CH 9

On the way back, there was a moment of silence.

Ji Mian dropped his eyes, the morning light fell on the broad and stable back of Chu Shiye’s shoulders, and outlined the arc of silence.

The people who adopted him?

Ji Mian thought to himself.

Although he had guessed it before, he did not expect that Chu Shi Ye’s past would be revealed in such a way.

Sure enough, this Alpha and him were the same.

They had both lost their significant existences, and both were alone.

Ji Mian’s voice sounded soft. “Seeing you now, your teacher must be very happy.”


After a few seconds of pause for no known reason, Chu Shiye replied in a low voice: “Thank you.”

After taking a few more steps, he spoke as if muttering to himself.

“This is the first time someone has said something like that to me.”

It was also the first time since that person left that someone had comforted him like that.

Ji Mian raised his hand, and said: “I can comfort you again, want me to touch your head?”

Chu Shiye: “…don’t.”

Ji Mian: Oh, it seems like he is a good adult, not a crybaby little boy.

Since he wasn’t given the chance to touch his head, his hand fell onto Chu Shiye’s shoulder and patted it comfortingly.

Chu Shiye lowered his eyebrows.

The weight on his shoulders was not heavy, but he had a temperature that made him feel real. His adoptive father, a bedridden old man, seemed to have the same temperature when he held his hand.

For a long time after that, his sadness, his loneliness was incalculable, no one was willing to listen.

So the deeper the silence, the longer it would get.

Ji Mian still had something to say, and Chu Shiye listened quietly.

Perhaps in this person’s hometown, he is an existence that is circled and hugged, even if it is only a short speech and as comfortable as a spring breeze.

After all, he and himself were not the same. They are not from the same world.

Chu Shiye thought to himself, taking Ji Mian’s words one by one.

Getting closer to Chu Shiye’s house, Ji Mian closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly. A few strands of hair fell on the back of Chu Shiye’s neck, there was frost and a faint scent of snow.

Chu Shiye looked forward as usual, freeing a hand to push open the door in an instant.

As it turned out, the doorknob of his house fell off.

Ji Mian looked up strangely.

Chu Shiye was silent for a moment, then said: “The third doorknob this month.”

Perhaps it was because of the unknown C-Class scar-faced man yesterday, or perhaps it was because of Berg’s earlier men.

In short, the recent doorknobs have always been hit by disasters.

Ji Mian: “Ah, what a pity.”

The two stood at the door and observed a second of silence for the doorknob.

Chu Shiye stepped into the house, gently placed Ji Mian beside the bed and bent down to ask him.

“Still uncomfortable?”

Ji Mian: “Alright, not dizzy now.”

Chu Shiye replied “hmm”, pulling the blanket for him and covering him.

Ji Mian: “Wait a moment, I’ll return your clothes first.”

The reason he borrowed Chu Shiye’s clothes to go out was to cover his face so that Berg’s men wouldn’t recognize him too early.

If he had been discovered early on, Berg probably would have done something radical in anger to preserve his dignity.

Although it still didn’t get caught afterward, but by then the victory had already been decided, and Berg could do nothing more.

Chu Shiye nodded his head and turned around.

The rustling sound of clothes rubbing together was heard briefly, followed by Ji Mian’s voice.

“It’s done.”

Chu Shiye turned around, Ji Mian had already changed into Chu Shiye’s old clothes that he gave him a few days ago. Ji Mian’s own clothes were only one, and had already been taken to the laundry by Chu Shiye last night.

The outerwear worn in the morning was still a bit wide for Ji Mian, and this old coat of Chu Shiye from a few years ago fit Ji Mian’s body perfectly. This shirt hangs down to the waist, outlining a slender waistline.

Chu Shiye came over.

Ji Mian raised his eyes, Chu Shiye’s hand fell inches away from his face, ruffling a strand of his hair caught between his clothes.

Ji Mian: He’s a very careful person, and a kind person.

He smiled at this Alpha.

Chu Shiye quickly withdrew his hand, and said: “I’ll go prepare breakfast.”

Breakfast was soon ready. Chu Shiye bought some instant breakfast packets. The way to eat it was also very simple, just open and soak the bubbles. The nutrition inside is also very rich, and the taste is a little bland.

This didn’t matter to Ji Mian, and was better than the first day of drinking porridge.

The medicine boiled in advance was warmed up, and Ji Mian drank it all at once. A moment later, his slender fingers lightly pressed against his chest.

The pain that once burned the chest cavity to a large extent slowly faded away, although there was still pain hidden between breaths, but it was no longer as obvious as tearing flesh and blood.

He said: “In two more days, I will be able to go out normally.”

Chu Shiye was cleaning the dishes and looked up as he said: “What are your plans?”

“I want to find a short-term job,” Ji Mian looked into his eyes, “After all, I have to stay on this planet for a while.”

Chu Shiye nodded and said: “Are there any requirements for the job?”

Ji Mian: “The salary is no problem, it can include room and board, so you don’t have to bother.”

Chu Shiye thought about it and said: “Short-term jobs are not easy to find, and even if they include room and board. The food and living conditions will be very bad.”

He gave some examples, such as miners, coal workers and so on. With Ji Mian’s current physical condition, it is basically difficult to do the job.

“Besides, this job is mostly dark work, and the foreman won’t treat you like a human being.” Chu Shiye said: “Unless there is a lack of money to the point where it is difficult to live, I don’t recommend it.”

Ji Mian: It seems that the work pressure on this planet is very heavy.

If it was on another planet, with his injury fully recovered, it would not be difficult to find a job to support himself.

But here, under various conditions, finding a suitable job was definitely not easy.

“In that case, we can only hope for more.” Ji Mian pondered. “Although it’s embarrassing, it looks like I’ll have to trouble you for a few more days.”

“It’s okay,” Chu Shiye looked at him. “You have to heal first, that’s the most important thing.”

If the injury Ji Mian suffered happened to an ordinary person, and even if they survived, they would have to rest for a few more months.

But for him, it was only a recovery of just over ten days.

In the blink of an eye, two days later.

Chu Shiye returned from outside with a bag of takeaway food, and Ji Mian inside the house stared at his fingertips and reached out to him seriously.

“Can you come here for a while?”

Chu Shiye complied and came over, squatting beside the bed.

Ji Mian’s fingertips fell onto his face, black eyelashes drooping, eyes closed and concentrated.

A tiny speck of light spilled from his fingertip, and Chu Shiye only felt a warm stream on his chest, merging between his hearts.

His heart was slightly warm, as if tears of hot water were overflowing into the mouth of a spring, and overflowing very slowly. And finally, it rested on a certain line.

Ji Mian opened his eyes and withdrew his hand.

Cold sweat appeared on his forehead, but his voice was soft: “Will it be difficult?”

Chu Shiye: “No, it’s comfortable.”

Ji Mian: “What else do you feel?”

Chu Shiye: “Very comfortable.”

Ji Mian: “Well, is there a more detailed explanation?”

Chu Shiye thought about it and said: “It’s like taking a hot bath.”

Ji Mian: “…”

Ji Mian lost his smile and replied: “Okay.”

“My spiritual power has not fully recovered, but this kind of thing should take time.” He said: “Starting today, I will do spiritual channeling for you once a day until your spiritual body is reawakened.”

Chu Shiye was silent for a second and said: “Will there really be that day?”

“It will,” Ji Mian’s tone was certain, “trust me.”

Chu Shiye looked into his eyes and slowly nodded: “Good.”

Ji Mian wanted to get up, and suddenly his eyes turned black.

Chu Shiye’s face changed slightly and held his back.

“…I’m fine,” Ji Mian lightly pressed the corner of his forehead, “nothing serious.”

Chu Shiye frowned: “Sorry, I—”

“It’s none of your business,” Ji Mian said, “I was just too lying down for a long time.”

Chu Shiye wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Ji Mian lightly.

“I’m a little hungry, is there any food?”

The first time Chu Shiye saw him, he hesitated and slowly got up and said: “You wait a moment.”

Chu Shiye walked away, Ji Mian’s eyes drooped. A sharp stinging pain infiltrated the entire body, and cold sweat appeared staining the temples. A few seconds later, the vision shrouded in darkness was only slightly clear.

He gently leaned back on the pillow.

Perhaps it would be much easier if he could summon his spiritual body.

However, the current him, did he really have that kind of qualification?

As if overwhelmed by a long-gone memory, the bottom of Ji Mian’s eyes slightly lost focus.

That day, two years ago, he summoned his spiritual body again and again, and expended his mental energy infinitely.

He ignored the cost to break through the Spiritual threshold time and time again, to give his best, and to create impossible possibilities.

However, he still failed.

From then on, his spiritual body never responded to him again.

During Ji Mian’s silence, Chu Shiye had placed the few plates he had brought on the table, and they were neatly arranged.

“You eat first.”

After saying this, Chu Shiye took out a new doorknob, picked up the tools from under the workbench, and walked to the door to repair the door frame.

Until halfway through, Ji Mian had a very small, light cough. Chu Shiye immediately put down his tools, coming over to pour him a glass of water.

Ji Mian: I’m actually not thirsty.

However, he still thanked Chu Shiye.

Chu Shiye went back to fixing the door frame, and occasionally raised his eyes that were directed at Ji Mian’s body.

It was as if he was a fragile piece of porcelain, even if placed there quietly, it would be shattered into pieces by a gust of wind.

Finally finished repairing the doorknob, Ji Mian saw Chu Shiye putting down his utensils and Ji Mian said: “Come and eat, the food is getting cold.”

Chu Shiye quietly walked over and sat beside Ji Mian.

Ji Mian poked Chu Shiye.

Chu Shiye glanced at him with a sullen face, and didn’t say a word.

Ji Mian said in a warm voice: “I want to go out this afternoon, and by the way can you find out if there is any suitable work?”

Chu Shiye immediately shook his head.

Ji Mian: “Don’t worry, I’m fine now, nothing is wrong.”

Chu Shiye shook his head quickly.

Ji Mian: Alright…

He raised his eyebrows and said: “If you don’t agree, I’ll sneak out myself.”

Chu Shiye: “??”

Ji Mian: “You can’t stop me, I’ll remove your doorknob.”

Chu Shiye “…”

Chu Shiye looked into Ji Mian’s eyes, was silent for a long time, very slowly and very reluctantly nodded his head, indicating that he would take him out.

Ji Mian: How kind.

But Ji Mian didn’t know why, this Alpha was not in a good mood.

Because what just happened, made him feel guilty?

Ji Mian decided to talk to Chu Shiye about something else.

“By the way, it seems I don’t know you much yet. So, how old are you?”

Chu Shiye said a number.

“Huh, a year younger than me.” Ji Mian’s brows arched slightly. “According to common sense, you should call me brother.”

Chu Shiye looked at him.

Ji Mian teased him. “Call brother?”

Chu Shiye: “…”

He was silent for a few seconds, bowing his head, his voice very quiet.


Ji Mian: “Really called me? I’ll give you candy. But I don’t have any candy right now, so I owe you first.”

Chu Shiye sniffed, without saying a word, took out a candy from his pocket and gave it to Ji Mian.

Ji Mian took it, and then returned it to Chu Shiye’s palm. “Very good, I give this candy to you.”

The first thing Chu Shiye did was look at the candy, put it back in his pocket, and then looked at Ji Mian without blinking.

Ji Mian: His eyes are very shady and—

Such a gaze, as if déjà vu.

He didn’t know what was remembered, Ji Mian’s smile faded a few points, and briefly misplaced the line of sight.

Chu Shiye’s fingertips are slightly tight.

Just now, there was a moment when Su Lan seemed to see others through him.

He didn’t like that feeling.

Chu Shiye paused for a moment and spoke in a slightly deep voice. “Do you enjoy having people call you that?”

Ji Mian: “How come? You’re different.”

Chu Shiye’s gaze moved lightly, then he heard Ji Mian’s next words.

“Of all the people who call me brother, you are the most well-behaved.”

Chu Shiye: “?”

Chu Shiye: “???”

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