CH 2

The sun outside the window was a bit dazzling, and there was some noisy movement as if someone was yelling outside, “Second brother!” 

“What’s the matter, second brother?”

Flicking the letter in hand, Wei Zan frowned and asked, “Who is outside?” 

The attendant at the side replied, “It’s the third and fourth masters, who came to see you.”

Hearing this, Wei Zan asked, “What are they here for?”

Wei Zan, the only heir of the Wei family ranked second, to Wei San and Wei Si, they were all from his uncle’s side.

He couldn’t remember any business for which he had to call these two people.

Sui Feng thought for a while, finally and said, “They heard that you were fighting with Mr. Shen again, so they rushed over to resolve it for you.”

Hearing this, Wei Zan understood.

His uncle and two brothers would really like to act like this. In the name of mediation, when they came here, they first scolded Shen Yuan for being ungrateful and vain and then pretended to be pitiful, and took something from the room.

Everything in Wei Zan’s courtyard was top-notch, ranging from tea leaves, pens and ink stones to large antiques like famous calligraphy and paintings. 

Except for a few favorites, he didn’t care about the rest and let those brothers take it.

The attendant below lowered his eyebrows and said, “By the way, they heard that you have won another reward from the palace, so they came here to see the new things.”

Wei Zan said, “Oh…”, and added, “Let them out.” 

Hearing it, Sui Feng was stunned for a moment as if he didn’t hear clearly, so he asked, “Master, what did you say?” 

The sun outside the window was so fierce that it illuminated the flying dust, and even the young master was glowing while lying on the bed. 

But there was a trace of unknown malice in his eyes.

“I said, they are disturbing my sleep, so let them go out.”

Wei Zan still remembered the troubles in his previous life. What brothers and sisters love, what family honors, what disgraces, it was all bullshit.

It was not that he didn’t have good brothers and friends, but it was a pity that the innocence of his teenage years had long since disappeared, and he had now become a complete jerk.

Sui Geng whispered, “—that’s your cousin.”

“So??” Wei Zan said, “Can’t I unrecognize my relatives and bully them??”

His eyes swept across the room then he turned around and said, “See the brooms in the yard.” 

Sui Feng replied, “Yes.”

“Take it, and let someone sweep them out. And remember next time without my permission, don’t let them in.”

After finishing those words, he crumpled up the letter in his hand. Between the folds, one could vaguely see the word “Kite” inside, followed by “Wan’an Temple”.

There was some commotion outside, and after a while, he could hear the sound of pushing and shoving. 

He didn’t know who fell down and cursed, “You dog, you dare to disobey. I want to see the second brother—”

“Brother Zan—”

Hearing it, Wei Zan frowned. He finally crumpled the letter, raised his hand, and threw it.

The paper flew out along the window, hitting someone on the head, and finally, there was no sound.

Wei Zan impatiently rubbed his ears and asked, “Shen Yuan really lives in Wan’an Temple? How long has it been??” 

“….He really plans to lose his hair and become a monk.”

Hearing this, Sui Feng muttered, “After you were punished by family law, how can he dare to come back…”

“At that time, you were still threatening him with a cold face if he bumped into your hands…”

Although Wei Zan was usually proud, he always looked lazy and calm with a reasonable appearance. 

The day when he received the family law, his face was as cold as ice, and everyone in the Wei family thought that the young master was really angry and wanted to beat Shen Yuan. 

Unexpectedly, in the past few days, not only did the master not do anything, but he also became much more stable.

Just a little forgetful, always asking for some strange things over and over again.

While lying on the bed, Wei Zan thought for a while, but he really couldn’t remember how he threatened Shen Yuan in the first place.

In his impression, the Wei mansion was just not a good place to fight.

So as soon as Shen Yuan moved out of the mansion, the two of them lost the scruples of their elders, and fought like two black-eyed chickens, jumping up and down without even stopping to say a word to each other. 

Many people knew that the two of them were enemies, and they made jokes behind their backs.

Wei Zan thought, was there a time when Shen Yuan was afraid of him??

What would that be like?!

It felt like a cat’s paw was slowly scratching his heart.

Wei Zan couldn’t help laughing, seeing Sui Feng looking at him, he coughed and said, “In that case, pass him a message for me.”

Sui Feng lowered his head, and with a calm expression on his face, he thought– it was over, young master asked him to scold Young Master Shen for him again.

But suddenly he heard his master say something. Sui Feng couldn’t help being stunned for a moment after hearing those words.

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