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Chapter 2498 Tang Bipang

Ye Chen directly hired some women with good looks, he paid them a high price to do what he wanted.

They of course immediately agreed to the offer made by Ye Chen, they couldn't refuse the offer made by Ye Chen because they couldn't do it.

The opportunity that was given by Ye Chen was something that they would not be able to get a second time.

so they made the most of the opportunity presented by Ye Chen.

"I'm done" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun, now only needed Gu Xun to intervene.

"fine, I'll do it" Gu Xun agreed with what Ye Chen said, she mingled with all the women Ye Chen hired.

After that Ye Chen came in, he asked the guard here and he got what he wanted.

"So far it's been going quite smoothly" Ye Chen said that everything went very smoothly, no one suspected Ye Chen.

"hello master, do you intend to sell them to me" finally someone appeared in front of Ye Chen, he asked if Ye Chen would sell them to him.

"Of course I will do that" Ye Chen didn't ask much, he said that he would do it.

"Then please come with me" the man said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen to come with him.

Ye Chen finally came along, he finally went with the slave selling man.

The man took Ye Chen to a place a bit far from the nightclub, it was a fairly quiet place and not many people passed by.

"Where will he take me?" Ye Chen was curious, he was curious where this man would take himself.

"Please come this way, our boss will meet you" he said to Ye Chen, he told them that their boss would come soon and meet Ye Chen.

while several women were told to wait outside.

"I hope he's quick, I don't have much time" Ye Chen said to the man in front of him.

"then I'll go" he said to Ye Chen, before leaving, the man told the maid to accompany Ye Chen.

the selected maids were very seductive, they were only wearing bikinis to cover their well-developed bodies.

They used a devious way to get and steal Ye Chen's attention, these people were very devious to catch Ye Chen off guard.

"Sir . . ." they were trying to confuse Ye Chen, they were well trained to flirt with the opposite sex easily.

"stop" Ye Chen stopped the two of them, he stopped those who wanted to make trouble.

"What's the matter, do you not like us?" they asked Ye Chen.

they put on a pitiful and sad face.

"I hope you guys don't do anything weird, I'm on some important business" Ye Chen said to the two women beside him.

Ye Chen used his own charm, himself used charm to make the two obey his words.

"understood" The two of them obeyed what Ye Chen said, they couldn't refuse Ye Chen because he was too handsome and charming.

After Ye Chen got rid of them, Ye Chen became calm and handsome like a professional man who wasn't easy to deal with.

Some time later, an old man with one eye walked in and met Ye Chen.

This man came in and sat in front of Ye Chen.

"Are you the one?" the man asked Ye Chen.

"Sure, I am the one" Ye Chen said to the man in front of him.

"So you are the one, do you have any good stuff for me" the one-eyed man asked Ye Chen.

"Of course, I have it." Ye Chen has several beautiful women, he said that he has good things.

Ye Chen showed what he had, the other party would definitely be interested in what Ye Chen had.

The man with one eye was interested, he had already seen Ye Chen's and knew what kind of woman Ye Chen had brought him.

"the stuff you have is too good" the one-eyed man said to Ye Chen.

"So how much can you give me?" Ye Chen asked, how much can a one-eyed man give

"Hehehehe" the one-eyed man laughed, he immediately told how much he could give.

"My name is Tang Bipang, I am the one who can give you a decent price" said Tang Bipang to Ye Chen.

"Are you sure you can give me a fair price?" Ye Chen asked Tang Bipang.

Ye Chen doubted what Tang Bipang said.

"Are you doubting me, you should know that I am a person of great influence" said Tang Bipang in a high tone.

Tang Bipang showed his power, he showed who he is.

Ye Chen smiled when he heard this, it seemed he was the person Ye Chen and Gu Xun were looking for.

"Looks like I have to show you strength." A powder was spread, it enveloped this place.

"what is this, what happened" the beautiful women around Ye Chen were confused by what had just happened.

"Bad, it's poison" Ye Chen saw that this man was using poison to drug himself.

"You were wrong for underestimating me" Tang Bipang said to Ye Chen.

"hehehehe, stupid policy" Ye Chen said to Tang Bipang.

Ye Chen realized that he had been tricked by Tang Bipang, he was tricked by Tang Bipang about a transaction, the man in front of her wanted to take advantage of Ye Chen.

"You have made a very big mistake for challenging me" Ye Chen said to Tang Bipang.

"Huh?, didn't you listen to what I said, are you stupid" Tang Bipang said to Ye Chen.

"I told you that you made a mistake" Ye Chen returned to Tang Bipang.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand and immediately grabbed Tang Bipang's neck, he gripped Tang Bipang's neck tightly.

"Damn it, let me go" Tang Bipang said to Ye Chen.

"I'll tell you, poison has no effect on me, did you hear that" Ye Chen said to Tang Bipang.

"Impossible . . ." Tang Bipang couldn't believe it, he didn't expect that Ye Chen would be immune to poison.

"your own fault, you have angered me, you know what I will do to you" Ye Chen said to Tang Bipang.

Ye Chen strangled the neck of Tang Bipang, he wanted to kill Tang Bipang.

"Before killing him, don't forget to get more information" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"I will do it" before Tang Bipang was killed, he would seek all the information from this person.

Ye Chen stole information from Tang Bipang, he knew many people related to Tang Bipang, he even knew all the things that Tang Bipang had done.

"You did a terrible thing" Ye Chen can see all the terrible things, he really did inhuman things in this place, the business in this place is much darker than the people who come to this place imagine.

"You'd better disappear from this world" Ye Chen decided to kill Tang Bipang.

"Uhhhh . . ., dammit, I will kill you" Tang Bipang said to Ye Chen.

"Cracks . ." Ye Chen broke the neck of Tang Bipang, Tang Bipang died instantly by Ye Chen.

"Alright, I'm done getting rid of this guy" Ye Chen was finally done getting rid of Tang Bipang.

"Sister Xun, where are you?" Ye Chen couldn't find Gu Xun's whereabouts, roughly where Gu Xun is now.

"Wait a minute, where is she?" Ye Chen panicked when she couldn't find the whereabouts of Gu Xun, where did Gu Xun go.

"You all can leave this place, your task is done" Ye Chen said to all the hired women.

"Thank you very much" they all thanked Ye Chen, they immediately left this place because the contract with Ye Chen was finished.

They were grateful for obtaining a lot of profound crystals from Ye Chen, it seemed that their lives would not be difficult anymore.

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