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Chapter 200 - Chapter 200: Self-Exposing His Identity

Chapter 200: Self-Exposing His Identity

Old item…that was used for many years?

Chu Xiaomeng had come to the Shen Residence for the sake of getting Shen Ruojing’s old item?

Chu Cichen’s gaze landed on her bag, wanting to see what she was going to take out.

But at this moment, his phone rang.

His attention immediately shifted and he took out his phone to glance at it. After that, he picked up the call.

Lu Cheng was the caller. “Bro Chen, there’s news from overseas that someone is investigating your identity and they seem to have some suspicions…”

Chu Cichen’s gaze turned sharp. He lowered his eyelids and slowly spoke, “Understood.”

After hanging up, he directly looked at Muscles who was in the driver’s seat. “Where’s Dugu Xiao?”

When Dugu Xiao left, Chu Cichen was puzzled about why he would appear near the Shen Residence, so he got Muscles to investigate this.

Muscles immediately replied, “We investigated. He is eating… mala soup* at a small store?”

Muscles were clearly suspicious. “What sort of expensive food has he not eaten before? I really don’t understand why he would eat such a thing at such an insignificant store.”

Chu Cichen’s gaze turned heavy. He directly said, “Stop the car.”

The few black cars immediately stopped.

Chu Cichen spoke to Muscles. “Bring half of the men with you and send Xiao Meng home.”

Muscles was the strongest bodyguard here. If he escorted Chu Xiaomeng, Chu Cichen wouldn’t need to worry.

After saying that, he got out of the car directly.

Chu Xiaomeng. “??”

Her small hand was on the mask and she had not taken it out yet. Why did her daddy suddenly leave?

(Forget it, he must be busy with his stuff. It’s okay, I can give her daddy a surprise after he comes home.)

She obediently sat in the car and returned to the Chu Manor.

Matriarch Chu was already home with Chu Tianye and Chu Yu. When Chu Xiaomeng returned, she immediately ran to the study and headed to the place where Chu Cichen had placed the painting before. After that, she took out the mask and decided to wait here until her daddy came home.

Chu Cichen got into a car at the back.

After that, the four cars split at the roads ahead, while his car u-turned and went back to the area where the Shen Residence was.

According to the clues given by Muscles, he soon found that insignificant-looking mala soup store.

This was in a dilapidated commercial street. But there was a junior high school in the distance, so there were many snacks on this street, not only spicy hotpot. There were also kebabs, cold skin noodles, baked noodles, and other stores.

Two inconspicuous black sedans parked at the corner of the street while Chu Cichen got out of the car.

The bodyguards behind him wanted to follow him, but Chu Cichen got them to stay where they were. After that, he proceeded forward alone.

The logo of the No. 1 Experimental Middle School of Sea City was very prominent from the side.

When Chu Cichen saw the school, he faintly recalled how he got Lu Cheng to investigate Shen Ruojing when he found out that the two children were connected to him.

She used to be from this school…

This thought flashed in his mind as he continued walking forward.

The signs on the commercial street were dull, and the whole street was extremely dirty, causing the entire place to look a little dim. Chu Cichen in a black suit looked very out of place here.

He bypassed all kinds of food stores and finally came to the mala soup store mentioned by Muscles. He then saw Dugu Xiao at the entrance. Dugu Xiao also seemed out of place on this commercial street.

The store was very small, only about thirty square feet. There were only a total of seven or eight tables, and Dugu Xiao sat at the table facing the entrance.

The other customers in the store were driven out by him. He was the only one eating inside.

The butler stood at the door and did not enter.

The kitchen and the tables were separated by a piece of glass. However, because it had been many years since anyone wiped the glass, there was a layer of grease on it, causing things to look very blurry through it. But even so, one could see a couple working in there.

The couple was also stunned by such a scene. They cautiously prepared the food and would occasionally glance at Dugu Xiao while not daring to say anything.

Chu Cichen stared quietly for a moment before entering.

In the small store, two tall men over 1.8 meters were within, and it caused the space to appear somewhat cramped.

Chu Cichen directly sat at the table beside Dugu Xiao.

For a time, both of them didn’t speak.

It was unknown how long later before the boss brought two bowls over. He looked at Chu Cichen and then at Dugu Xiao. For a time, he didn’t know who to pass the two bowls of food to.

Dugu Xiao suddenly smiled. “Give him the clear soup. The spicy soup is mine.”

“Ah? Oh, okay, okay.”

After the boss placed the mala soup on the table, Dugu Xiao suddenly took out his wallet and tossed a thick wad of cash to the boss. There was over $10,000 in that stack of cash!

The boss immediately grew well with joy. He nodded and took the money before running back to the kitchen, no longer coming out.

The atmosphere in the shop fell silent again.

Dugu Xiao suddenly spoke, “Back then, after 518 died, 527 also vanished. It has been so many years, and I’ve actually been looking for him. Mr. Chu, do you have any news about him?”

Chu Cichen didn’t look at him. He only stared at the clear mala soup before his eyes.

When he heard Lu Cheng saying someone was investigating him, he immediately knew it was Dugu Xiao.

Hence, he got Muscles to verify Dugu Xiao’s location and he immediately came over.

After hearing the words, Chu Cichen was silent for a few moments before he hoarsely replied, “517, long time no see.”

Dugu Xiao’s fingers trembled slightly.

He had thought that Chu Cichen was just the Chu Corporation’s successor. But after he came to China and interacted with Chu Cichen, Dugu Xiao found Chu Cichen to be somewhat familiar.

This was why he had sent men to investigate Chu Cichen.

However, he didn’t expect Chu Cichen to expose his identity himself.

He was none other than 527?!

Just when Dugu Xiao was astonished. Chu Cichen then asked, “Why did you come here to eat this stuff?”


Dugu Xiao lowered his eyelids.

He still remembered his last mission with 518 in the organization. They hadn’t expected the other party to have set up a trap, waiting for the two of them to step into it.

After he and 518 fell into the predicament, they were trapped for two days and nights with no food or drink. They were both extremely hungry.

The two of them felt like they were going to die soon. This was why 518 revealed a few sentences of truth that were usually impossible for her to speak of.

Dugu Xiao asked 518 about what she was thinking of doing at that moment.

518 replied, “I wish to eat the mala soup cooked by that couple.”

The woman wore the mask and her ruby-red lips curled up slowly. “In Sea City of China, beside the No. 1 Experimental Middle School, there’s an insignificant-looking store, but the food is really good, so good that it is unforgettable. I once suspected that they must have added poppies in the soup, but I discovered that they didn’t in the end…”

“I don’t know if I can ever eat that again.”

And after that, 527 suddenly appeared and saved the two of them…

Dugu Xiao reminisced about this. His voice was now very low and filled with boundless longing. “I’m here to help her eat the mala soup she wanted to…”

During these years, he had always wanted to investigate 518’s identity, but he didn’t dare to do so.

She had already died, so what was the point of investigating?

But if she had eaten the mala soup here before, didn’t that mean that she had once studied in the No. 1 Experimental Middle School?

As his voice faded, Chu Cichen’s pupils suddenly constricted. “What did you say?”

[1] Numb and spicy soup

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