting his forehead on a stream of blood.

The yellow hair makes the face puke: “Smells bad, I hate Alpha blood.”

He took what he pulled from his pocket and took two steps towards Chu Shiye. Originally, he had wanted to avoid Zhang Huairen, but when he got close to Chu Shiye, he seemed to smell something special.

Yellow hair froze slightly, head thrust forward.

Between Ji Mian’s collars, it was covered in the blood he spit out earlier.

Chu Shiye immediately took a step back, and his gaze carried a warning.

Yellow hair touched his nose, astonished: “He—”

Chu Shiye: “Beta.”

Yellow hair: “But I smell it clearly.”

Chu Shiye: “Your sense of smell is damaged.”

“Ugh!” Yellow hair scratched his head “Well, I don’t think he looks like an Omega either, after all, he is someone who can take care of six people in one.”

“So, he should have Attack Abilities?”

Chu Shiye was silent for a moment: “No, he is a Healing Ability.”

Yellow hair: “???”

Yellow hair: “You call this a Healing Ability??”

As long as everyone dies, there’s no need to heal people who have Healing Abilities?

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