CH 7

As Chu Shiye crossed the threshold, he saw Kane diligently bringing tea and water to Ji Mian in an enthusiastic manner, almost akin to squeezing shoulders and pressing feet.

“Mr. Su, are you hungry, or are you thirsty? Do you want to eat fruit? I’ll peel the grapes for you.”

Chu Shiye fell silent and walked quickly.

When Ji Mian looked back at him, he was just about to say something when his body suddenly swayed and he fell on the edge of the bed.

Chu Shiye immediately reached out, and before he could touch Ji Mian, he bumped into another hand in the air that also grabbed Ji Mian.

The two’s eyes then met, and Kane shrugged and retracted his hand. Chu Shiye then turned to Ji Mian, and asked: “Is everything alright?”

Ji Mian pressed the corner of his forehead: “… I’m fine.”

Perhaps because his physical condition had recovered, the side effects of using spiritual power this time were not as bad as last time.

When he recovered again, dealing with the C-Class Ability just now was so easy, there were not even any side effects.

Chu Shiye’s gaze did not move and remained on Ji Mian. Next to him, Kane said: “You don’t know, just now Berg actually sent someone to weaken you, luckily there was Mr. Su. Mr. Su is really strong.”

Ji Mian: “He’s not one of Berg’s men.”

Kane: “What?”

“Didn’t you say that Berg had hated Chu Shiye for a long time?” Ji Mian raised his eyes. “There’s no way that the people he sent couldn’t recognize Chu Shiye, unless, of course, he doesn’t have much of a brain.”

Kane was stunned: “In that case, I guess, I never saw him around Berg… No, then where did he come from?”

“You’re not getting into trouble with someone again, are you?”

The last half of the sentence was spoken to Chu Shiye, who thought for a few seconds and said: “No.”

“That’s strange, since he’s not one of Berg’s people, could it be—” Kane’s face changed slightly. “Could it be the ‘Black Snake’?”

Ji Mian tilted his head: “Black Snake?”

“Another area of Land Snakes, stronger than Berg.” Kane said: “Berg only has C-Class Abilities, Black Snake is level B, one of the strongest on the planet, and is also close to the head of the city. So no one can do anything to him.”

“But Black Snake usually has no contact with Berg, so how could he see us here? And just now that guy shouted Chu Shiye’s name as soon as he entered the door.”

The more Kane thought about it, the more confused he became, while Chu Shiye was silent.

Ji Mian: “Don’t worry, if the Black Snake really wants to do it, just leave it to me.”

Chu Shiye: “They’re coming for me, there’s no need to involve you in this.”

“Already involved,” Ji Mian said, “Just now I used your name and dropped it.”

Chu Shiye: “…”

Chu Shiye: “No wonder he scolded me.”

Ji Mian smiled slightly: “Oh, sorry.”

“Even though I copied your name, he definitely remembered my face. So next time, he should come directly to me. But before that, are you going to see Berg tomorrow?”

Chu Shiye looked at Kane.

Kane: “What for? You didn’t say I couldn’t tell him.”

Chu Shiye: “…”

Ji Mian: “Are you going to go alone? It could be very dangerous.”

Chu Shiye: “I’m sure of it.”

Ji Mian: “I know, but that’s not the case.”

Although Chu Shiye was an E-Class Attack Ability, two levels up from a C-Class berg, he did not feel that Chu Shiye would definitely lose.

Even an ordinary person who has not awakened his spiritual power, after long and hard practice, is not without a chance to win against an ability.

Ji Mian recalled that earlier in the Star Capital, there was an outstanding freshman who defeated three C-Class Abilities one after another in the federal military school competition, and he didn’t even awaken his spiritual power.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages for those with abilities among the same class.

The scar-faced man just now was C-Class, and was one of the more outstanding existences in the C-Class Attack Abilities.

And the weaker D-Class, like the intruder a few days ago, was only slightly stronger than the average person.

Berg, as a local Snake in this area, will definitely be a more powerful existence among the C-Class here as well. However, what Ji Mian was worried about was not him.

“How many men are there?”

“Two dozen,” Chu Shiye said: “But he and I agreed to fight one-on-one, and if I win, he’ll never appear in front of me again.”

Ji Mian: “He might not be willing to keep his word, not to mention it’s his territory, even if you can defeat him, you might not be able to return in one piece.”

“So, I’ll go with you.”

Chu Shiye: “No way.”

Ji Mian said softly: “My injury has improved, it won’t give you any trouble.”

Chu Shiye looked at her thin white skin and his voice was slightly cold: “This has absolutely nothing to do with you, you are an outsider, don’t get involved in things here.”

After saying this, he pressed Ji Mian’s shoulder and made him lie down on the bed.

Pulled up the blanket again and covered him.

Turned his head and walked away.

Ji Mian: “…”

Ji Mian’s gaze shifted to Kane’s side.

Kane immediately spread his hands: “Don’t look at me, I’m leaving too.”

Ji Mian: “Wait.”

The sky was misty before dawn, Chu Shiye put on his jacket, put the sharp dagger into its sheath, and sheathed it at his waist.

Wordlessly, he smoothed the floor well and looked up.

Ji Mian was still sleeping soundly, soft ink hair falling between white skin, slender hands coming out from the blanket. He was naturally resting peacefully.

The truth is, you can find many people who have been in this business for a long time.

The back of his hand over Ji Mian’s forehead, touching the temperature that was no longer slightly hot, as if the fever had subsided.

The truth is, that you can find many people who can’t get a good deal on this.

Su Lan did have a “healing ability”, before the serious injury was enough to kill anyone, but he was only alone, hard from the ghost gate back.

In a short time, he will not need anyone’s care. He will also move out of here and occasionally return as a guest.

Chu Shiye stared at Ji Mian silently, averted his eyes, and turned around.

The door of the house was slowly pushed open, and Kane, who was yawning in the distance, slowly walked over.

Chu Shiye: “Keep an eye on him, don’t let him wander off and remind him to take his medicine.”

Kane said yes, watching Chu Shiye’s slender back disappear under the light of the dawn sky.

The alley in the morning, there were rarely any residents, they did not look special, but when outsiders appeared, all revealed unkind gazes.

Chu Shiye ignored those gazes and walked unchanged through the narrow alley to the place at the end.

A chair was placed on the empty ground, and a man with a rough appearance sat on the chair with a large horse.

He was the leader of the place, Berg.

Berg: “You’ve arrived.”

Chu Shiye: “I’m here.”

Berg: “You shouldn’t have come.”

Chu Shiye: “Why?”

Berg sneered: “Against the heavens, there are still exceptions. Against me, there is no chance of survival!”

Chu Shiye: “…”

Berg: “Kneel down, save the dog’s life. Otherwise, you won’t be able to come back!”

Chu Shiye: “…”

The crowd surrounding him slowly gathered, and a few people whispered.

“Big Brother is still very fond of those novels.”

“Big Brother is so handsome, ah.”

Chu Shiye did not say a word, the short knife at his waist came out of its sheath.

Berg sneered: “I admire the courage of those rats, but unfortunately, it’s just a futile struggle!”


He shouted, and raised his hand to release his own spiritual body, which was a hedgehog half a man’s height.

The hedgehog straightened its upper body, and the hard spines on its back stood up, one of which shot out like an arrow.

The first thing you need to do is look at the actual location.

In the center of the crowd, a tall figure clad in a very familiar tunic, the rather wide hood pressed down, only to reveal his pale and thin jaw.

That was his outfit.

Next to him, Kane turned his head left and right shyly.

Chu Shiye: “…”

A gust of wind violently approached his face, he quickly raised his hands to the side.

Despite directly receiving a blow from Berg, but he was forced to stagger back by the aura, and in time he moved to stabilize his body.

Burger laughed loudly: “I am a strong man! When I suppress all the enemies in the world!”

The surrounding crowd immediately erupted into thunderous applause.

“Big Brother is really strong!”

“Big Brother is the strongest!”

The crowd of spectators were not only Berg’s men, but also some ordinary citizens watching.

Kane hid behind the people and sighed softly in a voice that only he and Ji Mian could hear.

“So strong, both mental body and physical strength are indeed different from D-Class.”

“C-Classis so strong, I really don’t know how B-Class is above.” He said to Ji Mian: “By the way, you are also a C-Class, right?”

Ji Mian: “Hmm.”

Kane: “What is your spiritual body?”

Ji Mian did not speak.

Kane: “Oh, I forgot that you are a healing ability and your spiritual body can’t fight. Anyway, you should be careful when you meet the Black Snake, he is a B-Class Attack Ability above you, you can’t beat him.”

Ji Mian: “Thank you, I’ll be careful.”

Kane rubbed his chin: “In a place like ours, where birds don’t shit, the B-Class is already considered the strongest. But I heard that in terms of those prosperous galaxies, there are as many B-Classes as there are ordinary people, and A-Classes are not very rare. The only rare ones should be the most powerful S-Class.”

She changed his words: “Actually, I’ve seen S-Class.”

Ji Mian’s eyes moved slightly and tilted his head: “Where?”

Kane: “In a dream.”

Ji Mian was silent.

Kane: “I don’t know how I can meet a real S-Class one day, hehehe.”

During their conversation, Ji Mian’s attention was always on the fight.

Berg’s emotions kept rising, and Chu Shiye was forced to retreat by him time and time again. Every time this happened, a standing ovation would erupt around them.

“An E-Class trash, and he dares to challenge Big Brother!”

“Sure enough, that trash is not worthy of himself!”

Amidst the cheers, the smile on Kane’s face gradually disappeared: “The situation is not good, Chu Shiye is very passive, it seems that he will really lose.”

Ji Mian: “No, he’s just waiting for a while.”

Even though Berg had the upper hand early on, the fight kept stalling.

He was like a rampaging lion, roaring again and again, but never able to catch his prey.

Compared to him, Chu Shiye, who did not have a spiritual body, might be less powerful, but was like a black panther ready to attack, agile and fast, but at the same time more calm and patient.

In fact, even though he was forced into danger repeatedly, he was able to get out of the trap at the most critical moment.

Instead of saying that Berg was a powerful beast, he was a sophisticated hunter, step by step, luring his prey into his trap.

Ji Mian’s eyes were calm: “It will be over soon.”

The situation suddenly took a turn for the worse, as Chu Shiye was once again pinned down by Berg, this time in an even more precarious situation than before, and there seemed to be no room for him to fight back.

Cheers and applause erupted, and the winner was soon announced without a doubt. Kane couldn’t look away, but a small smile appeared in Ji Mian’s eyes.

In the next second, Chu Shiye, who seemed to be pinched and unable to move, rolled on the ground and directly avoided the porcupine’s thorns that were aiming for his life.

The prey in his hands escaped once again, and Berg was furious, and just wanted to control his mental body to deal an additional blow, but the porcupine curled up on the ground and disappeared into the air.

Berg froze.

Continuously releasing one’s spiritual body is also equivalent to continuously consuming one’s spiritual power.

In order to end the battle as soon as possible and complete an impressive blow, he had just wasted his strength without a care.

At this moment, all his spiritual power was finally exhausted.

Chu Shiye looked up, sharp color-crossing lightless dark brown eyes, like catching a thread of fate spider silk, precisely and unmistakably catching these dazed seconds.

The cold light was as bitter as thunder, Berg who lost his spiritual body didn’t even have a chance to resist, Chu Shiye’s sharp short knife, had already passed through his neck an inch before.


The chill of death froze the marrow of his bones, but it did not descend as Berg had imagined.

His shrunken pupils reflected the cold of the sword, and after a few seconds, made a trembling sound.

“W-why, you didn’t kill me?”

Chu Shiye: “No need.”

A cold light came into his view, he loosened Berg’s collar, his eyes emotionless to get up.

Berg sat paralyzed on the ground, unable to say anything for a long time.

The winner of the fight was indeed revealed in an instant.

All around him was instantly silent, there were no cheers, no applause, only stunned and dumbfounded faces.

A few moments later, applause was heard.

Ji Mian raised his hand, not slow, one by one applause.

Chu Shiye looked back, this was the crowd, the only one who congratulated him.

The crisp applause broke the silence and woke up the people in trance.

Berg stood up angrily: “Which bastard is clapping!”

In the center of his vision, the young man in the crowd was wearing black casual clothes, with a hood covering his face and not very visible.

The younger brother behind Berg immediately stood up and released his spiritual body, triggering a small gust of wind that swept across the outer hood.

The hood reveals the cold face of the young man.

Little brother: “Big brother! That’s him! How dare you mock big brother, I’ll teach him a lesson!”

Berg immediately raised his hand and pushed his younger brother away with a slap.

The younger brother turned around in confusion.

Berg said to Ji Mian: “Oh, it’s okay, you just continue.”

Little brother: “??”

Berg walked towards Ji Mian, Chu Shiye raised his steps at the same time and blocked in front of him.

Berg was obviously a little afraid of Chu Shiye, took a step back, looked at Chu Shiye, then looked at Ji Mian.

His tone was hesitant: “Is he your wife?”

Chu Shiye: “No.”

Berg: “Oh, then you just let him go.”

Chu Shiye’s voice was somewhat deep: “What are you going to do?”

Berg: “Need I say more?”

His face turned toward Ji Mian, revealing a bright, cheerful, confident, and eager smile.

“From now on, you are my wife!”

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