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Chapter 135 Gu Xia's Time To Kill

"Although this junior in the middle stage of dark energy has extraordinary talent, talent is nothing but an affirmation of the future. With the peak strength of the two of us, it's just a sledgehammer."

Although Lu Boyun was amazed by the talent of Yang Fan, a junior, he still felt that there would be no surprises against a junior in the middle stage of dark energy with his peak transformation strength.

Du Li also nodded and said confidently.

"Don't worry, Er, the matter of Yun Shao, the two of us will handle it properly."

Ah Er had Yun Shao's entrustment before him, so he reminded the two of them repeatedly.

"Young Master Yun said that this person should not be underestimated, otherwise Young Master Yun would not have asked me to invite the two of you to work."

"In the end, this person can be killed. If he can't be killed, then just hold him back for three hours."

After hearing the words, the two quickly promised: "Don't worry, no matter how powerful they are, they are only juniors in the middle stage of Anjin. I promise to dedicate the head of that kid to Young Master Yun."

Although Ah Er's strength is not as good as the two of them, but his status is the personal bodyguard next to Yun Shao, which is not something they can offend.

The strength of the tip of the Zhao family's iceberg, before the two took refuge, they had an in-depth understanding and a deep understanding, which is also the reason why the two chose to take refuge in the Zhao family.

If they can take this opportunity to get into Young Master Yun's eyes, this is the biggest opportunity for the two of them to make their way to the top.

"En." Seeing that the two of them listened to what they said, Ah Er felt a little relieved.

Lu Boyun and Du Lu are both martial artists who have recently joined the Zhao family. Their strengths are at the peak of their energy transformation stage, and they are already the strongest on the bright side.

The purpose of the two of them turning to the Zhao family is naturally to go further. They urgently need more advanced martial arts and expensive training materials to break through the Huajin stage and become the Gangjin stage.

But Yang Fan, who was in the open, relied on his very human-like keen intuition, and just as he was about to leave, he discovered that someone was peeping at him in the dark.

"Come out, you bastard who hides his head and shows his tail."

Yang Fan glanced around, his tone was cold.

Yan Rubing had an accident, and he couldn't absolve himself of the blame. If something irreparable happened, he would never forgive himself in his life.

A figure struck directly from above the dark street, Yang Fan suddenly raised his head, raised his hand, and a wisp of Zi Xiao internal force was directly punched out along with the strength of the fist.

"The younger generation has some strength, but I underestimated you."

Lu Boyun, who failed, took a few steps back and stood in front of Yang Fan, his eyes very surprised.

Yang Fan didn't talk to him, but looked at the dark corner with very calm eyes, and said with a sneer.

"Do you want to sneak attack again? If you can't do it once, do it a second time."

"Jie Jie Jie -- I didn't expect that I would be discovered. Sure enough, you, a junior, are not simple."

After Lu Boyun's sneak attack failed and Du Lu who wanted to make another blow was discovered, he walked out of the dark place directly amidst the dark laughter.

Yang Fan's heart sank. From the moment he just fought, he knew that the strength of the opponent was higher than his own. He didn't expect that there would be two of them at once.

But Yang Fan would not accept his fate just like that, so what about the transformation period, it is not without precedent for him to kill people by leapfrogging, he looked at the two of them with disdain, and sneered.

"I didn't expect that the strong man in the energy transformation stage would become someone else's lackey. If Zhao Yunhai handed over Yan Rubing and Mu Xiaoyu, I can pretend that nothing happened."

"Junior, dare to call Yun Shao's name directly, you are looking for death."

Lu Boyun's eyes were full of gloom, these words were just an excuse, what he hated the most was being called a running dog.

"Strong Demon Claw Technique!"

Lu Boyun's palms turned into claws, and when he shot, the originally normal hands were under the action of his own internal force, and the claws were as terrifying as demons, and the speed was astonishing.

"Shenmen Fist!"

Du Lu also followed suit, the sound of fists was deafening, and the speed of the fists cut through the air, causing bursts of air explosion sounds.

He doesn't have the so-called one-on-one burden, as long as the mission is completed, he will do whatever it takes.

The use of internal force in the Huajin stage is far stronger than that in the Dark energy stage, there is a qualitative change between the two, one is rough, and the other becomes more delicate.

It was a bit difficult for Yang Fan to fight back, but although Yang Fan's internal force was a little rough, there were different powers between internal force and internal force.

Yang Fan has practiced the peerless martial art Zi Xiaozhen since he was a child, and the internal force produced by Zi Xiaozhen practice is far higher than ordinary martial arts.

Relying on Zi Xiao's internal strength, although Yang Fan seemed to be in a predicament, in fact, the two of them couldn't take him down for a while.

"I don't feel ashamed that two fighters in the energy transformation stage are going to join forces with me in a dark energy stage."

Yang Fan kept provoking the two of them with words, wanting to irritate them so that he would have a better chance of winning.

"Jie Jie Jie --- the younger generation is smart, but you are still a little too young to provoke the two of us."

Lu Boyun's claws tore through Yang Fan's defense in an instant, leaving bloody claw marks on Yang Fan's arms.

Yang Fan gasped, backed away again and again, looking uncertainly at the bloodstains on his left and right arms.

"The master of the younger generation does not seem to be an ordinary person. The martial arts he is practicing are not what ordinary people are qualified to practice."

Although Du Lu is not a well-known teacher, he has traveled for many years and his vision has been refined. He can see that if the opponent did not rely on the advantages of martial arts, they would have been taken down by them long ago.

"Hehe." Yang Fan glanced at the two of them, turned around and walked away without any hesitation.

Can't beat you, can't I still beat you?

Unexpectedly, in order to deal with him, Zhao Yunhai dared to find two warriors who were most likely to be at the peak of the energy transformation stage, what a great deal.

As for where the two women were taken, Yang Fan had already found a clue from something he picked up from the ground, so he couldn't waste any more time.

"If you want to leave, you asked me if the two of you are here."

Du Lu and Lu Boyun immediately chased after him, but the two have now given up the idea of ​​killing each other, as long as they can hold each other for three hours.

Through the fight just now, the two have realized that this child is difficult to kill.

Seeing the two of them hurriedly chasing after him, Yang Fan's heart skipped a beat.

It seems that my direction is not wrong. Thinking of this, I looked at my car ahead and got into my car directly.

From entering the car and closing the door to starting the car, it takes only three seconds.

The two stopped at the spot in embarrassment, and were dumbfounded on the spot, even driving without talking about martial arts.

"Get in the car." Ah Er drove and stopped in front of the two of them.

"Okay." The two hurried into the car.

It seemed very easy for Ah Er to chase after him, and it was also within the plan for Yang Fan to drive away, Ah Er had already prepared his backup.

"The target vehicle arrived at the destination three minutes later."

Ah Er took his mobile phone and made a call to inform the staff over there.

Three minutes later, Yang Fan saw that he had crashed into a car, and when he got out of the car, he was being entangled by the perpetrator.

"Boy, do you want me to take you for a ride?"

Ah Er stopped in front of Yang Fan, and smiled proudly.

Du Lu and Lu Boyun got out of the car and walked to Yang Fan's side, smiling coldly.

"It's not good for the younger generation to offend anyone, but to offend Young Master Yun."

"I think you might as well hand over your martial arts to the Zhao family, maybe it can save your life."

"Go away."

Yang Fan became angry, and directly forcibly pushed the perpetrator away.

I saw Yang Fan strode forward, came to a motorcycle, and forcibly snatched the motorcycle. The owner was pushed to the ground by him, Yang Fan twisted the accelerator violently, and rushed directly to the crowd of onlookers.

The crowd of onlookers dispersed in an instant.

"Let's go, the farther you go, the better."

After Ah Er watched Yang Fan leave, he signaled the "perpetrator" to move away the cars involved in the accident, and then drove after him.

"Hey! Someone caused an accident and fled the scene of the car accident. Yes, he snatched a motorcycle and fled. The license plate number is this xxxxxxxx."

After receiving Ah Er's instruction, the "perpetrator" directly reported to the police.

The perpetrator may have been at fault, but he was also very clever and played a trick when he bumped into it. If he is held accountable, Yang Fan must also be partly responsible.

And at this time, Yang Fan actually escaped, so the responsibility is even greater.

Hitting and fleeing is not a small crime.

This is Ah Er's conspiracy, you can stay and deal with it, but it can delay your time, you can escape, and I can punish you through the law.

It's not that Yang Fan didn't understand, but in order to save Yan Rubing and Mu Xiaoyu, he already couldn't care less.

Half an hour later, Yang Fan suddenly felt something was wrong, why the other party kept chasing after him instead of sending someone to intercept him in front.

Could it be that I went in the wrong direction?

Could it be that the other party is deliberately inducing himself?

Could it be that the clue was left to him deliberately by the other party?

After Yang Fan noticed that something was wrong, a series of problems that had been ignored before continued to emerge.

Where would you choose if you were Zhao Yunhai?

My own home or the Moyu Hotel opened by my own home.

Moyu Group was founded by Zhao Yunhai's father, Zhao Hongwen, and Moyu Hotel is the most likely place where Zhao Yunhai is now.

So now the direction he is going is obviously getting farther and farther away from the real destination, thinking that he has been delayed for a long time, Yang Fan secretly thought damn it, why didn't he think of it earlier.

But once he turns around and goes back, the people who are chasing him will definitely stop him from going back with all his strength.

Gotta figure out a way.

Yang Fan looked around vaguely, and rushed towards the narrow place on the motorcycle with all his strength.

"This guy should have reacted."

Ah Er behind saw this and stopped the car directly.

"Then what should we do now?" Lu Bowen and Du Lu seemed very urgent.

Lu Boyun and Du Lu thought that with this mission, they could get into Yun Shao's sight.

"Don't worry, there is still room for you." Ah Er signaled the two of them to be safe and not to be impatient.

Only then did the two stop pushing the car door, and sat back in their seats with a little peace of mind.

Ah Er had already been prepared for this situation. How could Yun Shao let Yang Fan go back to disturb Yun Shao's elegant mood at the moment of spring night tonight.

On the other side, Yang Fan relied on the advantage of the motorcycle to go straight through the trail and finally went back directly. Seeing that there were no enemies chasing him behind, he couldn't help but sneered.

Just like this, you also want to stop me, don't underestimate me.

"The vehicle in front please stop immediately for inspection."

"The vehicle in front please stop immediately for inspection."

"The vehicle in front please stop immediately for inspection."

Yang Fan's heart sank when he heard the sound. Sure enough, what he was worried about had come. He looked at the vehicle that sounded the alarm in the rearview mirror, and without looking back, he turned the accelerator to the end.

Yang Fan was too happy too early, even if Yang Fan has the aura of the protagonist, under this general trend, it will not work at all for a while.

But afterwards, Yang Fan will definitely be able to clear his innocence by virtue of the protagonist's halo.

Moyu Hotel.

Zhao Yunhai took a tissue to wipe off the blood left on his mouth, and looked at Yan Rubing who had passed out on the bed, with a smile in his eyes.

This Yan Rubing is a woman full of passion, as expected even the ice has to be gradually melted by his enthusiasm in front of him, that's called a response called a passion like fire.

"Hey, wake up." Zhao Yunhai directly opened the closet and patted Mu Xiaoyu's little face.

"Hmm!" Mu Xiaoyu seemed to be sleeping comfortably in the closet, rubbing her eyes sleepily, and wanted to scream the moment she saw Zhao Yunhai.

"Shut up, you." Zhao Yunhai had expected that this woman would scream, and directly blocked the other's mouth with the prepared wet towel.

"Woooooo!!!" Mu Xiaoyu's eyes widened, her mouth wanted to speak but couldn't.

Why does she feel that this wet towel is unhygienic, and why does it seem to have a strange smell.

How could Zhao Yunhai get used to her, he dragged her out, pointed at Yan Rubing on the bed, "Did you see that? I don't think you want her to be ruined."

Mu Xiaoyu saw her best friend Yan Rubing's messy appearance, the blood on her face faded like the tide, and she was as white as snow.

Thunder resounded in my mind, and the picture I least wanted to imagine was presented in front of me.

Mu Xiaoyu's eyes were instantly red, and tears were streaming down her eyes.

Zhao Yunhai directly hugged Mu Xiaoyu and sat on the bed, took out the wet towel that was stuck in the other's mouth, looked at her with deep eyes, and said calmly.

"If you want to die, you can scream as much as you want."

Mu Xiaoyu swallowed subconsciously, she was terrified now, the man in front of her was a devil.

"I don't want Yang Fan to know what happened to her. If she doesn't tell, you don't tell. Do you understand?"

After Mu Xiaoyu nodded, Zhao Yunhai rang the calling bell beside the bed in satisfaction.

The deal is done, now what Mu Xiaoyu wants most is to take her best friend out of here, even if the other party doesn't tell her what happened to her best friend, she will try her best to hide it.

As for Yan Rubing herself, Zhao Yunhai felt that as long as Yan Rubing showed some face, she wanted to hide the truth more than anyone else.

Zhao Yunhai left the room directly after the female staff from the hotel came.

Thousands of flowers pass by, not a single leaf sticks to the body.

He has to be responsible for the first time he occupies it, so what if he is not responsible, does anyone dare to rob a woman from him.

Even if you don't want it, no one is allowed to occupy it, unless this person thinks that the grass on the grave is two meters high.

Zhao Yunhai left Moyu Hotel, got into the car directly, and told Ah Da to drive the car home.

Not long after Zhao Yunhai left, Yang Fan arrived. In order to avoid chasing, Yang Fan changed a lot of cars on the way, and finally ran a 2,000-meter long-distance race on two legs.

Yang Fan rushed into the hotel and punched a security guard.

"Who dares to come to Moyu Hotel to make trouble."

A manager on the night shift of the hotel came excitedly with a group of security personnel.

"Say, which room Zhao Yunhai brought the two women to."

Yang Fan was like a mad cow that no one could stop, he rushed to the administrator, pinched the other's neck, and shouted loudly.

The manager, who had been ordered a long time ago, sneered fearlessly in the face of danger.

"Before Young Master Zhao arrives, no one can see those two women. Whoever you are, give them to me."

After receiving the order, the surrounding security personnel swarmed up.

"Don't make me kill."

Yang Fan felt relieved when he heard that Zhao Yunhai hadn't come yet, and looked at the security personnel approaching all around with killing intent in his eyes.


The electric batons in the hands of these security personnel are not vegetarians either.

Seeing this, Yang Fan threw the manager in his hand forward, and Yang Fan roared like a tiger roaring.

These security personnel were not Yang Fan's opponents at all, and they were beaten away one after another.

"Say it, or die." Yang Fan walked up to the manager again, and with a light force on his hand, he couldn't breathe.

After a full seven seconds, the other party's face was blushing and his veins were bursting before he let go.

"Cough, cough, cough!!!" The manager almost thought he was going to die, rolling his eyes and coughing.

"Forgive me, it's in Room 001 on the top floor."

The managers are not acting, they are really frightened, which makes Yang Fan not have the slightest doubt at all.

Of course, Yang Fan wouldn't really kill people, after all, he really couldn't handle killing people in public.

When Yang Fan came to Room 001, he kicked open the door forcibly, rushed in and saw the two girls unconscious on the bed, and felt relieved.

Luckily I got there in time, otherwise things would have been terrible.

Because of the professional handling, Yang Fan found no traces on the two women.

Yang Fan was full of fear, and quickly woke up the two women who were in a coma.

After the two women woke up, Yang Fan found that especially Yan Rubing looked at him with colder eyes than before.

However, Yang Fan didn't feel that there was anything wrong, because Yan Rubing was a big block of ice, it was indeed negligence of his duty when this happened, and it's normal for him to be cold to himself.

"We have to get out of here quickly, or we will be in trouble when Zhao Yunhai arrives."

Yang Fan hurriedly took the two girls out of the Moyu Hotel. After driving, Yang Fan relaxed.

"In order to save you this time, I almost became a wanted criminal." Yang Fan said helplessly.

"Don't worry, I'll let my father deal with it."

Yan Rubing shrunk herself into a ball, and when she closed her eyes, her mind was full of that image.

"Master Yang, you should concentrate on driving, we just want to go home quickly."

Mu Xiaoyu saw that Rubing's condition was not good, and didn't want Yang Fan to see something strange, so he quickly changed the subject.

"no problem."

Yang Fan could see that the other party wanted to change the subject, but it was understandable that the two of them were in a bad mood when they encountered such a thing.

Without talking all the way, Yang Fan sent the two girls to the Yan family's villa. Yan Rubing's father was not in Yanjing, and Yan Rubing came to Yanjing to study.

The Yan family villa is the property of Yan Rubing's uncle Yan Ling. After Yan Rubing returned to the villa, he took Mu Xiaoyu and locked him in his room and could not come out.

Yang Fan stood on the stairs on the first floor and looked up. After finding that there was no movement above, he sighed remorsefully and went back to his room.

He is the most responsible for this matter, if it is not because of his own affairs, Yan Rubing and his daughter would not have encountered such a thing.

Zhao Yunhai, don't let me catch the chance, I will definitely make you regret what you did today.

Yang Fan punched the bed, feeling very annoyed.

However, one of the three things has been completed, and there are two more things to be able to find a way to heal Master.

As long as he finds a way, Yang Fan is confident that there is nothing in the world that he cannot do.

Suddenly, Yang Fan got up and sat up suddenly, he thought of the black package, and couldn't help looking at the black package on the bed, what could be inside.

But fearing that Zhao Yunhai would not be able to speak because of the damaged package, Yang Fan suppressed his curiosity and put the black package under the bed.

Out of sight is pure.

And in Yan Rubing's room, Yan Rubing was washing herself with water in the bathroom, crouching in a corner and crying, crying silently was the most heartbreaking.

She woke up in the hotel for the first time and found that she lost her body. She seemed to have lost her soul and her eyes were empty.

But the two waitresses threatened her that if she didn't cooperate well, the news of her loss of virginity would be exposed.

Under the threat, Mu Xiaoyu comforted him from the side, and could only cooperate with the other party to deal with the dirty things on his body in a heartbroken state.

In the end, the two were fainted until Yang Fan came to rescue them.

She had already lost her body to Zhao Yunhai, lost her body to that man, when she closed her eyes, all the pictures emerged.

the next day.

Zhao Yunhai slept comfortably and didn't wake up until ten o'clock in the morning.

Picking up the phone to check the time, I found a lot of news in the group, I couldn't help opening it, and found that the three of them had been showing off their achievements last night.

The contest between men is as long as 99+ news.

Zhao Yunhai opens it and closes it directly, as long as he has read it, he has a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and he can't help but click when he sees the red reminder, otherwise he will feel extremely uncomfortable.

After washing up, Zhao Yunhai went downstairs and sat on the sofa. When Qin Siwan saw her precious son get up, her eyes hurriedly signaled Yang Hui to act.

Yang Hui walked to the kitchen knowingly. This morning, Aunt Qin gave a complete description of Zhao Yunhai's favorite dishes.

Qin Siwan wasn't looking for a nanny-like daughter-in-law, she was doing this just to increase the relationship between Yang Hui and her precious son.

An assist from my mother, Zhao Yunhai doesn't know yet, and now he is checking some news about Tiangong with his laptop on.

There is still a living protagonist, Zhang Yunyi, in Haicheng. Zhao Yunhai attaches far less importance to Zhang Yunyi than Yang Fan.

But Zhang Yunyi is the protagonist after all, and he can't let the other party outside for too long.

Zhao Yunhai was already sharpening the knife on Zhang Yunyi's neck, and when he chopped it off, it depended on when the knife was sharpened.

The reason why Zhao Yunhai did not refuse his mother's request to force him to return to Yanjing was also because Zhao Yunhai also needed a chance to contact his family.

The phone call from my mother gave me this opportunity to get in touch with my family, so he came.

After all, a protagonist like Zhang Yunyi is nothing more than a fattened pig.

Now Zhang Yunyi's thinking is still in the thinking of ordinary people, so it is easy to deal with.

Zhang Yunyi's biggest weakness is the black card. As long as the black card is stolen, no matter how capable Zhang Yunyi is, he will bow his head in front of the capitalist Zhao Yunhai.

As for Tiangong, with enough funds, it has already filled up the positions that it should have, and it is ready to start on the right track. Tiangong will start from the life industry.

The next thing Tiangong should do is to buy, spend money to buy all kinds of manufacturers that are not high or low.

These manufacturers are not of poor quality or bad taste, but that people will get used to buying things they are familiar with when they buy things, and they will not try easily when they are not familiar with them.

Therefore, people's basic necessities of life are the easiest to obtain, but also the most difficult to break out of the siege.

But Zhao Yunhai has money, so he smashed advertisements, smashed them hard, and threw money out until people think of the location of Tiangong when they think of food, clothing, housing and transportation. This is called the deep memory advertising method.

After Zhao Yunhai told Yumanlou about the next direction, Yang Huiduan served a colorful and delicious lunch, and shouted expectantly.

"Yunhai, this is a craft Aunt Qin taught me, come and try it."

Zhao Yunhai closed the laptop and couldn't help looking at his mother who was very satisfied with Yang Hui.

"Why are you so free today, why don't you play mahjong?"

"You don't like me playing mahjong. Every time you see me playing mahjong, you always get angry and run away from home for no reason. You won't go home for a few days." So

Qin Siwan rolled her eyes angrily and said.

Zhao Yunhai pulled his mother up and rubbed her shoulders to coax her.

"Okay, I'm no longer who I used to be. Let's have dinner first, and after dinner, invite your friends over to play mahjong at home, so that I don't know how to hang around me when I'm alone at home."

Although he knew that his mother cared about him, he still needed his assistance in matters between men and women, so he seemed too useless.

"I'm just a son like you. It's rare that I can't even care about you when you go home."

Qin Siwan took advantage of the situation and sat at the dinner table, complaining while looking at her precious son.

But now his son doesn't object to playing mahjong by himself, Qin Siwan can't help but feel emotional.

In the end, the son has grown up, his thinking has gradually matured, and he is no longer the wayward child he used to be.

"The taste is not bad, not much different from what I usually eat."

Under Yang Hui's expectant eyes, Zhao Yunhai let out a sigh of relief.

Although there is still some gap between the taste and the taste he usually eats, and the skill of blending the taste of the dishes needs to be improved, but from the delicacy of the food, it can be seen that Yang Hui has been cooking with great care.

Three days later, Yang Fan received a second request from Zhao Yunhai.

After Yang Fan read the content of the request, Yang Fan temporarily said goodbye to Yan Rubing, and went to Haizhou---Haicheng alone.

What he didn't know... was that Gu Xia, with a cold expression began silently following him.

'I'll kill him first...'

He thought to himself.

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