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Chapter 210 - 210 Finding Daddy!

210 Finding Daddy!

Yun Wei looked at Shen Qianhui and the group of people beside her.

Jing Zhen sat on the bench. He was clad in emperor robes and exuded an overbearing tyrannical aura.

Her gaze paused slightly.

With such a good-looking husband, would Shen Qianhui really have an affair with her father?

Even if Yun Wei was biased toward her own father, she couldn’t help but admit that Jing Zhen’s looks were rare even in the entertainment industry.

At this moment, Yun Wei’s phone rang.

After she picked up the call, Yun Zhengyang’s voice rang out, “Little Wei, are you on the set?”

“Hmm. Yun Lu’s matters have been settled. Don’t worry.”

“Right.” Yun Zhengyang paused before continuing, “I just discovered that Yun Lu and Jing Zhen were acting on the same set. Did Director Shen Qianhui accompany him?”

Yun Wei frowned.

Why was her father specially asking about Shen Qianhui?

Her gaze swept past Shen Qianhui again before she replied, “She is present.”

Yun Zhengyang’s tone was filled with dissatisfaction. “How can one eat and sleep well on set? Why did he get Shen Qianhui to accompany him when he is filming?”

Upon hearing this, Yun Wei’s breathing grew slightly heavier.

She originally didn’t believe Yun Lu’s words. But right now, Yun Zhengyang’s attitude caused doubt to rise in her heart.

Could it be that her gentlemanly father really had an affair?

Or maybe, was Shen Qianhui her father’s first love? His white moonlight?

She frowned and probingly asked, “Given Jing Zhen’s looks, Shen Qianhui would probably worry if she didn’t accompany him. However, the two of them are indeed a perfect match. Father, don’t you think so?”

“What perfect match?!” Yun Zhengyang always felt that Jing Zhen had lucked out. If Shen Qianhui was acknowledged by his aunt and returned to the family, her marriage partner would at the very least be someone from a top influential family.

His tone was filled with unhappiness. “Jing Zhen is only an unpopular small-time actor. Qianhui has married below her station!”

Qianhui…even his term of address for her was so intimate?!

Yun Wei cast a complicated gaze at Shen Qianhui and her group. She then looked at Shen Ruojing and felt speechless. Earlier, she had had a pretty favorable impression of this family.

But now…

“Since Qianhui came to Ford City, you should bring her back to our home tonight!” Yun Zhengyang seemed to have made a decision.

Yun Wei started. “Father, what are you saying?”

Yun Zhengyang’s tone was filled with determination. “Bring Shen Qianhui home and we will be the host for her visit here.”

Yun Wei bit her lips. “This isn’t too good, right? Does mother know about this?”

Yun Zhengyang spoke with a straight face, “I can make the decision on this matter. Anyway, your mother wouldn’t object. Alright, let’s set it this way.”

After speaking, Yun Zhengyang hung up.

Yun Wei. “...”

What did he mean when he said that her mother wouldn’t object?

As the little sister of the family, Madam Yun’s personality was naive and innocent, and her temper was gentle. Because of this, she alone would be unable to establish dominance in the Yun Family. She had to depend on the power of Matriarch Chu of Sea City, her elder sister, before she could establish a foothold in the Yun Family.

This was also the reason why she always had to act so domineeringly.

The Yun Family wasn’t a good place as there were severe internal conflicts. It was unknown how much Madam Yun had suffered. This led to Yun Wei maturing early so she could help her mother to block some traps that were targeted at her.

Her father always respected her mother a lot. Yet this time around, he didn’t even bother asking and wanted to bring the person he was cheating with publicly back home. Wasn’t this a little too over the top?

Yun Wei clenched her fists tightly.

At this moment, she felt her leg being hugged by someone. She then lowered her head and saw a good-looking little boy staring at her with his head lifted. “Elder sister, you are so beautiful~ I like you a lot!”

Given that his mouth was so sweet, this person was naturally none other than Chu Tianye.

After being hugged by that little fellow, Yun Wei’s heart softened a little. This was especially so given Chu Tianye’s curly hair. She really felt like rustling through them. Now, she subconsciously wanted to bend down and speak to him but suddenly recalled the fact that this kid had been standing together with Shen Qianhui. He was probably a part of their family.

Hence, she suppressed the favorable impression she had in her heart and assumed a cold demeanor. She took a step back to lengthen the distance between her and Chu Tianye before looking at Shen Qianhui. “My father invites you to our home.”

She hoped that Shen Qianhui would be more sensible and reject this.

However, she didn’t expect that after Shen Qianhui considered for a moment, she nodded. “Sure.”

Yun Wei. “?”

Shen Qianhui asked again, “Is your father’s health currently alright?”

Yun Zhengyang was hiding the matter of his illness from his son and daughter, hence, at this moment, Yun Wei felt even weirder after hearing the question.

Shen Qianhui only showed concern for her father and not her mother…

Could it be that they really had that kind of relationship?

Yun Wei felt that the sky was collapsing. Even her values, worldview, and outlook were disintegrating.

“I’ll accompany you there,” Shen Ruojing spoke to Shen Qianhui.

Shen Qianhui nodded.

She also wanted to see the place her mother had once lived in. She heard that her mother’s room was still preserved in its original condition.

After this episode, the filming of Jing Zhen and Yun Lu’s scenes became much smoother.

When Yun Lu heard that Shen Qianhui was going to the Yun Family at night, she immediately whispered to Yun Wei, “Elder sister, didn’t I tell you that their relationship isn’t a simple one? Do you believe me now? You can still be on time if you want to do something to deal with them.”

“Shut up!” Yun Wei berated. “Just act out your role well!”

Yun Wei pouted. “You are only acting serious.”

After speaking, she took out her phone excitedly and sent a message to her mother, the madam of the second house in the Yun Family. [Mom, there’s a piece of explosive news. Elder uncle’s lover is going to come to our place tonight!]

Mrs. Yun was very idle. [Is this true? Your elder uncle has always appeared serious and straight-faced. He doesn’t seem like an unreliable man!]

Yun Lu. [This is true! Although my father also likes to play around, he has never brought any women home. Elder Uncle’s taste is quite unique, he fell in love with a married woman. However, that Shen Qianhui looks really beautiful. I can see why uncle fell in love with her. Hehe, let us go watch the good show together tonight!]

Mrs. Yun. [Definitely!]

The Yun Family might seem peaceful, but there were all sorts of internal plots within. They had been continuously fighting with each other for quite a few years now.

Because both Jing Zhen and Yun Lu would be going back to the Yun Manor, Yun Wei decided to stay here and go back together with everyone after the filming was done.

Shen Ruojing felt that Yun Wei’s attitude toward Chu Tianye was a little strange.

She clearly was fond of Chu Tianye, but she controlled herself to resist the feeling.

Shen Ruojing shook her head and ignored these. After that, she walked to the area behind Chu Xiaomeng.

The little girl seemed as though she had become the air and was inconspicuous, not attracting the attention of anyone.

Shen Ruojing didn’t look through Chu Xiaomeng’s phone. She had her own secrets too. Shen Ruojing’s education toward them had always been considered the more hands-off type.

She whispered, “During the night, I have to accompany your grandma to the Yun Family. Things will probably be quite boisterous. Do you want to come along?”

Chu Xiaomeng immediately shook her head and spoke weakly, “...Nope!”

“Okay.” Shen Ruojing lowered her eyelids. “In that case, go and find your daddy then.”

Chu Xiaomeng started.

Shen Ruojing spoke, “Isn’t he right outside film city?”

Given her sharp senses, how could she have not discovered that she was being trailed by someone?

She already knew when Muscles were tailing her.

However, Chu Cichen was not at fault because he cared for the children.

Although she fell out with Chu Cichen, this man was still the father of their kids. She wouldn’t stop them from meeting.

Xiaomeng’s personality wasn’t suited for noisy and chaotic scenes, which might happen if they went to the Yun Manor. Hence, she might as well send Xiaomeng to Chu Cichen.

Chu Xiaomeng widened her eyes. “Mommy, you know everything?!”


Shen Ruojing rubbed her head. “Come, I’ll send you there.”

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