CH 6.2

Kwon Woo grabbed her arm, but it was too easy to pull away from his grasp. Kwon-woo reached for her once more, aiming for the lipstick in the jacket pocket. She quickly grabbed his arm.


Although she didn’t think she’d asserted much strength, Kwon-woo let out a painful sound and fell away from her. He grimaced and groaned, the arm he throbbing in pain.

No way. It was too easy.

She couldn’t believe it, so she looked down at her hand and smiled. The body of “Hong Se-ha” was originally as thin as glass, and due to overwork, she was weak enough to get occasional nosebleeds.

However, this body of “Jang Kwon-woo” was full of power. It felt like she had acquired some sort of a mysterious power, just like the main character in a hero movie.

“This body… Why is it so weak?”

“So you can see there is no point in doing this. I can’t go with you in this situation, and since I have a lot to take care of, why don’t you stay in this hotel room for a while? Once I arrive in Seoul, I’ll send someone, so calm down in the meantime.”

“Don’t be crazy. Hone Se-ha, snap out of it.”

“There was never a time when I felt so sane.”

“You’re going to be in danger!”

Kwon-woo yelled, clinging to her again. Then he pressed his weight as if he would never let go.

She understood where he came from, how surprising this unrealistic situation was. All the more, she was surprised at how quickly she adjusted to it.

But now, he was being a nuisance. Her tight schedule didn’t allow any time to calm him down. Se-ha slowly loosened the leather belt that was tied around the waist of “Jang Kwon-woo.”

“What…What are you doing?”

“I really have to get going, but since you keep on interfering… I’m going to tie you up.”

She grabbed Kwon-woo’s arm, that is, the thin arm that was originally attached to her body, and dragged him toward the wall. Then she grabbed both of his writhing wrists with one hand, tied them with the belt, and started tying the other side to a brace on the wall.

“Don’t do this. Release me right now!”

“Hold still, please. Don’t worry, I’m going to come back for you later.”

“Listen to me, you’re going to be in serious danger!”

“Sure, let’s see you try to put me in danger with that body, although I highly doubt it.”

With his hands tied, Kwon-woo struggled to get loose. She saw him grimace because his wrists were in pain. Se-ha didn’t even blink at the sight because it wasn’t herself who was in pain.

In addition to her own phone, she grabbed Hang Kwon-woo’s phone from the hotel room table and took it with her. This was necessary to prevent anything that could get in her way.

“I’m in a hurry, so I’ll leave you for now. I have to get there early so I’m going to take the car.”

“Hong Se-ha. Hong Se-ha! Stop! Hong Se-ha!”

She completely ignored his shouts and walked out of the hotel room in the body of “Jang Kwon-woo” and closed the door with a bang.

The field of vision rose sharply. Her footsteps were so light. There was satisfaction in seeing this perfect body made up of only muscles, without a single useless lump of fat.

Stretching, she made her way down to the underground parking lot. A gorgeous Lamborghini, that she had driven for Kwon Woo several times, stood there. She recalled how nervous she became every time she drove it because it was her boss’s car, how afraid she was at the money she had to scrape up if she made a dent on it.

Now, she didn’t have to go through that. It was hers. If she made a small scratch on the car, she had enough money to throw it away and buy a new one right away.

She got into the car while holding back the urge to laugh out loud. She started the engine and hit the accelerator, heading toward the world.

The moment she looked up at the night sky, her breath caught. She truly felt like she was reborn into a new world.


“It’s me, Jang Kwon-woo. I need your help.”

The person on the other end of the line was taken back at the sound of a female voice. The reply Kwon-woo got was that he had dialed a wrong number.

“I know you can’t believe me because of this voice. I can’t believe it either, but bear with me. I’m Jang Kwon-woo. Think of it like my voice got hoarse or something.”

The person on the other end of the line, of course, did not believe him, saying that he had the wrong number, that although Jang Kwon-woo was a person he knew, he had made a mistake and should check the number again.

Kwon Woo frowned, and said without hesitation,

“I’m Jang Kwon-woo, the person who killed your father.”

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