CH 5

For a moment, the yellow hair stared at Ji Mian’s gaze magically.

“At the risk of asking, what level of spiritual power does he— this master have?”

Chu Shiye: “I don’t know, maybe there is a C-Class.”

Yellow hair took a breath of cold air: “C-Class powerhouse, he is scary!”

Chu Shiye paused and led Ji Mian away.

Before going out, the door of the house was opened, and when he came back, the house was intact and no outsiders had come in.

The Omega in his arms was extremely light. When carrying him, he barely used much strength.

Chu Shiye looked at Ji Mian and recalled their first meeting.

He killed all the mutant wolves in the wilderness and carried the unconscious Ji Mian out of the escape pod, Ji Mian also lay on his back very lightly, his blood soaked his clothes, his breath was weak and wandering, only the cold body remained and the heat was so real, reminding him that this person still has the slightest chance of living.

In his previous life, he had never come into contact with other Omegas, but he had heard people say that Omegas were the most fragile and delicate beings, and on that prosperous planet, they were all pampered like flowers in a greenhouse.

However, the Omega in front of him was not a greenhouse flower at all, but a beautiful sharp sword that Chu Shiye had never seen before.

How could such a person be alone, seriously injured, and fall on this planet?

Did his family treat him badly?

Chu Shiye soaked a towel in warm water and squatted beside the bed, wiping Ji Mian’s cold cheeks.

These days he had been cooking ordinary meals, but Ji Mian’s consumption of food was very small, only a few mouthfuls each time and then stopped. When he asked again, Ji Mian would smile and say that this was enough.

Could it be that when this Omega was at home before, he didn’t have enough to eat and was abused by his family?

However, when drinking the bitter to the point that normal people couldn’t stand the medicine, Ji Mian again always drank it all.

He wet his face and wiped the sweat from the corner of Ji Mian’s forehead with a towel. He looked uncomfortable, his handsome brows were slightly knitted, and his breathing was a little quick.

The temperature between the foreheads, seems a bit higher than usual.


The fact is that you can wake up right away and rummage through your cupboards for some fever-reducing medicine.

The most unusual medicines for a prosperous planet were also valuable supplies when they landed on this remote planet. The most effective fever-reducing drug is an injection of nutritional fluids.

Injections can work, but they are very expensive and beyond the reach of ordinary people on this planet.

He only kept a cheap fever-reducing potion at home, but even then, he usually didn’t use it on himself unless the condition was so severe that he couldn’t get through it herself.

Chu Shiye quickly unpacked the last fever-reducing medicine from the drawer, sat on the edge of the bed with calloused long fingers buried in Ji Mian’s hair, and carefully lifted the back of his head, slowly giving him the medicine’s ingredients without remaining. 

Ji Mian was confused and unconscious, but when Chu Shiye’s palm caressed his forehead again, he muttered a “mother” cry.

This voice was light and low, but because of the close distance, it was still caught by Chu Shiye.

He turned his eyes speechlessly, Ji Mian’s eyes were tightly closed, as if he was trapped in an old dream, and could not be released.

This was the way he was taught by the man who lived here a long time ago.

But then, that person left, and he was left here alone again.

The truth of the matter is that you can find a lot of people who can’t get a lot of things.

Even though this man was special and powerful, but perhaps, like himself, he had lost someone who was just as important.

The house fell silent, the doorknob of the door of the house was blown off and clanged against the walls.

Chu Shiye walked to the workbench, dragged out a box from under the table, rummaged through a pile of miscellaneous items, quickly took out a few tools, came to the door with a clink and knock.

In no time, the door was repaired and the new doorknob firmly attached.

After doing all this, Chu Shiye returned to the bedside and patiently watched Ji Mian.

When Ji Mian woke up, his body was like being stabbed by countless sharp needles, his brain was still hurting, and when he just opened his eyes, and the sky was spinning.

In fact, it’s okay.

He was calmly distracted by severe pain.

Perhaps because he didn’t have much mental strength now, the cost of excess mental strength was slightly lower than he thought.

If it was the old him, he wouldn’t even need to go this far in the face of some of those D-Class abilities, and now—

Ji Mian lifted his sweat-soaked eyelashes and looked up at the gray ceiling.

It must be admitted that the current him did indeed “waste” time with those people.

Something moved on one side of the room and Ji Mian tilted his head slightly.

A back of hand lightly touched his forehead: “The fever seems to have gone down.”

Ji Mian’s voice was very gentle: “Sorry for this trouble again.”

Chu Shiye shook his head: “I’m the one who should apologize.”

“Those people today came for me, I should have stayed here at that time instead of letting you face all of this alone.” Chu Shiye’s tone was apologetic, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Mian said: “In my opinion, it seems that the apology should not be us, but that group of bad people.”

Chu Shiye wanted to say something else, but was gently interrupted by Ji Mian: “I’m a little thirsty, can you give me some water?”

Chu Shiye immediately got up and brought him a cup of warm water.

Ji Mian slowly drank the cup of water, Chu Shiye sat beside him, his eyes fixed on his small face covered in blood.

“I’ve been thinking—”

The second half of the sentence paused, Ji Mian’s tone was light: “You originally thought that Omega was weak?”

Chu Shiye shook his head: “No, I don’t know much about Omega, in fact, you are the first Omega I have ever met.”

“I’m just surprised that you’re still so strong even though you haven’t recovered from your serious injuries.” Chu Shiye said, “I thought you were very strong.”

Ji Mian tilted his head to look at him: “Gosh, not long ago, someone called me a loser.”

Chu Shiye: “That must be their problem.”

A faint smile appeared under Ji Mian’s eyes, “Thank you, you are really a good person.”

Chu Shiye was silent for a moment and changed the subject: “So, are you an awakened in battle?”

Ji Mian: “No, I’m a healer.”

Chu Shiye: “…”

Chu Shiye’s face was filled with disbelief written all over it.

However, he did not inquire further.

Ji Mian put down the cup, slightly dizzy, and lay down again.

A gust of wind blew in from the window, Chu Shiye got up to close the window, turned back to look at one of Ji Mian’s hands outside the bed, without saying a word to his tucked into the blanket.

Ji Mian felt a little hot, secretly moved his hand.

The first thing you need to do is get back on the blanket.

Ji Mian: “…”

Chu Shiye: “You will catch a cold.” Then he added: “Your spirits aren’t very good, it’s better to rest a little longer.”

Ji Mian: “I just woke up, and I don’t really want to sleep. Can you chat with me?”

Chu Shiye nodded, his dark brown eyes calmly reflecting Ji Mian’s image.

Ji Mian locked eyes with him, and even though this Alpha didn’t say much every day, his listening attitude was always serious and focused, letting him know that his words were indeed taken to heart by this person.

Ji Mian: “I heard they said that you are E-Class Ability?”

Chu Shiye paused, his eyes devoid of much emotion: “Yes.”

He is a fighting ability, but he only has the lowest level of mental strength, and doesn’t even have his own mental body.

Spiritual bodies are companions that are summoned at the time of awakening by the ability of the user, and therein lies their strongest combat power. Some people with impaired spiritual powers may no longer be able to summon their spiritual bodies.

But unlike him, at the moment of awakening, they were unable to feel the presence of their spiritual body.

An awakened person without a spiritual body is like a cripple who has lost his limbs, and perhaps for the rest of his life, he will be like a broken and dull part, buried underground without seeing the light of day.

Chu Shiye’s tone did not fluctuate, as if he was saying something too general. Though before, he had never actively mentioned this.

He stared at Ji Mian, waiting for a reaction.

Would this person be like everyone else, laugh at him, look down on him?

But it doesn’t matter, after all, everyone doesn’t like him.

Chu Shiye’s eyes dropped and did not say a word. Just then, he heard a familiar voice that, as always, was clear and pleasant.

“In fact, I can’t summon a spirit body even now. In the past, even I couldn’t feel it at all.”

Chu Shiye was slightly stunned for a moment.

Ji Mian: “Without a spiritual body is a disabled person? I know many people who live a normal life even without spiritual power.”

“Besides, in my opinion, you don’t have a spiritual body.” He sat down on the pillow, one hand resting on the outside of the covers, “That’s what I thought when I first saw you.”

Chu Shiye: “No one has ever said such things to me, even instruments that test the mental body, have never been wrong.”

Ji Mian: “This is my intuition, and, my intuition is always accurate.” He slightly raised the corner of his eye: “Want to believe me and make a bet with me?”

Chu Shiye’s fingers tightened slightly, and his eyes stared at Ji Mian’s figure: “Are you a very strong person?”

Ji Mian smiled gently: “If I was two years ago— not true, back then, I was nothing.”

“In essence, if you believe me, let me give it a try,” Ji Mian said. “Maybe I can help you and awaken the spiritual body you’ve been sleeping in.”


Chu Shiye’s eyes rippled like a windless lake.

“If you really did, how should I repay you? Now that I have nothing, I may not be able to give you the gift you want.”

Ji Mian: “I don’t need any gifts, just take it as your repay for saving my life.”

Chu Shiye whispered, “That’s not very helpful.”

Without waiting for Ji Mian’s response, he spoke again, “So is there anything you want now? I’ll write it down.”

Ji Mian pondered for a moment: “Want something??”

Under Chu Shiye’s serious gaze, he relaxed his voice: “Could you, let me eat normally?”

Chu Shiye paused for a moment.

Ji Mian’s voice gradually decreased: “I haven’t eaten normal food for several days.”

Perhaps because of this, his body had recovered badly, the healing power he possessed was even less effective.

Chu Shiye: “…”

Without saying a word, he turned his head and walked away.

Only halfway through, he came back again, pushed Ji Mian’s hand back into the blanket, the corner of the blanket was pulled up to Ji Mian’s chin, covering it tightly.

Then leave.

Ji Mian: “…”

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