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Chapter 91 - A Green Leaf Against a White Lotus

Chapter 91: A Green Leaf Against a White Lotus

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Fang Panxia hypocritically added, “Maybe she didn’t use it without his permission. Miss Shen isn’t someone like that. After all, there’s no need for her to flaunt herself before the Yun Family…”

Lu Cheng’s thinking was led astray by her words. “There’s no need for her to flaunt herself before the Yun Family. So you mean she was flaunting herself before Bro Chen?!”

Fang Panxia sighed. “In the past, didn’t you despise her for being an artiste and feel that she was incompatible with Bro Chen? If everyone believes that she is a miraculous doctor, wouldn’t the problem of differing statuses be resolved?”

Lu Cheng frowned. “I didn’t despise her…I only feel that they are both in different worlds. You should know about people in our professions…”

He suddenly realized their current location wasn’t suitable for such a chat.

He coughed and spoke cryptically, “I’m only afraid she wouldn’t be able to protect herself if something bad happened. But there’s no need for her to do this to falsely claim credit, right?”

Fang Panxia shook her head. “All of these don’t matter. The main thing is that she lied. Madam Yun clearly had misgivings, which was why she didn’t follow Shen Ruojing’s instructions to get Mr. Yun to eat the pills on time. If she had said that this prescription was from a miraculous doctor from the get-go, there wouldn’t have been so many things that happened later on…”

Lu Cheng frowned and contemplated.

Fang Panxia’s eyes gleamed as she stared at his appearance.

Ever since Lu Cheng discovered that Shen Ruojing was the doctor who saved his father, his tone changed when he was talking about Shen Ruojing.

In fact, he didn’t even object to her being together with Chu Cichen that much anymore.

This was not good.

After Fang Panxia contemplated for a long time, it was basically impossible for an ordinary physician to come out with such an impressive prescription…In fact, even famous physicians wouldn’t be able to come out with it.

In that case, the truth was clear. The prescription must have been created by the miraculous doctor!

She intentionally exposed this because she wanted Lu Cheng to change his good impression of Shen Ruojing.

After achieving her purpose, Fang Panxia took out her name card and passed it to Ye Lu. “I’m Dr. Fang Panxia. If it is possible, I wish to study under Miraculous Doctor Jing to learn traditional chinese medicine. Can you help me relay the message?”

There was still a smile on Ye Lu’s face. She then shot a contemplative glance at Lu Cheng before shyly asking, “Sure. However, can I speak privately with Mr. Lu for a while?”

Fang Panxia glanced at the shy girl. She knew she still had to depend on Ye Lu to pass the message to the miraculous doctor, hence, she tactfully nodded. “Sure, I’ll go out to wait for him.”

After Fang Panxia left, Lu Cheng felt a little uneasy. He looked at Ye Lu. “What do you want to say?”

Ye Lu asked in a coy manner, “Mr. Lu, are you in love with Shen Ruojing?”

Lu Cheng started. “How can that be possible?!”

Shen Ruojing’s beauty was famous in Sea City and people of his generation all knew her. She was the dream lover of all the guys in the city.

However, how would Lu Cheng dare to have such thoughts after he knew that she had given birth to three children for Bro Chen?

Ye Lu then sighed. “In that case, you have to explain things clearly to Miss Fang…”

Lu Cheng didn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

Ye Lu looked at him. “My parents taught me from a young age that one shouldn’t talk bad about others behind their backs. Earlier, Miss Fang said something like that because she hates Shen Ruojing, right? Isn’t it because she likes you?”

Lu Cheng involuntarily laughed. “It is naturally not me. The person she likes is…”

As he spoke until here, he suddenly started.

(That’s right!)

The person Fang Panxia liked was Bro Chen.

And Shen Ruojing had given birth to three kids for Bro Chen.

This must be the reason why she viewed Shen Ruojing with hostility!

He regained his senses and after seeing the disappointed-looking Ye Lu, he couldn’t help but explain, “My relationship with her isn’t what you imagined. I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, is this true? This is excellent!” After Ye Lu finished speaking, she then realized what she just said. She quickly covered her face. “Ahhh, goodbye Mr. Lu!”

Lu Cheng couldn’t help but laugh. “…goodbye.”

After exiting, he saw Fang Panxia waiting for him beside the car. When she saw that he was smiling, she asked, “What did the young lady speak to you about? Is it because she likes you?”

Lu Cheng then lifted his chin slightly. “You could tell too? I didn’t expect my charisma to be so great…”

“Men are all filled with self-confidence,” Ye Lu spoke to the receptionist of the clinic. “They are often very tolerant toward girls who have feelings for them, and they would also feel very complacent. Hence, this method is 100% effective when used to deal with fierce people who are difficult to deal with~”

Ye Lu then tossed Lu Cheng’s number and Fang Panxia’s name card into the trash can. She clapped her hands and continued speaking to the receptionist. “Have you learned it?”

The receptionist had a look of worship on her face when looking at her. “Yes, Sister Ye. I’ve learned it!”

Shen Ruojing sent Chu Yu to school in the morning, but she didn’t pick him up at night.

She and Matriarch Chu had discussed this. When the Chu Family’s car went to fetch Chu Tianye, the chauffeur would also fetch Chu Yu to the Chu Family so Chu Yu could join Matriarch Chu for dinner. Shen Ruojing would only come after 8 p.m. to fetch Chu Yu back to sleep.

The sky gradually darkened. At 8 p.m. it was already completely dark.

Shen Ruojing set off on the motorbike that she modified herself and was on the phone with Ye Lu while on the way to the Chu Manor. Ye Lu then told her about Lu Cheng and Fang Panxia looking for her. She also told her to be wary of Fang Panxia before changing the topic.

“Baby~Today is the sixth death anniversary since you faked your death. Should we have a drink over your fake death anniversary?”

“Drinking at night is bad for the body.” Shen Ruojing coldly rejected.

Ye Lu snorted. “You actually rejected me so coldly. Baby doesn’t love me anymore!”

“Okay, enough. I’ve understood your message about Fang Panxia.”

Shen Ruojing then put down the phone as she pondered.

At the hospital, Fang Pangxia kept explaining that it was her special medicine that was problematic, but Madam Yun and Yun Zhengze didn’t believe her.

At that time, Shen Ruojing felt that Fang Panxia’s character wasn’t bad.

She didn’t expect that Fang Panxia was a gigantic white lotus*!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Lu’s acting was top-class, Shen Ruojing might have misjudged Fang Panxia and thought that Fang Panxia was merely not serious in her work…

She arrived at the Chu Manor while thinking about this. After entering the living room, she discovered that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

Matriarch Chu had a bitter look on her face, and both Chu Yu and Chu Tianye also had looks of worry.

Hence, Shen Ruojing lifted her eyebrows and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Yu spoke, “Daddy has stayed in his study the entire afternoon and hasn’t even come out yet. He refuses to let us enter and doesn’t want to eat anything. Mommy, can you go and see him?”

Shen Ruojing frowned and glanced upstairs.

Chu Tianye felt a little panic. “Could it be that daddy ran into some difficulties? Or maybe…our family is going to be bankrupt! Will something go wrong with my share of the inheritance?”

Chu Xiaomeng was so scared that her hands clutched the book in her hand tightly.

Shen Ruojing. “…”

She helplessly spoke, “Alright, I’ll go and take a look.”

She put her hands in her pockets and helplessly headed up.

After arriving outside Chu Cichen’s study, she knocked on his door.

Chu Cichen’s cold voice rang out from within. “Scram.”

Shen Ruojing paused before speaking. “Mr. Chu?”

The room fell silent for a moment. After that, Chu Cichen opened the door.

His expression was very unsightly. It didn’t look like he was sick. Rather, he appeared as though he was filled with longing.

Shen Ruojing looked at him before suddenly asking, “Wanna drink?”

Chu Cichen started.

A strange silent atmosphere manifested outside the study.

It was unknown how long had passed before Shen Ruojing realized that her words were too impudent. Her eyelashes fluttered. But just when she was planning to leave, Chu Cichen stepped aside and hoarsely spoke, “There’s only tequila. Do you want to drink it?”

Shen Ruojing’s lips curled slightly. “Sure.”

She followed Chu Cichen in and saw the painting placed on his table…

[1] A term to describe someone as looking pure and honest on the outside but inwardly insidious.

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