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Chapter 2499 Gu Xun Was Kidnapped

Ye Chen went to find Gu Xun's whereabouts, he had to find Gu Xun's whereabouts quickly.

Ye Chen looked, he should be around this place.

"Where is he ?" Ye Chen was a bit panicked when searching for Gu Xun's whereabouts, he wanted to know Gu Xun's current whereabouts.

"Yuechan" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, he asked for help from Chu Yuechan to find the whereabouts of Gu Xun.

"I understand" Chu Yuechan understood, she started to help Ye Chen find Gu Xun's whereabouts.

With the help provided by Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen finally found the whereabouts of Gu Xun.

"they are moving fast" Ye Chen saw that the enemy was moving very fast, they were moving very fast and caught Gu Xun.

Ye Chen discovered the whereabouts of Gu Xun, he was now in the entertainment district along with the beauties that were inside there.

Gu Xun was unconscious, maybe she was drugged by someone while she was off guard.

"That woman should be strong, what could make her drugged" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan reminded Ye Chen that if Gu Xun was strong, there must be some strong medicine the enemy had to sedate him.

Ye Chen paused for a while, he thought about what Chu Yuechan had said.

"I should be immune from poison, so everything is fine." Ye Chen remembered that he was immune to poison, so what was he thinking about that.

"That's right, I almost forgot." Chu Yuechan almost forgot that Ye Chen was immune to poisons and all kinds of harmful drugs.

"Then there's no need to be afraid of such a thing, let's save him first" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen would save Gu Xun first, he would not let Gu Xun be in the hands of a foreigner with bad intentions.

Ye Chen went and chased after Gu Xun, Gu Xun was taken to a luxurious room, this was probably a very splendid and super expensive room, only rich people could easily get a room like this.

"dare to go to trouble, I want to know who it is" Ye Chen wanted to know who dared to go to trouble and wanted to do bad things to Gu Xun.

It seems that Ye Chen has to deal directly with the person, there is no way Ye Chen will let go of the person who dares to have bad thoughts with Gu Xun.

Ye Chen was near Gu Xun's room, he was watching everyone who passed by, he wanted to know who would enter the room.

Some time later a man came in, behind this man were two charming beauties, they exuded a traditional beauty that made people admire.

This person's status was obviously extremely high, otherwise he would not be able to get the two beauties to follow behind him.

"who is this man?, I don't know him" Ye Chen was not very familiar with this man, but he had seen him before.

I wonder who this person was, it made Ye Chen feel very curious.

"Today there will be a beautiful woman I bought, I will enjoy it, you two can have fun around this place" the handsome man said to the two women behind.

He told them to have fun around this place, it was because he had a bought.

"let's see if this time there will be a beautiful woman prepared" he wants to know if today he will get a beautiful and charming woman.

To be honest, he was bored with women who were normal, that didn't satisfy him and wasn't attractive when he was in bed.

Plus they couldn't satisfy him, he needed Yin Qi to get easier and better.

This man was already quite old, he was able to be young due to intercourse with young women and absorbing their Yin Qi.

If not then he might already be old and vulnerable.

This man walked into the room Gu Xun was occupying, he was shocked when he saw Gu Xun inside.

"Very interesting, I didn't expect that they could find me a beautiful woman like this, they did a good job, I will increase their pay" this man is happy with what he got, he will give a decent wage.

Ye Chen couldn't remain silent when he saw what happened, there was no way Ye Chen could remain silent when he saw what happened to Gu Xun.

The man intended to touch Gu Xun, when he wanted to touch Gu Xun.

Ye Chen walked in and kicked him.

"take your hands off" Ye Chen said to the person in front of him.

"Damn it, how dare you . ." the old man who was kicked by Ye Chen was annoyed, he was annoyed by what Ye Chen was doing.

"do you have a problem" Ye Chen asked the man in front of him.

"Damn it. ." the man wiped the blood from his mouth, Ye Chen's kick clearly broke his jaw.

"I won't let you get away with it" the old man said that he wouldn't let Ye Chen off the hook.

"I will not escape from this place" Ye Chen said that he would not escape from this place.

"I hope you also won't run away like a coward" Ye Chen said to the man in front of him.

"You should know who you're talking to" the man in front said to Ye Chen.

"I know who I'm talking to" Ye Chen knows who he's talking to, he doesn't need to know who he's talking to right now.

Ye Chen's words made him even more angry, this old man got angry at Ye Chen and started to take out his weapon.

He took out a sickle and prepared to slash Ye Chen's head.

"die" Ye Chen used his bare hands, he intended to solve the problem that occurred using only his bare hands.

"Bammmmmm. . ." Ye Chen's punch landed perfectly on the body of the man in front of him.

It instantly crushed the bones in the body of the man in front of him.

"uhhh . . .," this couldn't be happening, he couldn't believe he lost so quickly.

The battle took place very quickly, it only lasted a few seconds and was won by Ye Chen.

After killing the opponent, Ye Chen directly took Gu Xun away.

Before leaving, Ye Chen made a Clone, he would hunt down the people who made Gu Xun become like this.

"I will not let go of you" Ye Chen will not let go of them, he will not let go of those who have made Gu Xun the way he is now.

Ye Chen took Gu Xun to a safe place, he ensured Gu Xun's safety.

"This place is quite safe, no one should come to this place" Ye Chen was sure that if this place was safe, no one should come to this place.

Ye Chen woke up Gu Xun, he nursed Gu Xun to wake up.

"Ummm. .. " Gu Xun woke up, he opened his eyes.

"how are you, are you okay" Ye Chen asked Gu Xun.

"uhh. . , my body is uncomfortable" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that her body was uncomfortable.

"Where is the uncomfortable part?" Ye Chen asked Gu Xun, he wanted to know which part was uncomfortable.

"My body is hot and uncomfortable, do something" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paused for a while when listening to what Gu Xun said, he seemed to know what happened to Gu Xun.

"No way" Ye Chen finally realized that Gu Xun had taken something from the person who took her away.

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