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Chapter 376 - 376 Getting Closer To The Truth (1)

376 Getting Closer To The Truth (1)

Shen Yuansong instantly became clear-headed.

He allowed the butler to support him. After that, he took a pair of farsighted glasses from the butler and began to read through the information that the butler gave him.

As he read, he started slightly. “No one in the Yun Family married a family with the surname ‘Shen’?”

In Yun Zhengyang’s generation, a few females did marry out, but none of them married into a family with the surname ‘Shen’. Also, the butler knew that Shen Yuansong wanted to investigate Shen Ruojing, so he also investigated her family situation.


As for the news that Shen Qianhui was Yun Zhengyang’s cousin, the Yun Family had found someone to cover it up.

This was why the butler failed to investigate it. He only knew Shen Ruojing’s mother was named Shen Qianhui, and she was an orphan that was brought up by another person while Shen Ruojing’s father was a small-time actor. Both of them looked as though they had no connection with the Yun Family!

But…since there were no connections, why did Yun Yiheng address Shen Ruojing as his cousin? This was why it was strange.

After Shen Yuansong finished reading the information, the butler spoke, “This time around, I needed more time because I also investigated the upper generations of the Yun Family.”

Yun Yiheng addressed Shen Ruojing as ‘cousin’, so maybe they were distant relatives?

Fortunately, the butler’s capabilities were good. He was pretty reliable.

Shen Yuansong nodded. “And then?”

The butler continued, “After that, I couldn’t find any connection between their two families, so I sent someone to Ford City. That person managed to infiltrate the Yun Manor, and the news he received was that Shen Ruojing and her mother had indeed stayed for a period in the Yun Family. However, the masters of the manor were all very tight-lipped and didn’t reveal anything. Also, the Chu Family was in the Yun Manor during that period as well.”

Shen Yuansong frowned. “Did they follow Shen Ruojing along and stay there?’

The butler lowered his voice. “This is where the matter is strange. Shen Ruojing and her father were the first to go to the Yun Manor, and Matriarch Chu only went there the next day. It was as though Miss Shen’s family were the ones acquainted with the Yun Family first…as for what happened exactly, I’m afraid only those people from the Yun Family would know the truth. My man tried probing many times, but there’s no news to be found at all. One of the Yun Family’s members said that their relationship was that of business partners…but I wasn’t able to find out anything about that. The entertainment company that Shen Ruojing’s mother, Shen Qianhui, is currently managing, is a gift from the Yun Family to them.”

There must be a secret within!

Shen Yuansong swallowed a mouthful of his saliva.

The butler then continued, “I think the Yun Family might have some scandals, and Shen Qianhui might be the illegitimate daughter of someone…Sir, if you wish to continue investigating, I will have to get my man to reveal his identity so he can ask Yun Zhengyang. But things wouldn’t be too good if we go about it this way.”

“It naturally won’t be good.”

Shen Yuangsong was very respectful of a family’s privacy.

He felt that he must be thinking too much.

His heart was in chaos just because Yun Yiheng addressed Shen Ruojing as his cousin.

The butler continued to ask, “In that case…are we going to continue with the investigation?”

“Yes.” Shen Yuansong glanced at the stack of documents on the table. All of a sudden, he picked Shen Wanxian’s file up. This was an adopted daughter of the Yun Family, and Shen Yuansong’s lover was the one raising her personally.

He had thought that his lover would pay close attention to Shen Wanxian, so after Shen Wanxian married into a family from the capital, Shen Yuansong wanted to show some care for her. But later on, he discovered that Shen Wanxian was a scheming and narrow-minded woman.

Back then, his lover had yet to pass away, and she seemed neither close nor distant from Shen Wanxian. Shen Yuansong thus decided to ignore this woman.

But from the looks of things now…

Shen Yuansong passed Shen Wanxian’s file to the butler. “This person is someone who thirsts for benefits. Give her some benefits and it shouldn’t be hard to get the truth out of her.”

The butler immediately replied, “Yes sir.”

Just when he turned and was about to leave, Shen Yuansong suddenly called out to him. “Help me set up the situation. I’ll be the one personally questioning her.”

When the butler heard this, he wanted to say something but hesitated.

He felt there was no need for this. After all, this matter concerned an illegitimate daughter of the Yun Family. It wasn’t possible for that person to be his master’s child.

If there was a child, why didn’t the old master’s lover contact him back then?

He didn’t understand why his master was so persistent, but he still agreed. “…Roger.”

After the butler said that, he turned to leave again, but Shen Yuansong suddenly asked, “As for Shen Zhong and Shen Chong, did they try to sabotage the Chu Family?”

The butler immediately reported what he knew. “Currently, we have not received any news. However, Mr. Chu has your contact. If they tried anything, Mr. Chu would have called you.”

Shen Yuansong sighed. “He is such a prideful person, so he will definitely not call me. Help me pay attention to this.”


The butler would usually handle things at the top level. But now, the people sabotaging the Chu Company were the salesmen at the lowest level. There was no way the butler and Old Master Shen would know about these!

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