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Chapter 282 - 282 Lord Jing Is Being Bullied!

282 Lord Jing Is Being Bullied!

Vice President Li suddenly lifted his head and looked at Yun Zhengyang. “Bro Yun, is there another possibility? Could this be real?”

Yun Zhengyang. “?”

He looked at the calligraphy and frowned. “I thought Madman only left nine of his works to the world?”

Vice President Liu touched his chin and explained, “We have only discovered nine. After all, he is the best calligrapher of this generation, and he might have written some works and given them to his family or good friends. Hence, it wouldn’t be strange if a new work of his showed up.”

He stared at the cursive writing on the table and explained, “Look here. Whenever Madman writes cursive, he has a habit of writing sharply in a continuous manner at high speed. This writing contains all his characteristics, and I basically cannot see any signs of it being an imitation. Cursive writing emphasizes on completion of the characters in a single breath. This is also the reason why it is so difficult to imitate him…”

Yun Zhengyang stared dumbfoundedly at the calligraphy work on the table. Could it be that Shen Ruojing got lucky and obtained this somewhere?

Just as he was pondering, Vice President Liu suddenly started. “Something is wrong.”

Yun Zhengyang immediately said, “What’s the matter?”

Vice President Liu meticulously lowered his head and traced his fingers across the words before studying the xuan paper. He then sighed, “This calligraphy piece is a newly written one, and the time of writing wouldn’t exceed one month, but…”

It was common knowledge that Madman had passed away five years ago!

Vice President Liu was extremely puzzled. “If this wasn’t written by Madman, who in the world would be able to imitate him so perfectly? I really can’t imagine it…”

Yun Zhengyang suddenly said, “Is there a possibility that Madman hasn’t passed away?”

“I don’t think so.” Vice President Liu had a look of pain on his face. “Back then, I was the first person who received news of his passing.”

They were good online friends who communicated through WeChat.

At that time, he texted Madman every day to invite him to the capital’s calligraphy association. However, Madman replied, saying that his health wasn’t good, so it wasn’t suitable for him to travel far distances.

After that, there was a day when he invited Madman again, but the other party said it was no longer possible for Madman to join the association.

He asked why and the other party replied that Madman was dead.

Since then, all messages he sent were like throwing stones into the ocean. There were no more replies.

Vice President Liu stared at the calligraphy and sighed. “This imitator has forgotten to fake the age of the xuan paper. He is too careless. Old Yun, I actually feel that it is already enough if you give this calligraphy work to Old Master Bai. What Old Master Bai likes is the writing and not Madman’s name. Even if this work was produced by a fake, it is also extremely rare and valuable.”

Yun Zhengyang nodded in understanding. “I got it.”

Vice President Liu continued, “You should go and investigate more about the person who wrote this!”

At the shopping mall.

In order to avoid customers running into each other with the same dress at an event, luxurious shops like these would only sell unique clothes.

Hence, it was basically impossible for the shop to take out a second piece that looked exactly the same for both Yun Wei and Wen Yuyi.

The shop staff didn’t know who Wen Yuyi was, but she could tell that Madam Yun and the other two with her had extraordinary demeanors. How would she dare to easily offend anyone?

Hence, the staff immediately smiled and said, “Madam, this dress doesn’t suit your figure. Why don’t you look at this red one instead…”

“I want the one she is wearing!” Wen Yuyi’s tone changed completely. Ever since she was psychologically impacted at the music festival, in addition to the injuries on her face, her voice was no longer as gentle as before. Hence, all the darkness in her heart was revealed.

The staff frowned due to the predicament. “This…I’m afraid it is not suitable…”

“What do you mean not suitable?”

All of a sudden, a clear voice rang out. Shen Ruojing glanced at the entrance and saw Shen Wanxian smiling. She was accompanied by a wealthy-looking lady.

Once that wealthy lady entered, the staff in the shop immediately replied, “Third Madam Bai, you are here!”

Third Madam Bai immediately glanced at Yun Wei and Madam Yun. She then rolled her eyes and spoke to the staff, “Why are you not clearing the place of randoms yet?”

The staff immediately smiled.

She walked over to Shen Ruojing’s group and spoke apologetically, “I’m sorry. Our shop cannot entertain outsiders at this moment. Why don’t you guys wait outside in the queue first?”

Luxurious stores indeed had the habit of clearing the grounds.

They would let those with higher statuses remain.

Madam Yun frowned. “This dress…”

The staff smiled apologetically again. “If Third Madam Bai doesn’t buy it, I’ll reserve it for you guys.”

But given Wen Yuyi’s attitude, she would definitely buy it!

Madam Yun frowned in dissatisfaction. “This doesn’t conform to the rules.”

Just when the staff wanted to say something, Third Madam Bai sneered. “In that case, did your actions conform to the rules when you were petty and casually chased my friend out?”

Madam Yun. “???”

Shen Wanxian quickly held Third Madam Bai by her arm. “Third Madam, don’t say anymore.”

“Why not? I hate people like this the most.” Third Madam Bai’s lips twitched. “Madam Yun, this place is the capital and not your Ford City. You guys best tread carefully here.”

Third Madam Bai then looked at Yun Wei. She had a look of disdain on her face. “This dress doesn’t suit you, strip it off quickly and stop throwing face here. If not, Bai Xiaojiu might feel ashamed in the future!”

A sharp light flashed in Shen Ruojing’s eyes, but before she could say anything, Yun Wei held her arm. She looked at Wen Yuyi. “The third madam is correct. This dress isn’t the best.”

After that, she entered the changing room and casually tossed it to the staff after taking it off. “There would always be people snatching the stuff I don’t want.”

(The things she doesn’t want…) Qian Nanyin was someone she didn’t want and Wen Yuyi had snatched him away. Now, when it came to purchasing dresses, Wen Yuyi was going to go after another discarded item?

Wen Yuyi was so angry that she almost went crazy.

She originally wanted to establish her dominance and let Yun Wei know that this place was the capital. She didn’t expect to be reverse-humiliated instead.

Shen Ruojing lowered her eyelids and understood that her cousin didn’t want to make things awkward with an elder from the Bai Family given that she had yet to marry into the Bai Family.

She respected her cousin’s choice, so she lazily followed Yun Wei and Madam Yun.

The three of them walked past Third Madam Bai, and Shen Ruojing cast a glance at the latter. Just when she was preparing to exit the store, Shen Wanxian’s voice rang out behind her. “Wait a minute, Third Madam, where is your diamond earring?”

Third Madam Bai touched her ear and her earring had indeed disappeared.

Shen Wanxian continued, “Earlier when we entered, I recalled seeing it, but why did it suddenly disappear?”

Third Madam Bai frowned and directly looked at the three people. Her gaze swept past Yun Wei and Madam Yun.

Yun Wei would be the daughter-in-law of the fourth house in the future. She could say a few sentences to demean her, but she couldn’t go overboard.

Madam Yun was Yun Wei’s mother, and insulting her would mean insulting Yun Wei. The Old Master would surely be angry if he learnt of this.

So, Third Madam Bai directly turned to Shen Ruojing and pointed at her. “She must be the thief. Earlier when she passed by me, I felt a slight pain in my ear area!”

Shen Ruojing. “???”

Ten thousand grass mud horses* galloped through her heart.

Hearing this, Madam Yun and Yun Wei subconsciously stood before her protectively and sharply replied, “Impossible.”

Third Madam Bai coldly laughed. “How is it impossible? Guards, quickly hold her down and search her body!”

After seeing this situation, the staff quickly pressed the alarm button.


The mall manager was currently reporting to Chu Cichen about the sales situation during these few months. But all of a sudden, someone took a recording and walked in. “General Manager, things are bad. Two parties of guests are in dispute in one of the stores. One of them is from the Bai Family!”

The general manager immediately asked, “What about the other party?”

“No idea, they should be someone new to the capital.”

When Lu Cheng heard this, he quickly took a look at the recording before cursing out loud. “F*ck! Bro Chen, Lord Jing is being bullied!”

[1] slang for curses such as f*ck you

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