CH 4

Tang Nan Xing lightly said, “The third young master and the fourth young master didn’t know where he offended the young master, so they went to Zhe Chun.”

Zhe Chun was Shen Yuan’s nickname.

Those two people really didn’t know where they offended Wei Zan, so they wanted to trouble Shen Yuan, to please Wei Zan.

They waved a book at the door and said, “Shen Yuan, do you dare to come out? If you don’t come out, I will burn this thing…”

Hearing this, Shen Yuan put down his pen and went out.

On the way, Tang Nan Xing and his group happened to see them.

Some of them even wanted to go up and stop them, “What are those two people going to do?”

Tang Nan Xing stopped them, snorted softly, and said, “It’s about the sick man, why do you care?”

“Second Wei is still lying on the bed, and he swaggered here. Let him learn some lessons, so he will create trouble for Second Wei.”

After this, Tang Nan Xing and his group left.

When Wei Zan heard this, he suddenly stood up, “Tang Nanxing, why didn’t you say it earlier?” 

Tang Nanxing gave him a strange look: “Why didn’t I say that earlier? Aren’t they trying to vent your anger?”

Wei Zan angrily laughed, “When did I let people vent my anger like this? Am I a hooligan or a big bully??”

Tang Nan Xing said, “Usually no, but this time is different. How many times has he bullied you??”

“Usually you have to just copy some book but this time you were beaten to pieces by your father, and he hadn’t even got a scratch on his skin…If this goes on, he will climb on top of you.”

“Your two brothers are really good for nothing on weekdays, but it’s okay if they can take care of this sh*t—” 

Before Tang Nan Xing could finish cursing, Wei Zan’s figure disappeared in front of him.

Before leaving Wei Zan coldly said, “Just wait, I will tell you when I come back.”

Tang Nan Xing unconsciously touched his nose and muttered for a while.

“Why is he so angry??” 

I heard that this man has lost his mind after being ill, but now it seems that it may be true.

Wei Zan followed the directions of others and chased all the way to the garden behind the library building. 

Usually, it was empty, but today when he glanced around, he saw a guy dripping from head to toe.

—— Shen Yuan was drenched all over, and the white fur that was used to keep him warm was also full of water. The fur stuck to each other and became a redundant burden. 

Shen Yuan was squatting halfway on the ground and picking up the pages of books on the ground with his head down.

The pages of the book were also soaked in water, and torn.

They have stuck to the ground one by one. When it was lifted from the ground, a few pages were broken. 

Seeing this, Shen Yuan’s fingertips trembled slightly, obviously very distressed.

When he picked up the page near the boots of the person, he was stunned for a moment.

And when he raised his head, his youthful face subconsciously showed natural alertness and hostility.

Shen Yuan looked at the person with raised eyebrows and said, “Wei Zan? What are you doing here??”

Long time no see.

The young Shen Yuan was different from his dream, he was full of anger, and glared at him like an angry tiger.

The eyebrows were vivid, and the beauty was charming.

Even jealousy was burning like fire in his eyes.

After looking at the person for a long time, Shen Yuan realized that he was in a panic at the moment.

He hurriedly lowered his head and continued to peel off the pages from the ground.

The action was impatient, and suddenly there was another “stab” sound, another paper broke. 

Shen Yuan pursed his lips even more. His face looked more distressed and annoyed.

Seeing him like this, Wei Zan felt a bit distressed but also wanted to laugh.

In the usual tone of joking and bickering with Shen Yuan, Wei Zan said, “Shen Yuan, where is your ability to deceive me??”

Hearing this, Shen Yuan said in a little displeased tone, “It has nothing to do with the young master.”

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