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Chapter 173 - elivering Medicine

Chapter 173: Delivering Medicine

Translator: Lordbluefire

Leng Ling stared at the woman before her.

The amorous peach blossom eyes seemed to be covered by a mask, and this made Leng Ling seem to see a face that had appeared in her dreams countless times throughout these years

Her mouth opened in shock, and for a moment, she couldn’t believe her ears.

But the next moment, she pushed Shen Ruojing away. “You’re pretending to be her again. Get lost!”

However, Leng Ling who had exhausted her strength was not Shen Ruojing’s match at this moment.

Shen Ruojing just continued slowly, “That Christmas, in order to conceal something, we built a snowman. Remember what we used to make the nose for the snowman?”

Leng Ling stared at her and had a vague nervous look on her face.

Shen Ruojing continued, “The handle of your dagger.”

Leng Ling had a very beautiful dagger with a red handle.

That year, when they built the snowman, there was no carrot, so they had to use her dagger.

This was something that only Leng Ling and 518 knew.

(So it’s really her. Shen Ruojing is 518!)

Leng Ling’s eyes suddenly turned red and moist, and her mouth opened slightly in disbelief. All the sentiment of longing flooded her mind to the point that she could not say a single word.

No, it shouldn’t be like this.

She obviously had so many things to say to sister 518 …

Leng Ling’s hand suddenly began to tremble. This woman, who had always been calm, self-possessed, stubborn, and obstinate, actually had a tear falling from the corner of her eye at this moment…

“Sister 518….”

She reached out her hand, wanting to touch Shen Ruojing’s face.

But perhaps it was to let go of the obsession in her heart, her vision suddenly dimmed as she fainted.

The doctor next to her did not hear the conversation between the two. He only saw Shen Ruojing whispering something and Leng Ling faint. Leng Ling no longer struggled and seemed to be in a daze earlier.


Shen Ruojing coldly said to the family doctor.

Only then did the family doctor react. He quickly handed over the needle used for Leng Ling’s infusion to Shen Ruojing.

Shen Ruojing then carefully placed Leng Ling’s hand back on the bed. After inserting the needle, she started to put her on a drip.

The whip wounds on her back were too serious…

Shen Ruojing took out two calming pills from her pocket and placed them in Leng Ling’s mouth. She then spoke to the doctor, “She should sleep until tomorrow morning. Let her rest well.”

“Ah? Okay, sure.”

Shen Ruojing then stood up and left.

Just as she walked out of the door, she saw the butler coming over. “Miss Shen, the time for our master’s acupuncture session is up.”

“Is that so?”

Shen Ruojing lowered her eyelids. Recalling Leng Ling’s injuries, her expression turned cold. She then followed the butler and slowly walked to Dugu Xiao’s treatment room. After that, she started pulling the needles out one by one for him.

In the end, when it came to the thick needle at the crown on his head, Shen Ruojing intentionally wriggled it around.

Dugu Xiao immediately felt like ten thousand ants were chewing his body from the inside. It was so painful that his vision turned dark as he subconsciously groaned in pain.

Shen Ruojing. “Mr. Dugu, this is just a tiny needle. Is it really so painful?”

“…” Dugu Xiao forcibly endured the pain and wiped away the cold sweat dripping down his forehead. He narrowed his eyes. “It is not painful at all.”

In any case, this was the last day. The headaches would only come back half a year later.

However, Shen Ruojing suddenly said, “I still have to come back tomorrow to stabilize your condition.”


Dugu Xiao suddenly felt like a knife was pressing on his head. It would fall on his head tomorrow.

However, his expression remained unchanged, and he only spoke in a steady tone to the butler, “Escort Miss Shen away.”

Shen Ruojing left Dugu Xiao’s room. As she continued onward,a figure suddenly charged in front of her. It was Yan Zijing and she didn’t wear the gold mask. She was staring angrily at Shen Ruojing. “Are you the one who said my brother died from some infectious disease? What nonsense is this? You are simply finding excuses, you slut…”


The butler ruthlessly slapped her. After that, he spoke to the guard that rushed over, “Drag her down and imprison her.”


The butler then fawningly looked at Shen Ruojing. “Miss Shen, please.”

After leaving Dugu Xiao’s villa, Shen Ruojing rode her motorbike back to the Chu Corporation to get the medicine from Lu Cheng.

She got Lu Cheng to concoct 100 pills first. After all, it was better for those who had come in contact with the corpse to eat a pill for prevention purposes. They could control the range of the transmission by doing so.

However, she didn’t expect that the moment she arrived at the Chu Corporation, the reception desk and front door were in a sorry sight.

At the glass door, someone had sprayed red paint with the words ‘black-hearted corporation’ and ‘spending money to buy a life’. At this moment, the cleaners of the company were cleaning it.

However, it was very hard to remove the paint. The cleaners had scrubbed a long time before managing to remove only a little of the paint.

And not far away, a group of reporters were among the crowd, wanting to gain the latest news.

At the entrance, once someone walked out, the reporters would swarm over to ask questions.

“Hello, what do you think of the Chu Family’s behavior? Are they really spending money to buy a life?”

“Slandering the dead saying that he has an infectious disease, and using that as an excuse to proclaim Chu Cimo as innocent. The Chu Family is too audacious! Are all the wealthy like this? Treating the lives of the poor as weeds?”

“The mother of the deceased is already so old, and she has nowhere to go. She basically has no idea where to find justice!”

“Shouldn’t the Chu Corporation give an explanation?”

The person who had just exited had an ashen expression. He directly pushed the reporters away as he spoke, “I came here to sell my shares. The matters of the Chu Corporation have nothing to do with me.”

After speaking, he quickly left.

However, this sentence caused the reporters to fantasize wildly. They immediately posted online. #ShareholdersOfChuCorporationAreQuitting#

Shen Ruojing lowered her eyelids.

Modern society’s internet was just too developed, causing people to be impetuous and unable to wait for the truth. Even if the official department gave them an explanation, everyone would still doubt it.

As she was contemplating, Lu Cheng came down and gave her a bottle.

After Shen Ruojing accepted the medicine, she didn’t say anything and immediately went to look for Captain Cui.

She saved 30 pills and gave the remaining 70 to Captain Cui. She instructed, “Those who come in direct contact with the corpse have to consume a pill. This pill has no side effects on the body, and its sole purpose is to kill the virus.”

Captain Cui was worried. “I’m afraid that the virus has spread.”

Shen Ruojing replied, “The Chu Corporation’s pharmaceutical factories are already working overtime to produce these pills. You don’t have to worry.”

Only then did Captain Cui heave a sigh of relief.

Not pretending to be polite with Shen Ruojing, he directly took the medicine and went back to look for the people affected.

Shen Ruojing had headed out in the early morning and wanted to use the toilet now. Hence, she decided to use the toilet here.

After she entered the cubicle she heard others entering the toilet.

One of the voices was filled with panic.

“Yesterday, I was responsible for shifting the corpse. Does the corpse have a transmissible disease? I’m so afraid now.”

Other voices rang out.

“What transmissible disease? Isn’t that a lie? I’ve seen the report, and it didn’t state anything like this!”

“We still have to eat some pretentious pills. I’ve never heard that traditional chinese medicine could cure diseases. Anyway, I’m not going to eat the pill!”

“Me too. Who knows whether or not it has some side effects?”

As they were speaking, the person who had spoken first felt like crying. “B…but, I suddenly feel very uncomfortable and seem to be feverish…”

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