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Chapter 2500 Ye Chen And Gu Xun

"I thought that this would definitely happen" Ye Chen already expected that this would happen.

"You predicted it, didn't you?" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen,

"Of course, but I didn't expect that everything would happen." Ye Chen didn't expect that everything would happen so quickly.

"You better do something" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"I will help her" Ye Chen would not hesitate to help Gu Xun who was having trouble.

Gu Xun stretched out her hand towards Ye Chen, she took Ye Chen's hand and asked Ye Chen to touch her body.

Ye Chen didn't back down when faced with this kind of situation, men shouldn't back down when faced with this kind of situation.

Ye Chen touched Gu Xun, he started to touch Gu Xun's extremely well-developed body.

"Her body is so smooth" Gu Xun's body is smooth, Ye Chen is naturally happy to touch Gu Xun.

"umm . . ." Gu Xun felt a pleasant feeling, she had a very pleasant feeling when she was with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt excited when he touched Gu Xun, he was very happy to touch Gu Xun.

"This is very good, I like it" Ye Chen commented on Gu Xun, to be honest he likes Gu Xun.

Ye Chen didn't hold back, he made Gu Xun feel at ease by using his technique.

Gu Xun felt very comfortable with Ye Chen's technique.

Ye Chen's technique was very good, Gu Xun's body felt comfortable and happy.

"that feels good" Gu Xun liked the comfort that Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen treated Gu Xun very well, he made Gu Xun feel comfortable with his techniques.

"Ummmm . . ., Gu Xun's breathing started to become uncontrollable, he was getting too excited when she was with Ye Chen.

"I can't defend" Gu Xun said that she couldn't hold back, she could no longer defend against Ye Chen's invasion.

Ye Chen knew that Gu Xun would not be able to survive, he was aware that his strength and abilities made Gu Xun unable to hold back.

Gu Xun was too excited because of the aphrodisiac, so it wouldn't be strange for her to become like this by Ye Chen's touch.

"This should feel good." Ye Chen whispered to Gu Xun.

Gu Xun listened to what Ye Chen said, even so he couldn't answer Ye Chen's words.

Ye Chen had no problem with this, he would help and treat Gu Xun well, after all Gu Xu didn't mind what Ye Chen did.

Ye Chen's hand began to take off the clothes worn by Gu Xun, he took off a part of the clothes worn by Gu Xun.

The exquisite and beautiful body that belonged to Gu Xun was now presented in front of Ye Chen, Ye Chen admired the beauty that was in front of him.

"this is beautiful, you are very beautiful, I will treat her well" Ye Chen will treat Gu Xun as best as possible, he wants to give Gu Xun happiness.

Gu Xun squirmed, he really couldn't stand feeling too good.

Ye Chen understood and knew that Gu Xun was not in a good condition right now, that's why he took the initiative to touch Gu Xun's double peak.

"Ahhh. . ., no don't do that . . ." Gu Xun said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to do it.

"Isn't this comfortable and pleasant ?" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun.

"That's right, but I can't stand it" Gu Xun said that she couldn't stand what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen didn't stop, he made sure that Gu Xun was as comfortable as possible, he touched and squeezed Gu Xun's double peaks with more force.

"Ahh. . ." Gu Xun's voice was unstoppable, he couldn't possibly survive Ye Chen's invasion.

Gu Xun's body was getting hotter and hotter, he was getting more and more excited, there was nothing holding Gu Xun down anymore.

"ohhh. . , great, this is great" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen that this felt very comfortable.

Ye Chen knew that Gu Xun wouldn't be able to defend against his techniques, every technique Ye Chen had was extremely good and no woman could fight against him.

"Ohhh" Gu Xun finally reached the peak, after a while, she finally reached the best feeling.

Her body trembled as she received the intense pleasure.

Gu Xun's mind was in such a mess, she didn't know what to do now.

"Chen . . ." Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

"What's wrong?" Ye Chen asked Gu Xun.

"I still feel uncomfortable" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen, her face as red as an apple when she said that to Ye Chen.

Gu Xun wasn't good at this kind of thing, which was why she was at a loss as to what to say to Ye Chen.

"then we can continue" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun, since it was like this, they only needed to continue.

Ye Chen kissed Gu Xun lovingly.

Gu Xun didn't refuse, she accepted what Ye Chen did.

"Chuu. . . "The two of them had an adult kiss full of passion, they enjoyed the kiss.

"Let's do something. . ." Ye Chen said to Gu Xun.

"understood" Gu Xun understood, she understood what to do.

Gu Xun was already equipped with better knowledge than Dongfang Xiu, at least she wasn't as innocent as Dongfang Xiu when she was in bed.

Gu Xun helped take off the clothes that Ye Chen was wearing.

Ye Chen's clothes were easily removed by Gu Xun, Ye Chen's excellent body was exposed in front of Gu Xun's eyes.

"What a perfect body" Gu Xun realized that Ye Chen had a perfect body, she had a good and beautiful body.

Women will definitely be attracted and like Ye Chen's perfect, muscular body.

Ye Chen's body was indeed good, there were no flaws and advantages, everything was within safe limits so it was really good to look at.

After helping to take off the top, it was time for the main part, he took off Ye Chen's pants and saw a huge thing that jumped up and scared Gu Xun.

"Ahhh. .." Gu Xun was really surprised, she was really surprised by what happened.

"This is amazing" Gu Xun said that this was amazing, she could see that Ye Chen had something extraordinary.

Ye Chen has such a good thing below, naturally this makes Gu Xun shocked.

It's not strange that Dongfang Xiu has a hard time, it's because Ye Chen has something good, a normal woman will definitely have a hard time.

"it looks like this is painful for you to bear" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

"Of course, you have to help me solve it" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun, he asked Gu Xun to help himself.

Gu Xun helped Ye Chen by the hand, he cared for Ye Chen's younger brother wholeheartedly.

she didn't let anything happen to Ye Chen's younger brother.

Gu Xun was doing very well, he seemed to have a talent for this.

"Oh . . ., that's great" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun, he told that Ye Chen did a good thing.

"thank you very much for the compliment, I will do my best" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

Gu Xun helped Ye Chen for a short time, she helped for about 5 minutes, her movements were good and made Ye Chen comfortable.

Ye Chen didn't need to train and tell Gu Xun what to do, she knew what to do pretty well.

"Big sister Xun, why don't you use your mouth" Ye Chen asked Gu Xun.

"You demand too much" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

"Come on, it's okay right?" Ye Chen asked Gu Xun.

Ye Chen asked nicely, he asked Gu Xun to help himself.

Ye Chen knew that Gu Xun could help him.

Gu Xun looked at Ye Chen, it seemed that she had no choice but to do as Ye Chen asked.

Gu Xun opened his mouth and started helping Ye Chen, Gu Xun's warm mouth wrapped around Ye Chen and it was comfortable for Ye Chen.

"oh . . ., this is very good." Ye Chen was very satisfied, he was satisfied with what Gu Xun did.

"more . ." Ye Chen asked Gu Xun for more.

Gu Xun did as Ye Chen asked, right now Gu Xun really spoiled Ye Chen, he spoiled Ye Chen like an understanding big sister.

"Slurp . . ." Gu Xun's technique was pretty good, even if it wasn't the best, at least it could make Ye Chen feel comfortable.

"ohh . ." Ye Chen couldn't hold back, he wanted more and more.

Gu Xun was in a bit of trouble, Ye Chen was too rough, it made she a bit difficult to endure.

Gu Xun helped Ye Chen for about 30 minutes, she did her best to defend and hold.

"You are so strong, are you still not?" Gu Xun asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is too strong, Gu Xun is already tired.

"It'll be a while" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun.

Gu Xun's face excited Ye Chen, it made Ye Chen reach his limit and made Gu Xun receive all of his Yang Qi.

"cough . . ." Gu Xun couldn't take it all in, she struggled and coughed.

"That's heavy" Gu Xun complained to Ye Chen.

"Don't you like it, doesn't it feel good" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun.

"that's a little weird" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

Gu Xun felt that it felt strange, even though it felt good, she still couldn't do such a strange thing.

"Alright, then let's start" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun, he wanted to start with Gu Xun.

"Wait " Gu Xun was surprised, this was too sudden.

"It's okay, you must be ready. ." Ye Chen tried to persuade Gu Xun.

Ye Chen's words succeeded in making Gu Xun calm down, she calmed down and listened to Ye Chen.

"let's get started" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun.

Ye Chen directly used a huge object to break in, Ye Chen's army broke in and started to invade.

"uh . . ." Gu Xun had a rather serious problem, she had difficulty defending against Ye Chen's attacks.

"you are too strong" Gu Xun complained, she told that Ye Chen was too strong.

"It's tight, I like this, let's do our best, we can both enjoy this" Ye Chen kissed Gu Xun, they should do their best to make each other feel comfortable.

Gu Xun received a kiss from Ye Chen, she really liked the kiss that Ye Chen gave her.

The kiss that Ye Chen gave was too beautiful and made her head go blank.

Ye Chen started to move, when Ye Chen moved, Gu Xun's body felt strange, her whole body seemed to be tingled and an extremely good feeling filled her.

"Oh, how beautiful, this is amazing" Gu Xun liked, she liked the feeling that Ye Chen gave her.

"I will make you comfortable and take care of you in this life" Ye Chen promised Gu Xun.

"be careful if you lie to me" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen, she didn't want Ye Chen to lie her.

"I won't lie" Ye Chen wouldn't lie, he wouldn't want to lie to Gu Xun.

"That's good, you promised" they both continued, Gu Xun was forced by Ye Chen to follow everything Ye Chen wanted.

Gu Xun followed Ye Chen, she got a lot of new tricks from Ye Chen.

Even though it was embarrassing, in reality it was very enjoyable and heart-pleasing, it wouldn't be strange for Gu Xun to obey and do as Ye Chen said.

"harder, that's great" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen gave her a very comfortable feeling, so Gu Xun wanted more from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen quickened her movements, she made Gu Xun feel more at ease and more at ease.

"Ahh. . ." Gu Xun's voice was too loud, she didn't hold back and indulged in the pleasures of this world.

"This is so great, I can't go back anymore" Gu Xun can't go back anymore, it's too convenient.

Ye Chen seemed to have succeeded, he had Gu Xun down, she might not be able to get away from Ye Chen anymore.

"There is still enough time, let's enjoy some more time" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun.

The two of them continued, they both did it for quite some time, maybe they did it for more than 12 hours, Ye Chen stopped when Gu Xun begged, Gu Xun was no longer able to because Ye Chen was too much.

If it continued it would become a problem for Gu Xun.

Ye Chen hugged Gu Xun, he hugged Gu Xun, the two slept soundly without thinking about what was around them.

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