CH 4

Chapter 4: Your Savior

Si Xu...

After murmuring this name again, Jiang Ran began to change her clothes with her stiff fingers.

The final boss in the original novel was the head of the laboratory in Xiling Base, the only survivor of the first batch of experimental subjects, and the strongest fighter in the novel.

The supreme commander of Xiling Base was Shen Lang of the Shen family, who was also Jiang Ranran's grandfather. Because of Si Xu's capriciousness, the Shen family had a long-standing grudge against him. And later, because Si Xu held Jiang Ranran against her will, Shen Lang finally found an excuse to attack Si Xu.

In the siege that defeated Si Xu, Luo Rui played a vital role. After killing Si Xu, Luo Rui gained the approval of the Shen family by virtue of this achievement and became Shen Lang's adopted daughter.

As for Jiang Ranran, after Si Xu's death, she didn't wait for the Shen family to rescue her. She committed suicide –– she had finally waited until the man who controlled her life died, and yet she chose to commit suicide...

The more Jiang Ran thought about it, the more she felt that the girl's behavior was weird. Maybe it was because the author wanted to pave the way for Luo Rui, so Jiang Ranran could only become cannon fodder?

But no matter what the reason was, this villain boss seemed to be a little different from what she thought.

The difficulty of moving her fingers made the whole process of changing clothes extremely difficult for Jiang Ran. The silence made her feel insecure. Jiang Ran whispered her gratitude, “Well, Si Xu, thank you.”

No matter what the reason was for this person to help her, she should be grateful for the favor. She still remembered this clearly.

When Si Xu heard the girl's words, he turned his head to look at her –– she had just taken off her wet clothes and there was no trace of excess fat on her back. Her skin was fair and her curves were soft... Si Xu averted his gaze calmly and turned back to the front again.

“I fell into the water and my clothes were wet...” Because she had made no contribution to her team, she couldn’t exchange for a fresh change of clothes.

“I know.” The corner of the young man's mouth twitched slightly. “I fished you out from the water.” After a pause, the man added, “I was on the way.”

“Huh?” He fished her out from the water? Wait, the white figure that she saw before she lost consciousness was Si Xu, not Xie Chengzhi?!

Jiang Ran was completely stunned.

So... this was what actually happened? It turned out that this was the truth!

No one had ever told Jiang Ranran who saved her. That led Jiang Ranran to believe until the end that her savior was Xie Chengzhi, and she even misunderstood that Xie Chengzhi still loved her. Hence, she was determined to repay Xie Chengzhi for saving her life. 

Actually, that person wasn’t Xie Chengzhi at all. It wasn’t him at all.

That made sense. Luo Rui was bent on getting rid of a huge hindrance like Jiang Ranran. How could she possibly let Xie Chengzhi know that Jiang Ranran had fallen into the water? Moreover, even if Xie Chengzhi knew, he might not rescue Jiang Ranran.

It was Si Xu who saved Jiang Ranran –– their affinity began right from the moment he jumped into the water and grabbed her wrist.

“You... saved me?”

“I was on the way.” Emphasizing on that again, Si Xu said, “I saw that your team was in a hurry to escape and no one cared about you.”

“Yeah.” Jiang Ran sniffed and whispered, “Thank you.”

The man accepted her gratitude as a matter of course. “Sure.”


Just as Jiang Ran was about to speak, the door of the room was pushed open. At the same time, a large men's coat fell on her body, covering her body before she had time to get dressed.

“Luo Rui said you weren’t in your room. You’re...” The man’s yelling came to an abrupt stop.

Jiang Ran wrapped Si Xu's coat tightly around her and she looked at the speaker.

The man put his hand on the door to keep it open. His eyes were as round as copper bells, his mouth moved and he murmured in disbelief, “Si Xu, you win. You’ve hooked up with a beautiful young girl without anyone’s knowledge...”

When Si Xu heard his friend's blunt words, he frowned and said coldly, “Get out.”

“Huh?” The man snapped out of his thoughts, apologized twice and quickly left the room. “I'm leaving. You guys carry on, carry on. Just pretend that I haven't been here, hahaha.”

Si Xu was no longer interested in conversing. He picked up the cigarette on the table. “You change your clothes. I'll go out and have a smoke.”

Jiang Ran said, “Oh.”


Outside the door, Gu Yunqing did not leave as expected. When he saw Si Xu come out, he immediately approached Si Xu with a smile on his face. “Is she that girl?”

Si Xu, with a cigarette in his mouth, asked vaguely, “What?”

“Is she the one whom you took the trouble to rescue?” Gu Yunqing tsked twice. “This is the first time you’ve cared about the fate of an insignificant person. Si Xu, have you taken a fancy to that girl?”

Si Xu frowned. “Taken a fancy?”

“Hey, let me tell you. You aren’t young anymore. You should consider keeping a woman by your side.” Gu Yunqing said, “I think that girl is quite young and she looks pretty. If you like her, you can keep her first.”

“...” Si Xu did not reject Gu Yunqing's suggestion, but he did not agree either.

“Hey, let me tell you. Women are the most adorable creatures in the world —especially when they whine. I assure you that they’re more interesting than your work in the laboratory...”

“Really?” Si Xu raised his eyebrows. “...Well, it can be done, I guess.”

“Have you really taken a fancy to that girl? I remember that she seems to be from Luo Rui's team. Just wait, I'll settle it for you.”

Gu Yunqing said, patted him on the shoulder again and went downstairs.

After smoking a cigarette, Si Xu returned to the room. Jiang Ran had already changed her clothes and was standing by the bed with his coat in her arms. She was staring into space.

“You’ve changed your clothes?”

“Yeah.” The young girl, who had changed into new clothes, revealed a satisfied smile and handed the coat back to him. “Si Xu, thank you very much.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Instead of saying, “You're welcome,” he said, “I know.”

It was the first time Jiang Ran heard someone respond to others' gratitude like that. She found it interesting. “Oh, by the way, my name is Jiang Ran. ‘Jiang’ as in the rivers, lakes and seas, and ‘Ran’ as in dyes.”

“Well, I'm Si Xu.” Even though the girl had clearly called him by his name, he still introduced himself formally. “I'm your savior.”

Jiang Ran looked up at him, not understanding why he emphasized on that sentence.

“So, from now on, your life...” The man paused for a moment and said seriously, "belongs to me."

Those words sounded like a vow between lovers, but Jiang Ran knew that he didn’t say those words out of lust and passion, but out of instinctive possessiveness –– Si Xu was an extremely possessive pervert. This was Jiang Ranran’s evaluation of him in the novel.

Certainly, Si Xu also said those words to Jiang Ranran. Jiang Ranran, who believed herself to be deeply in love with Xie Chengzhi, fell out with Si Xu on the spot...

“Oh.” Jiang Ran, who had no objection to this, nodded and consciously accepted the man’s sovereignty. “This is what it should be. You saved me in the first place. My life will belong to you from now on.”

If not for Si Xu, she would have died in the icy cold lake.

At the thought of that, Jiang Ran couldn't help but size Si Xu up secretly again.

When she was reading the novel, she had a bad impression of the villain boss because the author focused on describing how Luo Rui had thought of Si Xu as someone who had unpredictable moods and killed innocent people... But now that Jiang Ran had real contact with Si Xu, she couldn't help but begin to wonder if Luo Rui had poor judgment.

He seemed to be a very gentle person.

Si Xu was pleased with the girl's answer. He smiled slightly, his light brown eyes reflecting her figure. “If you break today's promise, I’ll kill you.”

Jiang Ranran, “...”

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