Volume 1 - CH 3.1

“Ayana-neechan, is that you?”

The voice I heard from behind me made me turn around.

There was a girl, a little younger than us, about the age of a junior high school student.


Ayana mentioned her name Kotone, her full name is Kotone Sasaki, and as her surname suggests, she is Shu’s younger sister.

She had a black bob cut, a worn-out school uniform, and was small in many ways, which is something I can’t say too loudly.

I’ve only seen her a handful of times since I became Towa, but personally, she was not someone I wanted to see much.

“What are you doing so close to our house?”

She took her gaze away from Ayana, looked at me, and said coldly.

The reason I didn’t want to see her that much was because, as her attitude showed, Towa seemed to be hated by Shu’s family …….

I am sure Towa gets along well with Shu, but why he doesn’t get along with his family is something that is not mentioned in the game and I don’t know anything about.

And one more thing: she has a major role to play in this world.

(Kotone Sasaki, the cuckold heroine in the younger sister category)

Yes, she is another girl who, like Ayana and Iori, leaves Shu.

Kotone loves Shu very much, and Shu also loves her very much, so they have a very good relationship.

However, even she has a tragic fate awaiting her.

I was about to think about what was going to happen to Kotone when I felt a sharp pain in my head and held my temples.

“What’s wrong?!”

“……Nothing, I’m fine.”

Ayana, who was next to me, had worried enough to make her scream more than she usually does, but the pain went away quickly and I told her I was fine.

For now, I will say goodbye to Ayana for today.

I knew that if I stayed here any longer, Kotone would probably just curse at me.

“Ayana just took me shopping.”

When I told her this, Kotone looked at me as if I was looking at trash.

I smiled at her and asked myself how much she really disliked me, but then I turned my attention back to Ayana and continued.

“Well then. I really appreciate your help today.”

“Ah …… yes.”

Smiling at her at the end, I walked past Kotone, soothed and healed by her smile.

But as I passed by, she said this to Ayana as she approached her, in a voice loud enough for me to hear.

“Ayana-neechan, it must have been a disaster for you. You were forced into this, right? He looks like a womanizer, and you should stay away from him.”

Ayana will never be sympathetic to this.

I don’t think I deserve to be told that much either, but I already have my suspicions about Towa, so in a way it sounds like a good argument, which is sad.

Nevertheless, I don’t know why Towa and Shu are such good friends and yet he is such a bad friend with that family.

Come to think of it, I remember that in the game there were depictions of Shu coming to visit Towa’s house, but never the other way around.

“…..I have no idea.”

I wondered if there was something that wasn’t depicted in the game and that was the reason why Towa never went to Shu’s house.

“Well, what the heck, why bother?”

I went home right after that because I thought I was keeping my mom waiting.

“I am home~”

“Welcome home, Towa.”

I opened the front door and walked in, and my mom greeted me.

I was able to learn about Towa’s family relationships in the game, but now that I had been reincarnated, I was able to learn about the unknowns.

“I’m sorry I’m late. Ayana helped me with the shopping.”

“I see. You really are good friends with Ayana.”

When I told her that I was with Ayana, she laughed cheerfully.

She is almost in her forties, but she looks so young and beautiful that one might believe her even if she were in her twenties.

Akemi Yukishiro, that’s her name.

Go ahead and take a bath first. Dinner will be ready as soon as you get out.”


After that, I finished my bath and ate dinner as my mother told me to.

I told her that I had gone shopping with Ayana, and most of what we talked about was about Ayana.

I managed to get through some questions that were difficult to answer, but when I got back to my room, I sat down in my chair and took out my notebook because I had something I wanted to do.

“Well…Frankly, I know it’s a waste of time, but I’ll try to organize the information again. …… But first, I’ll send a thank-you message to Ayana.”

I picked up my phone and sent a thank-you note to Ayana, then turned my attention back to the notebook again.

As I said before, this is about organizing information, so I decided to write down as much information as I could remember about this game in my notebook.

“…… So what was really going on with Ayana today?”

Like the fact that she called me master, and the way she closed the distance between us when we were alone, it’s obviously too much to think that there’s nothing going on, to be honest.

There is certainly something I don’t know about, but it’s odd that I’m now trying to believe that Ayana’s attitude is normal and that nothing is wrong with it.

Because I’m being pulled by Towa’s body, I’m afraid I won’t be able to question things like this before long…

“Alright, I’m going to write it down anyway.”

With pen in hand, I write down what comes to mind in my notebook.

“Shu Sasaki, Ayana Otonashi , Iori Honjo, Kotone Sasaki …….”

I’ll write down some of the details along with the names of the people I’ve met most recently.

There is nothing of particular interest in between, and there is no information that would make one’s head spin.

As for Shu, the main character is the same as in any other story, and as for Ayana and the others, the only things that come out are their styles, personalities, what they like and what they don’t like.

There’s no way there’s any information about [I Was Stolen From Everything] in this world.

Naturally, there is no official website for the game in this world, but I was able to recall the introduction of the characters rather vividly.

I smiled as I recalled my memories and felt a little nostalgic.

I suddenly realized that the pages of the notebook I was writing in had quickly become covered with words.

I chuckled, thinking that I was concentrating too hard, and as I looked at the letters, my thoughts began to wander.

“I really don’t have anything to say about Shu. Well, that’s not how it is for the protagonist of an erotic game.”

There really isn’t any remarkable information about Shu, and on the contrary, it’s quite refreshing to see.

It’s exactly the same with regard to the heroines, Iori and Kotone, and the other two I have yet to meet in this body of mine are similar.

“…… So this is what Ayana looks like.”

I wrote about Ayana in her introduction.

I was surprised to find out that I was able to write this one word for word exactly the same as what was written on the official website.

“She is Shu’s childhood friend and neighbor. Her appearance is good-looking and her personality is kind, and she is popular among her classmates. She and Towa get along well, as does Shu, and are often seen going to and from school together. Ayana has extraordinary feelings for Shu, and is looking for an opportunity to confess them to him.”

“Extraordinary feelings ……huh. That’s how much it’s officially known that Ayana has strong feelings for Shu.

If that’s the case, then I knew that her attitude towards me was strange no matter how I thought about it.

I put down my pen and folded my arms, trying to think of anything I could remember, but all that came to mind were Ayana’s expressions and gestures as depicted in the game.

[Shu-kun, I’m going home with you today, okay?]

[Shu-kun, you’re really no good without me. Here, please be firm.]

[Shu-kun, do you like me ……?]

[I’ll always love you……always……]

The Ayana in my memory is really all about the beautiful expressions on her face.

In Shu’s daily life, where nightmares gradually invaded his life, she was the only one who kept cheering him up by his side without really changing.

“……I guess that’s my favorite scene.”

I recall as I slowly sink into the sea of memories.

I think the best of all is that scene.

Although Ayana eventually walks away from Shu, there were a number of scenes that I recall liking it. Among them, that scene may be the best.

This must have been rather early in the story. It was also a scene that showed how well they got along after being together for so many years.

The scene shows Ayana talking with Shu one day after school, with the evening sun in the background.

[What do you want to do in the future, Shu-kun?]

[Well, …… I think I’ll just stay with Ayana for now.]

The moment when Ayana looks down at the courageous words of Shu.

She looked up and giggled, probably out of embarrassment, and replied to Shu.

[You never change, Shu-kun. You always say such things …… Fufu, no matter what kind of person I am, Shu-kun, you would feel that way about me?”

[O-Of course! No matter who you are!!]

I remember the corners of my mouth rising as I felt the vibrations of a romantic comedy, which is unbecoming of an erotic game.

At that time, there was no description of anyone leaving Shu’s side yet, and there was nothing disturbing in the girls’ personal perspectives either.

And most importantly, Towa was also in the position of being a really great best friend.

[Shu-kun, I am not the good girl you think I am. There are things I can’t say, things I hide, just like anyone else. Even so, I really like you for saying that you would accept me.]


The two ended their exchange with these words, but if one thinks about it, Ayana’s line of dialogue at that time gave one a lot of things to think about.

Ayana was a kind and independent girl.

She was the kind of girl who always came when Shu called her and was the first to notice when he was in pain and comforted him…….

[When everyone else moves away, Ayana asks me to come to a nearby park.]

No matter how hard it was, Ayana would always be there for him.

The music was warm and cheerful, not to mention that it was a moment of hope not only for Shu, but even for those of us who played the game.

However, it was also that scene that shattered such expectations.

[Towa-kun is the only one I want ♡ I don’t need that shy and pathetic childhood friend ♡]

The destructive power of that line was like a hail of bullets.

She had been gentle, but now she had a disheveled expression on her face as if she was melting with pleasure, and she was expressing joy with her whole body at Towa’s body slamming into her.

“……Well, the ending was certainly unsalvageable, but I’d still like to play it again to clear my memory in various ways.”

That wish has already come true, though.

After comparing the reality and the Ayana in my memory for a while, I found that there were no major new revelations, so I wrote down as much as I could remember about myself —- about Towa Yukishiro.

“…..Something like this.”

{He is Shu’s best friend and a reliable male student for Ayana. He is a popular person among both men and women because of his looks and personality and is looked up to by his classmates as much as Ayana is. He used to play soccer until the second year of junior high school, but for some reason he quit and is now a homecoming club member.}

As I stared at this sentence, I then looked at my own face in the mirror.

A handsome man who is so good-looking no matter where I go, even the face that I’m struggling with now is tinged with a melancholy that would make him attractive to women.

When I first started the game, I could not imagine Towa as a cuckold character from his standing picture and introduction.

“Eh, he’s a cuckold! I am so surprised.”

I can vividly remember that time.

I was thinking about this when I remembered that Towa used to play soccer, but it didn’t seem to make any sense, so I didn’t need to worry about it.

“I’m curious about a certain circumstance, but …… hm~mm.”

I told myself not to worry about it, so what am I going to do about it?

But, I don’t know why, but when I thought of the word “soccer,” I felt an indescribable pain in my chest.

In the end, it was only for a moment, so I didn’t care after all.

“After that, there’s Mari Uchida, a junior, and Hatsune Sasaki, Shu’s mother. …… Seriously, there’s nothing useful hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

I scratched my head and screamed loudly.

Fortunately, my voice didn’t seem to have reached my mother, which was a relief, but I already had no energy left to think.

I decided to fold up the paper with the information and keep it.

I’ll take that as a yes. I don’t think I’ll be seeing it again.”

I chuckled as I said this and put my hand on the drawer of my desk to see what I thought.

It was not something I was really conscious of, but as if my body naturally moved, I opened the drawer and took out an album.

“An album, huh.……Heh”

I looked inside and found a photo of young Towa, Shu, and Ayana.

For me, this is the first photo I’ve ever seen, and this is another one I’ve never seen in the game at all.

I was so fascinated that I didn’t expect to see such a picture of Shu and Ayana when they were young, and I was so absorbed in the album that I started to flip through it.

“Ahahah, This one is rare.”

What caught my eye was a picture of the three of us playing soccer.

Ayana was about to kick the ball and probably kicked it in the air and fell down on the ground, and Towa and Shu were looking at her and laughing as they held their stomachs.

[Mou, stop laughing already, you two!]


For a moment, I thought I heard a young voice of someone.

I glanced around and wondered if I was imagining things, but then I wondered if it might be a memory from the past that had seeped into Towa’s body.

“…… Ayana……huh”

I have no memories of my past with Ayana.

Even so, looking at the photos like this made me feel nostalgic, and perhaps because I saw the photos like this, I wanted to hear her voice.

Something led me to pick up my phone and tap Ayana’s contact information.

“….Wha oi!?”

And then the call went through.

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