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A heavy-headed and feverish body.

Huo Ji felt as if his whole body was on fire, his congested body urgently needing something to relieve him.

Whoever poisoned him was incredibly bold, and once he regained consciousness, he would find and torture*1 this person to death.

But whether others live or die is a matter for the future. At the moment, Huo Ji felt like he was dying, about to be burned to death by the flames raging inside him.

His consciousness began to blur, and everything seemed to enter an illusory world. Even the sound in his ears became ethereal, as if footsteps were gradually approaching.

He tried to make himself a little more sober to figure out what was happening around him, but a sense of powerlessness surged from the bottom of his heart. His whole body was weak and his fingers were so weak that moving them seemed to be an extremely difficult task, and he couldn’t resist the drug in his body with just his willpower.

A cold body slowly approached.

Then it was like a person who had long been thirsty encountering water, and in his floating consciousness, he vaguely sensed what was happening, but he was powerless to change it.

Before he lost consciousness, Huo Ji thought that if he found out who did this, he would not just torture them, but also execute their entire family

“Huo Ji, since you don’t like me, why pretend to be nice to me? Am I not your fiancée?”

“Huo Ji, you have disappointed your father too much.”

“A Ji, I never thought you would do such a thing, big brother is disappointed in you.”

“Why blame everything on me? It’s not my fault!”

“If I didn’t do it, then I didn’t do it, I don’t admit it!”

“Big brother? From today on, I don’t have you as my big brother, and I don’t have you as my fiancéee.”

Countless words swirled around in Huo  Ji’s mind, like scripture entwined around his head.

His originally sluggish mind gradually became clear. Huo  Ji opened his eyes and found himself in a white, boundless sky.

It looked endless around him.

In this vast expanse of sky, these words began to revolve around him like living creatures, word by word, sentence by sentence, all rushing into his mind.

Only then did Huo  Ji realise that he seemed to have entered a book.

This was an era he had never seen before.

He ascended to the throne at the age of sixteen, ruled for ten years, defended the borders externally, reformed and innovated internally, and made it his mission to improve the lives of his people.

In just ten years, the land he ruled over was peaceful and prosperous, the people were wealthy, and all the subjects of the kingdom worshipped and loved him.

However, the symptoms of his physical weakness since childhood could not be changed. Even after consulting countless physicians, he couldn’t change the outcome of an early death.

But he never expected that when he closed his eyes amidst the crying and shouting of the officials and generals, and opened them again, he was faced with a completely different scene.

A distant bell sounded in the white sky, and an old voice echoed in the air.

“Go, this will be your rebirth.”

A powerful force swept through his body, and he felt weightless. Huo  Ji suddenly opened his eyes.

What he saw was a white ceiling and a complex and beautiful crystal lamp. Those magical words showed him a different era.

In the language of this era, he seemed to have been reborn into a book.

However, the fate of the body he possessed was too tragic.

The person’s name was also Huo Ji, the same as him, and even as physically weak as him since childhood.

But in this era, medical skills were very advanced and instruments were very advanced, so physical weakness did not affect life expectancy, it just didn’t look as robust.

The family of this body had arranged a marriage for him since he was a child to help him become a groom. They had agreed that after reaching adulthood, they would hold a ceremony to officially become husband and wife.

It sounds good, but everything started with this fiancéee.

The fiancée did not like him, but fell in love with his brother Huo Bo, the protagonist of this book. In order to get rid of him, she carefully designed a scene of catching him cheating, so as to openly break off the engagement with him.

The Huo Ji in the book did fall for it, and later became infamous because of this. He lost his fiancée, his family was disappointed in him, and he became a villain all the way to the end.

And then died a miserable death!

Huo Ji  furrowed his brow slightly. “If you don’t want to get married, just say so openly. Using such despicable means to ruin someone’s reputation is the most contemptible thing,” he thought to himself.

Wait, catching adultery in bed…

He pinched the bridge of his nose and turned to look at the person sleeping next to him.

The person had their back to him, and their smooth back was dotted with some red scratches, which looked very ambiguous.

Without thinking too much, he knew that this was his doing.

It was really… extremely wicked of him.

Due to his frailty, he had not married for ten years while in power, and all of his thoughts were spent on politics.

As the emperor who ruled over the world, he had never experienced love before.

So, in a sense, this was his first time.

But he couldn’t remember anything.

He moved his body, and an indescribable soreness came from all over, and the red marks on his arms looked like he had been pinched.

This person was quite strong.

He turned his head to look at the phone beside him, hesitated for a moment, and then picked it up.

Because he had inherited this body’s memories, the thing in his hand looked unfamiliar, but when he started using it, it felt familiar and smooth.

There were all kinds of patterns on it that he had never seen before, but with a quick glance, he understood what they were.

This era was so much more advanced than where he was from, it was amazing and shocking.

He looked at the time on the phone, and there were only a few minutes left until the “fiancée” caught him in the state of adultery.

He scanned the surroundings, and saw that the bed was in a mess, with clothes scattered everywhere.

The scene in front of him was obviously very consistent with what was described in the book, chaotic and ambiguous.

He turned to look at the person next to him. The book didn’t have much description of this person, as if he was a useless tool, who disappeared after completing the task of catching him “cheating”, and there was no further news about him. He didn’t even know if he was intentionally arranged by the fiancéee.

He thought for a moment, reached over to take the clothes next to him, and pulled out two things from the pocket.

A car key and a credit card.

Today was a turning point. Once he was caught here, “Huo Ji” would be discredited and he would have to leave here. He couldn’t give the other party a chance to frame him.

But this person in front of him…

Huo Ji expressionlessly placed the card on the bedside table, opened his phone, found his contact information, left a note, then turned around and quickly put on his clothes, enduring the soreness, and left the room without a sound.

Assuming this person was arranged by the other party, then it was just for money. With this card, he could check the other party’s consumption records, follow the trail, and obtain evidence of their wrongdoing.

He had never been a soft-hearted person, let alone someone who had drugged someone and could calmly treat the other person as their fiancéee.

If it was just an innocent person who was hit by mistake…

Huo Ji looked at the side of the person’s face. He was the first person to leave contact information behind. The other person should know what it meant.

Unfortunately, in this era, he couldn’t take extreme measures like torture and execution, and could only take revenge in kind. Huo Ji didn’t leave the hotel directly but waited quietly in the restroom on the same floor. Someone downstairs might be monitoring his movements, and if he left, they would definitely alert the other party.

As he expected, hurried footsteps soon echoed in the hallway, followed by the voices of two women. “Yafu, don’t worry. If that stinky boy really did something wrong to you, Auntie will definitely help you out and won’t let him get away with it.”

“Auntie, I really don’t know what to do. If A Ji really doesn’t like me, why doesn’t he just tell me? Why does he have to do… do something like this?”

The girl’s voice sounded tearful, as if she had suffered a great grievance. It seemed like Huo Ji was truly the fiancée she loved so much.

It wasn’t until the footsteps disappeared from his hearing that Huo Ji calmly left the restroom and walked straight into the elevator behind them. Regardless of what they might have seen, this trap was doomed to fail.

He didn’t realise that the just received memories were not fully downloaded, so he didn’t know that there was something called surveillance, and that his every move was recorded by the small camera in the corridor.

The elevator went down to the underground parking lot. Huo Ji took out his car key, remained silent for a few seconds, and then pressed to unlock the door. The flashing lights of the car showed him the direction. He walked slowly towards the car, opened the door, and didn’t relax until he was sitting in the driver’s seat, his muscles tense.

He didn’t want to pay attention to what had happened upstairs. This low-end and cheap trap was not worth mentioning. As long as he wasn’t caught in the act, he could save himself.

He would definitely take revenge for this, but the situation didn’t seem good at the moment because he found that he was feeling hot. It seemed that he had a fever.

This body was not particularly healthy to begin with, and he had been up all night yesterday. Judging from his injuries, he was the one who had been pinned down, and his wounds had not been treated in time. Getting a fever was an expected outcome.

Huo Ji leaned back in the chair and exhaled deeply. Since he was given a chance to start over, why couldn’t he go back to before he was drugged and try to prevent it from happening? 

For him, this slight fever is nothing at all, as his body has been plagued by illness all year round and he has become accustomed to this feeling.

Huo Ji started the car, using his body’s memory to turn the steering wheel and drive away.

At this moment, upstairs in the hotel, the urgent knocking on the door woke up the sleeping man.

The man opened his eyes, his head throbbing, and the lingering anger from just waking up made him look full of hostility.

He didn’t even notice the messy bed, and lazily walked to the door in his slippers, and opened it.

The man looked at them with an indescribable hostility in his eyebrows and eyes.

“Get lost.”

Ji Ya Fu was startled by the sudden command to leave. She had only pretended to cry, but now she couldn’t help but cry for real.

This man in front of her looks really scary.

This…this is not the person she arranged for. Did she come to the wrong place?

Ji Ya Fu felt very uneasy in her heart, but then the door slammed shut in front of them.

Just as she was about to continue verifying, Chu Shuzhen’s phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID showed Huo Ji.

*1 Torture was Ling Chi which is basically death by a thousand cuts

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