CH 129

Fifty-eight Dragons (1)

Mu Wanwan read softly, guessing as she went; a smile appeared on her lips, and her brows and eyes curved into crescents.

The study was lit with lamplight that gave a warm atmosphere. In Mister Long’s view, there seemed to be golden stars in her eyes, and her smile struck the depths of his heart.

His wife usually didn’t smile much, perhaps because there was no reason to. After all, life wasn’t very easy for her. Apart from occasionally laughing when playing with the awful chirp, she hardly ever did. Moreover, as he only woke up for only a short amount of time, and usually only at night, he basically seldom saw her smile.

With this smile of hers, all the shame and embarrassment in Mister Long’s heart seemed to be smoothed out easily and obediently.

Mister Long’s dark eyes brightened slightly with a faint trace of joy. He tentatively felt the dry feeling on his tail, and for some reason he wasn’t sure of himself, quietly raised his tail a little and swung it left and right a couple of times.

If only the tip of my tail was still there, thought Mister Long. The tip of his tail was also furry—she would have liked it very much.


He lowered his eyelids slightly. Over there now…

All that was left was the ugly and broken tail that had just grown some flesh.

After laughing for a while, Mu Wanwan carefully rolled up the parchment and prepared to take it back to the room to put it away.

She thought Mister Long was too funny. This must be something that was written a long time ago, right? Apart from the ugly writing, she couldn’t hide her amusement at its contents.

Even though it was only one line, she seemed to have seen what Mister Long was like.

Mu Wanwan didn’t waste too much time. Taking the paper and brush she came for, she left the study.

The weather gradually grew colder. Mu Wanwan finished her work, took a bath, then brought the spirit chicks’ cage into the kitchen. Now that it was getting cold, they’d grow slower and get sick easily outside.

Mengmeng still lived in the house, enjoying pretty much the same treatment as Mister Long ∩_∩

After cultivating a number of spiritual plants, it was already late at night.

Mu Wanwan added some lamp oil, took out the brush and paper she had taken from the study earlier in the day, and began to record some of her experiences of the alchemy failures.

Mengmeng tried to accompany her at first, warming her arm with its fluffy body, but then became increasingly sleepy, its little head nodding bit by bit. Mu Wanwan couldn’t bear to watch anymore, and after finishing another record, she turned her head and was about to call Mengmeng when she found that it had fallen asleep on her arm.

The body that was becoming fatter by the day was fluffy and warm, and so cute that it made Mu Wanwan’s heart melt. She carefully held Mengmeng in her hands, then put the feathery chirp into its nest and covered it with a small blanket.

Mu Wanwan finished this series of actions naturally and got ready to go to bed herself. She stretched lazily with her back to Mister Long, then took off her clothes, wearing only a thin inner garment. She was just about to put out the light when she felt something amiss.

Shucks, she had forgotten that Mister Long was awake at night!

Then, when she was stretching just now, did she indulge in herself a little too much? She even took off her clothes with the lights on…

Mu Wanwan’s cheeks burned; she felt so embarrassed that her movements became much slower.

She already knew what he thought about her, and she was not a saint herself, so how would she harbour no thoughts about him too? She still wanted to preserve an image of herself as a cool and aloof fairy in Mister Long’s heart.

Mu Wanwan climbed into bed slowly, lifted the quilt, then quickly buried herself under covers, squeezing the corners of the quilt in her hands. After thinking about it, she poked her head out slightly and glanced in his direction. The room was very dark in the late night.

However, her night vision was much better than before. Looking at him in the dark, he was no longer a blurry silhouette like before. His long hair was scattered on the pillow, his horns were hideous and mutilated, and she could still clearly see the outline of his profile clearly despite the curse lines all over it.

He was really still rather scary to look at.

However, Mu Wanwan didn’t feel so at all. She has been looking at this face for a long time already.

Mu Wanwan whispered, “Mister Long… Goodnight.”

After speaking, she shut her eyes and prepared to go to sleep.

Actually, she had already gradually figured out the routine of a certain dragon. Although there was still the feeling of unfamiliarity, in her heart, he was no longer the cruel and cold image that others outside made him out to be. In fact, his careful actions the past few nights and his childish words, all made her feel much at ease.

Mu Wanwan even felt that he would not hurt her. Even if she really slept beside an awake Mister Long, there would be no problem at all.

She knew she shouldn’t think this way—it was too careless!

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