CH 6

The first foot of Chu Shiye stepped out of the house, thought of something, and he looked back.

The light falls on the side of the thin white face, and the eyelashes that hang over it outline a light shadow.

The original want to go out Chu Shiye turned back again, without saying a word, walked to the bedside.

Ji Mian tilted his head and turned to him: “Aren’t you going to go out?”

Chu Shiye shook his head.

Ji Mian realized something and said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me, those people shouldn’t dare to come back for a while.”

The other still said nothing, weighing the corner of the quilt for Ji Mian, like a silent stone, motionless on the side of the bed.

Ji Mian: “Okay.”

He closed his eyes and continued to close them to rest.

Although the sight did not touch, he knew that Chu Shiye was there.

The experience of having someone watching over him every inch of the way when he was sick seemed… To be something he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Not long after, Ji Mian’s breathing became clear and even. Chu Shiye stood up noiselessly, pulled out a thin black cube from under the workbench, lit up the screen, and tapped his finger on it for something.

If Ji Mian opened his eyes, he would have found that this was an old-fashioned communicator, long extinct in the Capital Star or some prosperous star systems.

Two hours after the communicator was lit, there was a knock on the door of the house, Chu Shiye opened the door, and carrying back a bag of takeout.

The aroma of rice overflowed in the house, Chu Shiye said: “Come and eat, then drink some medicine.”

Ji Mian did not fall asleep, but was just closing his eyes to recuperate. At the sound of his voice, he slowly got up and pressed the corner of his forehead.

Spiritual power to recover some, he also almost fever.

Chu Shiye: “Are you get dizzy?”

Ji Mian: “It’s okay.”

He was about to get out of bed, but his shoulder was gently held down by Chu Shiye.

“Don’t move, I’ll do it.”

A table was dragged to the side of the bed, just high enough for Ji Mian to sit and eat. The dishes were neatly arranged and a glass of warm water was placed next to it.

Chu Shiye ordered takeout like a few small dishes for dinner, each plate the portion was not much, but the dishes were rich and varied. Since it wasn’t clear what Ji Mian’s tastes were, spicy and sweet and sour, he ordered a lot.

Ji Mian: “It seems a bit much, I let you break the bank.”

Chu Shiye: “I didn’t break the bank.”

The two sat down to eat, cups and chopsticks clinking lightly between the two, Chu Shiye’s gaze fell slightly.

Su Lan seems to have a preference for sweet foods.

The several small dishes, spicy some of his chopsticks are not much, only a maple sugar ribs, he ate relatively more.

Ji Mian put down his chopsticks and took a sip of water from his cup. Chu Shiye said: “Do you want some sugar?”

Ji Mian immediately said: “Thank you, no, I don’t like sugar.”

Chu Shiye: “Oh.”

He picked up the last piece of maple sugar ribs on his plate.

Ji Mian’s eyes very, very lightly skimmed over the ribs, like a dragonfly.

Chu Shiye’s face remained unchanged, and his chopsticks reversed direction in mid-air and landed in Ji Mian’s bowl.

Ji Mian blinked: “You don’t want?”

Chu Shiye: “I don’t like sweet.”

This sentence is indeed not wrong, Ji Mian eyes tail raised slightly: “Thank you, you are really a good—”

Chu Shiye: “Let’s eat.”

The ribs are soft and glutinous, easily separated from the flesh and bones, a faint sweetness diffused in the mouth, Ji Mian said: “I have cooked before.”

“Maybe next time, I can let you try my handiwork.”

Chu Shiye raised his eyes.

Ji Mian met his eyes and realized that his words just now might make Chu Shiye misunderstand and think that he was going to stay here for a long time to bother him.

So he add another sentence: “Don’t worry, I’ll move out soon. If you don’t mind, can I come to your house as a guest at that time?”

Chu Shiye: “…”

He nodded slightly, his eyes were still the same as before, and there was no particular emotion.

But his emotions have never been so obvious, so Ji Mian doesn’t know whether he is happy or unhappy.

The company’s main business is to provide its customers with a wide range of products and services.

“Yes, eat with someone.”

A yellow hair came in from behind the door and picked up the bag in his hand.

“What you want, I brought back for you little by little.”

Chu Shiye stood up: “Many thanks.”

The yellow hair hehe smiled and muttered quietly as Chu Shiye approached: “This stuff is not easy to find these days, so, it has to add that little bit of money.”

Chu Shiye had no opinion, the two of them handed over money with one hand, he turned around again and handed an object in the bag to Ji Mian.


Ji Mian recognized it as an ordinary fever-reducing potion and took it: “Thanks.”

Yellow hair from behind Chu Shiye peeked out half of his body, eyes aimed at Ji Mian face: “You are really good-looking.”

“My name is Kane, I’m a Beta, and you?”

Ji Mian: “Su Lan, also a Beta.”

Kane: “Ouch, your voice also sounds good, first time meeting, let’s shake hands?”

Ji Mian raised his hand, and Chu Shiye said: “You can go back.”

Kane: “Hey, hey, I haven’t had a seat yet.”

Chu Shiye: “No need to sit, I have something to say to you.”

He said and walked towards the door, Kane tsked, turned to look at Ji Mian, and follow Chu Shiye’s steps.

Outside the half-hidden door of the house, Chu Shiye was talking to Kane in a low voice about something.

Kane: “… It’s a tough job, you have to add money.”

Chu Shiye: “Yes.”

Kane: “Hey, hey, thanks for your support. But you’ve been spending a lot of money lately, haven’t you? Is there anything valuable on that person that can—”

As he spoke, his eyes often glanced towards the house, Chu Shiye stepped inside without changing his face and blocked the door.

Kane: “Yo, pretty possessive.”

Chu Shiye frowned slightly: “He and I are not the relationship you think.”

Kane whistled: “Then there is a relationship?”

Chu Shiye: “No relationship.”

“There is still a little bit,” said Ji Mian inside the house, “my savior.”

Chu Shiye: “!!”

Kane: “Holy shit! He can hear! Are we too loud?!”

Chu Shiye: “… You give me go.”

He shooed Kane away and came back inside.

Ji Mian raised his hand innocently: “I didn’t hear much.”

Before Chu Shiye and Kane talking about something when the voice was still very small, he did not care. But then, Kane’s voice inexplicably became louder, and he heard it even if he didn’t want to listen.

Chu Shiye was speechless for a few seconds and changed the subject raw.

“Your spirit has improved a bit.”

Ji Mian, who had just eaten a normal meal and also drank a fever reducer: “Well, because I am a Healer, I will get better a little faster.”

His ink-colored eyes flowed and moist luster: “When my state recovers a little more, I can help you repair your spiritual body.”

Chu Shiye did not speak.

At first when he heard Ji Mian’s words, he did have such an expectation and impulse, but soon, he calmed down.

In the past twenty years, he also tried to change, but when all his efforts were in vain, he knew that it was impossible for someone like him to have his own spiritual body.

He was like a blind man who had lost his sight, isolated from the light and doomed to live in darkness all the time.

Maybe Ji Mian could bring him a bit of shimmering light, but in three months, a foreign merchant ship would pass through the harbor, and Ji Mian would board that ship, like a distant star, disappearing behind the night sky that he couldn’t see.

This man was so special that he was not destined to live on this barren and hopeless planet.

Chu Shiye moved his eyes away and no longer stayed in that direction.

After that, Ji Mian intended to ask Chu Shiye about the identity of those intruders, but Chu Shiye didn’t mention much, just told him not to worry.

Two days later, early in the morning, Ji Mian sensed an unfamiliar aura around him and got up.

Kane was sitting on a stool by the door, slowly peeling fruit.

Ji Mian knew it was Chu Shiye who had him here, said hello to him and said, “Where is Chu Shiye?”

Kane: “He went out for something, afraid that you are not safe to stay here alone, hired me to take care of you.”

Ji Mian instantly sensed something: “Because of the intruder that day?”

Kane: “Uh, I didn’t know whether to tell you, but since he didn’t say— right, yes.”

“The one who sent those few people to trouble Chu Shiye is Berg, our rampaging local snake.”

Ji Mian: “Is he very strong?”

“Then of course!” Kane said, “You do not want to mess with him, he is a Attack Ability, or a C-Class ability, easy to mess with!”

Ji Mian: Oh, that can be messed with.

He inquires again, “Is it because of me that Berg and he are at odds?”

Kane: “No, before you came, Berg looked at him badly.”

“That turncoat wanted to prove his power and make everyone in the area bow down to him, but Chu Shiye never bowed down to anyone. So in Berg’s eyes, he was a thorn in the side that should be pulled out the most.”

“Some time ago Berg wanted to make a move on Chu Shiye, and Chu Shiye is ready to end this pile of trouble, so tomorrow, he—”


The last sentence has not finished, the door of the house was kicked open vigorously, behind the door, Kane jumped up directly in shock.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

Kane’s heart stuttered, straight out of the bad.

It is clear that the appointment is tomorrow, Berg actually sent someone to sneak in early, really not something!

But who is this person? He remembered that he had not seen this person beside Berg ah?

In any case, the strong sense of oppression emanating from that scar-faced man was not something that Kane could bear, and he backed up one after another.

“T-there’s something to talk about, there’s something to talk about…”

The scar-faced man moved his wrists: “I’ll only repeat, where is Chu Shiye?”

Cold sweat broke out on Kane’s forehead, and it was not until his back was against the barrier that he realized he had actually retreated to the edge of the bed, with no way out.

How does he know where Chu Shiye is now?! What’s more, even if he did, this scar-faced man obviously wouldn’t let him go!

Damn, I should not have agreed to Chu Shiye in the first place!

Kane in the cursing barely squeezed out a smile: “I-in fact, you are looking for the wrong—”

Shivering words have not yet stopped, a cold, slender hand fell on Kane’s shoulder, not light and not heavy strength, but at once suppressed all his movements.

Kane turned his head, the pale young man rose and spoke coldly.

“I am Chu Shiye.”

Kane: “??”

The scar-faced man was slightly hesitant: “You are Chu Shiye? That waste… Of the Attack Ability?”

Halfway through his words, he was coldly interrupted by the very good-looking Alpha in front of him.

“Are you going to walk out on your own, or get out?”

“…Oh my God!”

The scar-faced man was instantly provoked and squeezed his knuckles to click.

“Good confidence, a mere E-Class ability, with you also deserve!”

He let out a roar and released his spiritual body.

A translucent Tibetan mastiff leapt out, revealing its hideous fangs.

The mental shock from the combat ability was so direct and violent that Kane’s knees went weak and he almost didn’t fall straight to his knees .

He was hooked by a long, slender finger in his collar and carried gently to the side.

“Close your eyes.”

At the bottom of Ji Mian’s inky eyes, the cold blue luster was like a tidal wave surging, a storm was coming.

“It will soon be over.”

Chu Shiye hadn’t even gotten close to the house when he felt something was wrong.

The door of his house was wide open again, and the door handle that had only been repaired was actually broken again.

There was little movement inside the house, so Chu Shiye quickened his pace – and ran into a scar-faced man head-on.

The scar-faced man rushed out of the house, looking terrified and in a mess, as if there were wolves chasing him. Because of too much panic also accidentally tripped over a stone and fell down head first.

Chu Shiye didn’t know what to do, so he yanked the scar-faced man by the hand.

The scar-faced man nearly stabilized his body, at least he didn’t fall backwards, immediately turned his head, stumbled and yelled at the room.

“Chu Shiye! You son of a bitch! I’m your ancestor!!” Then turned around and quickly said “thank you” to Chu Shiye in front of him.

After saying that, he ran away.

Chu Shiye: “??”

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